History of Tattoos and Tattoo Evolution Through Decades

history of tattoos

No doubt, the history of body art falls back several centuries, and over the centuries, the tattoos have a significant place in the lives of people. Ethnographic and historical texts also divulge that every human culture has practiced tattooing during some part of their history and are taking a new form in modern time.

History of Tattoos

The history of tattoos and the word tattoo comes from the Tahitian word “Tatu”. Tatu means is to mark something. However, it is claimed that the history of tattoos on the human body has existed since 12,000 years BC. The purpose of inking body varies from culture to culture. The trend of inking your body is not new but the culture, the social revolutions have a significant impact on what styles one should choose to get inked.

According to Research, the trend of getting permanent marks has been evolved a lot in the last years, transferring from an underground culture, sordid practice to a middle-of-the-road, blasting and mainstream industry. We can see a drastic change in the ways of getting inked, the designs and the purposes.

Anyhow, let’s have a look at how tattoos have changed over the years, and especially over the last century in the USA.

Tattooing trend earlier in the 1910’s, 20’s and 30’s

Well, at the beginning of 20th century, tattooing was considered as a seedy act and was only related to those people or a society which perceived as an insalubrious one or to others like sailors, circus freaks, prisoners, etc.

That is true to some extent because at those times it was common for some social groups to ink their body. For example, sailors were using (and sometimes still use in some cultures) tattoos as a symbol of their traveling or to showcase nautical tattoos. One is very popular which everyone knows and is an anchor. All tattoos related to this field had specific meanings in the nautical community. Another great example is a swallow tattoo which was used a lot by the sailors who had traveled over 5,000 miles. Similarly, a turtle tattoo was used by those people who have crossed the equator as a status of completion.

In those days, tattoos were not an art form or a common practice, therefore people used to pay thousands of dollars to see people with full body tattoos in a freak circus. This is a great example when it comes to contrast what tattoos were representing back then and where they are positioned nowadays in our lives.

The pain!

Another other reason for rejection for having tattoos was the fact that they hurt like hell and were usually made in a not very sterile environment which was causing many infections and even deaths. Tattoos were done in a very old and traditional way with a “Stick-and-Poke” method. Not everyone was able to survive such high levels of pain.

The evolution of tattoos happened when in 1904 Charlie Wagner invented the coil and the tube tattoo machine 1904. making a tattoo became a less painful act, and a large number of aficionados were ready to tattoo their bodies.

Tattoos in the 1940’s:

There was no acceptance of getting inked back in those days, nevertheless, World War II enabled men to show their love, respect, and patriotism toward armed forces. Men in the 1940’s were able to easily get tattoos to honor their services. However, women were also at war, that made is acceptable to make tattoos to show their love towards their nations.

That was the time when getting inked was no longer for circus freaks as it was becoming a practice among the society. it was the beginning of a new art form which was exposed, endorsed and started being loved by many.

The most famous tattoos at that time were of Sailor Jerry tattoos. Yes, these were the simplest, two dimensional and colorful design tattoos. I found a few examples below:

Sailor Jerry Tattoos

The downfall of tattoos in the 1950’s

In 1950’s tattoos lost all their charm and went back to their original roots which were the underground practicing of the art. It was basically the post-war period when the United States chose a more conformist society where the focus was on different social issues.

The rise of patriotic tattoos in the USA in the 1960’s

The 60s can be referred to the middle age of tattoos. This was the time of various campaigns due to the Vietnam War and protests for women’s rights. Thwas wa the peak of the revolution for that time. People were more aware of the civil right movements in the United States, rock and roll was the devils music, TV was a magic box etc. 60’s were the times when the society was disturbed by cultures and at that time tattoo industry started reflecting that rebellious spirit of people which started to split themselves into subcultures, social classes and categories.

However, many people were not in favour of the Vietnam War, and many people were raging against all sort of injustice. So in that beleaguered era, the only thing which was getting popularity day by day was the “peace sign tattoo”.

1970’s – The evergreen tattoo period

It was the time when tattoos start gaining popularity and becoming convoluted in the 70’s. The trend of getting full-sleeve tattoos was at a hot note. And the artwork itself became more detailed. So the art took a step into the right direction where people became aware of shading, shaping and creating depth in their tattoos.

But there was no option of getting tattoos of your choice as people had to pick from the drawings that parlor offered them. However, the most iconic, famous and eye-catchy tattoo of that time was Janis Joplin’s tattoo.

Janis Joplin’s tattooJanis Joplins tattoo

Yeah, that was a wrist tattoo which was featured on the cover of Rolling Stone and encouraged most of the women to ink it.

Janis Joplin cover

Whacky tattoo 1980’s fashion

In the 1980’s, the trend of having long hair and tattoos was trending like never before, and the biggest reason for this was  probably MTV. This channel had encouraged thousands of people to get tattoos as a form of self-expression while featuring different TV shows, shoring and sharing punk music, indie cultures, street style, skateboarding etc. This was the boom of the 80s!

The most famous tattoos at that time were the tribal tattoos, the thick black line or colorful tattoos which were of a different kind at that period. However, the New Schools Tattoos was also at their peak point in the 80s. We can say the time of tattoos had come! Zany 1980’s

History of Tattoos - New Schools Tattoos History of Tattoos - New Schools Tattoos History of Tattoos - New Schools Tattoos

The rise of Feminine tattoos – 1990

These were the days when the feminine tattoos like hearts, stars and butterflies were enjoyed a lot by the masses. This is probably the ones we can see a lot still on older people.

Tattoos of 2000’s and today

Till 2000’s the concept of getting inked was evolving and is considered as the coolest thing that one can do. The main role of doing so was reality TV shows and Social media that played a big role in encouraging people for tattooing. Kat Von D is a celebrity which with her tattoos has boosted the tattoo culture in the 2000’s. She allowed the spread of the trend by representing herself on TV and different media at that time.

However, with the advancement in the processes of getting inked have changed the way of people’s thinking when it comes to getting a tattoo. In the beginning, people were afraid of catching a disease from the so-called seedy tattoo parlor, but now this process is fully risk-free thanks to growing professionalism, sterile environments, and progress of the industry in general.

No more worries! Tattoos today

Nowadays getting a modern tattoo is no more considered as a weird thing. From 2000 to today’s day, the discouragement against tattoos went down day by day, and for a good reason. Due to social media and reality shows, people started knowing more about inking, and now people like to get inked from lower back to inside lips. Which is a little bit weird yet becoming more acceptable in our society.

Almost everyone gets tattooed these days, it does not matter whether you are an employee or a pre-school teacher, therapist or someone else, inking your body is no more a seedy act or is shameful in any way. If there is a desire to get a tattoo, I highly recommend going for it.

What is Instagram Shadowban?

instagram Shadowban ban

There is a great buzz about Shadowban and people are looking for the most proper information about what is it and how it is affecting the social media presence. Today we have come up with the latest information about Instagram shadowban as well as twitter shadowban, what it is, how to get it, avoid it, and the reasons why are people getting it.

So, to know more about this, all you need is to read this article for the better understanding of the whole process.

What is Shadowban?

The term Shadowban refers to ghost banning, and sometimes as stealth banning. This banning type is affecting the online accounts that are found to be violating the rules and terms of service and conditions of a specific social media platform which regulates online community’s ethics.

You might have heard about Instagram shadowbanning and shadowbanned twitter accounts. These are the most known bans, which are affecting the users and are very frustrating because it takes you some time to realize what had happened. What to do when you get shadowbanned?


  • Instagram Shadowban
    instagram Shadowban

Before going deep into the Instagram Shadowban, it is necessary to keep in mind that Instagram has been implementing different algorithms since 2016 and as a result of this, there are accounts which have got affected and now are experiencing decreased engagement on their channels, decreased post visibility and likes.

This still does not mean that your account has been shadowbanned, it might be that the content on your account is not engaging enough. Due to all the updates Instagram releases, it has become very difficult to have engagement like it was 2 years ago.

In 2018 Instagram shadowban happens when an account has violated Instagram TOS or does not fulfil the requirements of rules and terms and services of the platform. And because botting and other violations, Instagram started filtering out those accounts more strictly and are looking even into real peoples accounts which are not satisfying their terms of service

When your account is Shadowbanned, it becomes practically invisible and blocks your ability to engage new people. In more simple words, the account will no longer be able to share your images by the use of hashtags which people who are not already following you. Research by hashtags is still a very powerful and popular way of engagement on Instagram, and by blocking all the tags on your photos is equal to yelling under water.

Your photos are still can be seen by your current followers but will they not appear in the news feeds of other people when they use your specific hashtags. This is bad news for new accounts because nowadays building a following is much harder than ever before in the history of Instagram.

How to check if your Instagram is Shadowbanned?

There is a website which allows you to check if your Instagram account was shadowbanned, of if some posts or hashtags which you have posted are shadowbanned by the community. To check:

  1. Go to Tribberr
  2. Fill in your usernameInstagram Shadowban
  3. The tool will analyze last 10 posts and checks if you have any hashtags which are banned
  4. Instagram Shadowban dexter_rullez
  5. Remove the hashtags which are affecting the post from being visible on that specific hashtag

Twitter Shadowban

twitter shadowban

A very similar case with Twitter; because they have rolled out stealth banning by merely cracking up their algorithms. So if your account is suffering from Twitter Shadowban, means that your tweets will be harder to find and will not appear on everyone’s feed who is following you. Therefore, as we have mentioned above, the reason for both platforms is a same-the violation of terms and services.

If you think that you can get more followers, or tweet replies by bots or some other manipulation, then you are wrong. The reason is now the social media platforms are securing their platforms for the purest and fair search results and user experience, and using bots, buying links, buying shares and reposts is not going to benefit you account in the long run.

How to know if my account is being Shadowbanned?

The simplest way to check whether or not shadowban has targeted your account is simply asking few people who do not follow you to check your specific photo with any hashtag or use the website I have mentioned above. We aware that sometimes the number of hashtags can also be an indication of a shadowban of your account, as abusing those to get more likes is just not going to work.

But in another case, if there any hashtags banned on your account, it must be a problem with your engagement strategy, which is most often the issue. The positive side of it is that you can work on it!

What are the reasons for Shadowbanning?

Until now Instagram and Twitter have not clearly defined what the main reasons behind shadowbans are, but according to professional internet marketers, there are more of your actions which are responsible. For example spamming people, commenting the same comment always, getting reported for something insignificant already puts you on the list of accounts to be aware of.

There are a couple of well known and popular reasons why you can get shadowbanned:

  • Using Bots and Scheduling Software

If you are using Instagram bots or software for your Instagram, then you are violating the terms and services of Instagram. Scheduling software allows posting images on your behalf regularly, follow and unfollow users, like pictures, comments on pictures etc. These actions are forcing the application to send push notifications to more users by abusing the system, and that is a violation of terms and conditions as you are exploiting the software abilities in an unethical way.

  • You are abusing Hourly Limits

Instagram has a limitation of likes, comments, messages per day. If you are abusing those limitations, then surely, you will be penalized for it. Some penalties mean that you cannot like, comments or follow others anymore. This can last to a couple of days, or in a shadowban or a ban of the account, which is, of course, everyone wants to avoid.

  • Broken Hashtags

Most of the time the platform categorizes your content by hashtags which are being used. Which is why it is essential to choose hashtags which are in a very unsaturated, not shary or grey area niche. For example, if you use an innocent hashtag #beautyblogger, then might be it can overrun with inappropriate or adult content, which can count as spam and Instagram can take notice of it and ban your account. Keep in mind that this is just an example and Instagram is not that radical, nevertheless, this is a flag which is not beneficial for your account.

popular banned hashtags

How to avoid being shadowbanned?

  • Stop using automated software and bots

It is essential to remove all kinds of bots and software to report, reschedule, and re-comment on your account posts. The reason is if you are using multiple accounts with the same bot, the chances you might get suspected when using same IP address is very high.

It is always better to have 100 followers who love you and support you than to have millions of followers who do not know you, or are bots themselves or irrelevant to your niche.

  • Take a break of 48 hours from actions from your account

Please hold on and do not get your account overloaded with a bundle of images, comments, likes, personal messages, follow and unfollows. It might be considered as spamming if you are doing more than the limit that has been defined for your account. IF your account has more than 5k, 10k, 25k, 50k, 100k of followers, the limits for actions differ.


Use Instagram responsibly, do not use bots, engage with your audience, get into a niche which can bring value to the followers and audience of your account. Do not abuse the system, because it will backfire on you sooner or later.

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Effects of Overeating and How to Stop


Are you suffering from overeating? Are you one of the compulsive eaters and desire to stop eating? Well, it is common and you do not need to panic. All you need is to find a solution that can help you to overcome this issue.

Today we will look into the problem which some people struggle with – overeating. As well as we will answer how you can overcome it, and what are the solutions you can consider to solve it. Moreover, we will discuss the effectiveness of overeaters anonymous and what are overeaters anonymous meetings are all about.

If you are one of those who likesDoritoss and mountain dew while watching Bojack, I want to prove to you that there is hope and you can achieve anything with sheer will-power and courage.

Definition of overeating

Overeating Anonymous

“The simple meaning of overeating is the excess relationship to the energy that organism starts to consume, which lead to weight gain and often obesity. Overeating is also known as an eating disorder that can target anyone”

Moreover, the term overeating also refers to specific over-consumption episodes. Means, people start to over consume during festivals, binge-watching Netflix, stress, boredom etc. If we look at the symptoms of overeating, then anorexia, bulimia, nervosa, and binge eating disorder are the most common one.

The reasons why some people over consume varies. For example, some people overeat in stress, to relieve depression, while some do when they have feelings of helplessness. Noticed that happy people do not overeat?

Problem Statement: Overeating


No doubt, global overeating has become the most common and even bigger problem than world hunger. More people are now overweight than underweight. However, the biggest study of worldwide trends in body index has recently revealed that, over the past 40 years, the rate of obesity has increased up to 2.6 fold and that the number of obese people worldwide has blown out from 105 million to 641 million.

Well, why we are discussing this issue at a worldwide level? Let us have a look at on our overeating patterns.

We all are overeater from time to time, and take an extra hand when drinking with friends and family dinners, when you are full but still having dessert is like a religious thing to you. However, this is the case with ordinary people. For binge eaters, it is almost uncontrollable to stop overeating. With this disorder, the patient finds himself helpless to stop this bad habit and consume a normal amount of food.

The symptoms of Binge Overeaters usually begin in early adulthood or late adolescence. The episode in such state remains last for two hours or might be a full day long. It is not necessary to be hungry to overeat; they eat because they “just feel like it”. It is more like a cycle when a person consumes when in a good mood. The same as when a person is in depression and to sate food cravings.

There are many reasons for overeating, but the most common is to sate body needs. However, if it becomes an eating pattern for someone and he gets easily compromised with it, then overeating can lead to many eating disorders.


So, the people with disorders like binge overeating and Bulimia Nervosa use food for the following reasons:

  • To escape from anxiety and depression
  • To reward themselves
  • There is a stressful issue, or they need to get away from some problem
  • Soothe fear, shame, and sometimes loneliness
  • Might be eager or frustration.

However, it is not necessary that overeating will remain for a short time like during holidays. It will not remain for a short time as in most cases overeating can cause long-term damage to individual health due to over-consumption. With the passage of time, overeating can further lead to obesity and heart diseases which can cause medical complications. Which are:

  • Gallbladder disease
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • High Blood pressure (mostly in elder people)
  • Heart disease
  • Different types of cancer
  • High cholesterol
  • Joint and Muscle pain etc.

We have reached a conclusion that almost everyone is dealing with overeating disorder, therefore special treatment is necessary for recovery. There are a variety of treatments available on the market such as level of care, interventions, clinicians who are ready to help obese people and of course the overeater’s anonymous meetings, which are trending nowadays.

However, binge eating disorder is commonly treated as an outpatient because the condition can be controlled with the help of specific programs which offer a variety of treatments. Therapists are also available to work with people who have an eating disorder and work privately.

After reading this, you may be asking yourself if you are overeating and what will be the most effective way to treat your habit of overeating. What about discussing your issue with another person that has the same problem? This can motivate you and also provide you with enough information about what are the eating patterns, reasons, why people do so, and how to overcome this while not being alone.

Online there is a club called “Overeaters anonymous.” Yes, you have heard it right. Let me tell you what overeaters anonymous is all about and how they can help you or other overeaters.

What is Overeaters Anonymous?

Overeaters Anonymous is a community or fellowship of different individuals who share their experience, hope, strategies, and strength to overcome the habit of compulsive overeating. This club is specially designed for the people who want to recover from compulsive eating habits.

The best thing about this program is you don’t need to pay fees, nor it takes any donations. There is no involvement of outside organizations, nor is a political movement, the sole purpose of this program to educate people about compulsive food behaviors and to carry the simple message of recovery through twelve step of OA.

The primary focus of this plan is abstention from overeating behaviors rather than weight loss. The best part of this plan is you do not need to be overweighed to join OA. It is a perfect choice for you if you:

  • Obsess about food, and more food
  • Obsess about your body weight
  • Consume diet pills for weight loss
  • Or a binge eater

Overeating is physical, spiritual, and emotional, so with the help of the 12-steps program, you can get the goal of looking slim and being smart about it. This program includes group meetings, recovery tools/lessons, and dietary plans for everyone.

You can have a real-time meeting such as telephone meetings, face-to-face interaction, and even more options available to choose from.

What is the most highlighted advantage of this plan?

  • One of the highlighted advantages of this plan is it is fully individual, based on the best results for you and ways comfortable to you. You can create your own eating plan that can support you in a long term.
  • Another benefit is whether or not a specific plan is helpful; you can shift it out and again start from scratch.

So, what are you waiting for? Just plan what will be your next step to overcome your overeating habit and share it with us.

Top 8 violent video games

top 8 Violent video games

Every year, different gaming companies introduce different violent video games with the enhanced graphics in comparison with the previous years. The reason behind this is, now youth is more interested in playing violent games than any other genre. It is all due to very realistic and immersive graphics that attract the attention of all the gamers around the world. The games that come up on the market are now closer to reality and immersive storylines than ever before.

However, all the excitement and “hype” in the youth is due to the marketers’ using sneaky advertisements which insist on people to try the beautiful graphics at least once. They put more oil in the flame by releasing unlimited trailers, game demos, ads on every available website, and blogs which only increase the popularity and creates a crazy hype among the audience. Therefore, the more violent video games are, the larger the hype and excitement of the gamers.

Are violent video games harmful?

The thing that matters here is the concern of people toward these kinds of video games. People think that such stuff is harmful to the mental growth, behavior and the temperament of the youth. They think that these games are the reason of rising risk factor for aggressive nature. They are becoming more aggressive and these techs them brutality. The concern of parents for their children’s future is fair and justifiable. But this is one side of the story, many of us unaware of the positive effect of these violent games that are shaping the young people thoughts in a positive way.

What is the positive aspect?

Apart from the aggressive behavior, desensitization, and violent thoughts, these addicting games are famous for a good cause. According to researches, those players who are addicted to playing such stuff have shown good civic behavior. Similarly, youth who played video games, take an interest in games as a fun activity to release stress. Further, consistent studies have shown evidence that youth often turn to action and drama oriented games to reduce stress and improve mood.

In the end, games are just games!

So it will not wrong if we say that games are just the games and everyone has its taste and preferences. Some people like to dress up Barbies and some love gun violence and fighting against rivals which does not mean they will become criminals, it is just for fun, and the experience which young children get from these addicting games can never have in real-life.

Whatever we say about it or no matter how much we discuss it, in the end, these are addictive games, and the whole idea of games is entertainment, attractiveness, and fun. They made so to attract the audience, and that’s it.

Anyways, moving on to our main topic and that is a list of top violent video games. If you are one of the addictive of violent games, then here is a list to consider.

  1. Bulletstorm:

violent video games Bulletstorm

The number one on our list is Bulletstorm. Yes, this sci-fi action game is full of thrill, fun, and entertainment. It primarily focuses on players using guns, electric whip-like device, kicks to destroy the opponents. You will experience the bloodshed, gore, and mutilation by playing the game of Bulletstorm and you will get a reward each time for extremely killing enemies.

  1. Conan Exiles:Violent video games Conan Exiles

Another amazingly thrilling and action-filled video game and that is Conan Exiles. You can experience the level of brutality with beheadings and maiming. The mission of this game is to destroy your enemies. In this journey, you will face the cruelty of Conan’ world, its surroundings, and cannibalism. There will be the human sacrifice, and that’s all.

  1. Dark Souls III: The Ringed City:

Violent video games Northern Warrior in in Dark Souls III

There will be smashing of enemies into pieces; everything will look like the dome. There would be bloodshed everywhere with creatures moan and the terrifying noise of guns and medieval weapons. Yes, we are talking about Dark Souls III: The Ringed City. Just hold your breath and feel the fear of war.

  1. Dead by Daylight:

Violent video games Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight another violent video game that has gained massive fame due to its aggressive category, fear, and thrill. In this assailer game, a merciless killer hit the players to sacrifice them to an evil entity. All these are done with different kinds of weapons, twinge, and spike the characters. All the injured players crawl on the ground to save their lives and even hung on the hooks grimly. Admittedly, this would be the cruelest game of the year.

  1. Outlast II:

Violent video games outlast 2

Bloodshed monsters run throughout this violent and bloody gameplay, thus forcing the players to run as much as they can to save themselves from weapons and farm implements. This horrible game aims to catch the player and then torture him in a ghastly way, with different scenes of innards and the death. Moreover, the birth of the most violent Antichrist.

  1. Resident Evil 7 Biohazard:

Violent video games Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

Bloody monsters are not the only fun of this thrilling game. But the blood-packed game also offers to glorify of the player who fights against cruelty shotguns and the explosives. There will be the exchange of shots between humans and the creatures. It is the fight for victory, and for this, there will be open wounds and injuries.

  1. Sniper Elite 4:

Violent video games Sniper Elite 4

There would be no casual scene in this electrifying game but will be a shooter who will act as a sniper. So, are you ready to experience the fear of different locations? There will be a tremendous use of sharp knives, guns, explosives. All you will need is to run and hide by finding a location to conduct surreptitious attacks against dangerous Nazi Soldiers.

Admittedly, there would be no peace and nonviolent attack option; all will be just cruelty and bloodshed.

  1. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds:

Violent video games Battlegrounds

You will need to show teamwork, cooperation with your other team members to win the game. You have to try your best to face each attack and give back a rapid answer in the form of explosion and shooting. Nothing could save you from enemies but to bravely fight. Each move will get a reward for you, and a single mistake can destroy everything.

These are some top violent video games on our list. Make sure to choose the game according to your stamina and mind level.

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What is “Dark Social” and how to track it?

What is dark social 2018

A senior editor at The Atlantic, Alexis C. Madrigal, devised a term “Dark Social”, to refer to the social sharing of content that cannot be tracked by Web Analytics Programs like Googla analytics or bit.ly. This means that one cannot monitor website referrals and social media activity. in 2018 Dark Social challenges marketers to trace the origins of traffic and engagement.

Through an analytic platform, you can tell if a visitor came from Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. But this isn’t possible in the case of dark social. In the past, when everything was link-based, we discovered something through links/search or by browsing via bookmarks. So, the site visitor who arrived on a site without referrer he/she had to be the direct visitor. But now it’s not the same.

Simple Sharing

Dark Social Traffic comes with no apparent evidence of a consumer visiting and interacting with the business website. But being able to detect traffic, it gives you a complete picture of your content.

Now let’s get this straight. When someone publishes a website link from his Facebook page, his/her goal is for as many of his/her customers as possible to see it. The customers can now like, comment or share it on Facebook elsewhere. This is a public social media someone uses to gain an audience and drive traffic to his/her website. This is one kind of sharing. Now let’s see another way of sharing and gathering an audience.

Dark Social Sharing

Suppose that someone finds a great blog on a website. Now instead of sharing it on his/her Facebook page, directly paste the link into a message and send it to his/her friends using Facebook messenger. Now, this link is available for their friends to click and explore. This type of sharing is known as Dark Social Sharing.


Dark Social Marketing

Using private messaging, for example, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, etc. to connect with your customers is an old traditional method of sale and customer service. This can be referred to as the Dark Social way of marketing experience.

Dark Social Dominates Over Sharing Activity

According to Researches and Reports, dark social accounted for 84% of the content shared online in 2016. However, this shows it’s important for the marketers to find a better and relevant way of sharing experience.

 Well, according to a report, almost 85% of all the sharing occurs with copy/paste action of URL. However, the rest of the 15% is done with the help of the sharing button. So, it is concluded that still a significant amount of visits are unknown according to Dark Social Traffic to the marketers. The only option that left is to track the audience by tracking activity via Dark Social.

How to hunt down Dark Social Traffic

The best way to track Dark Social Traffic is to use the Google Analytics to find out the unidentified traffic.

1.   Google Analytics

Google Analytics Dark Social

The best way to perform is it by creating a new section in Google Analytics.

•   Click on Audience, then on Overview and then Add Segment

•   Now select Direct Traffic

•   This helps you only to access traffic marked as “direct.”

•   Now click on Advance which is on the top right

•   Add the pages that are super easy to keep in mind in the following format:

§ Jobs/blog/contact/about

After doing this, the results which will be displayed will be those links that consider as DARK SOCIAL TRAFFIC. Many other different tools are targeting to lessen the probabilities of traffic being checked off as “Direct” even though without acknowledging where it comes from.

2.   Add This

add this dark social

AddThis helps you to track traffic simply from Dark Social by generating a share button for your website, moreover, it also helps you to simply copy/paste the code for tracking. However, It is also probable to include sharing to more than 200 networks with this. Plus, the customization options it offers assure you that the browsing isn’t interrupted.

3.   GerSocial.io

gersocial.io dark social

GerSoical.io is a tool that helps you analyze different kinds of shares. Once you install this tool, it allows you to copy/paste the code to site, and thus aid you to track all the copy/pasted shares by offering real-time data analysis. GetSocial.io also offers you a cross-device sharing measurement, makes all types of sharing visible.

4.   Po.st

po.st dark social

With the help of Po.st, you can have link shortening and at the same time social sharing option to track the messages that directly come from Dark Social.

Moreover, it enables the different marketers to check out the Dark Social Traffic simply by copy/pasting the URLs.

This tool enables marketers to monitor that dark social traffic from copy-paste URLs. This tool is beneficial for marketers to dig into for audience. On the other hand, it also provides visitors with an opportunity to revisit the page where they clicked through copy/past by single click.

5.  Bit.ly

bit.ly dark social tracking

Bit.ly is a popular tool which works by shortening the links and also helps as a useful assistant in tracing the dark social traffic. The best way to use this tool is by providing a abridged link to your every post and to embolden the visitor at your site to share the useful content through this link. In this way, you can have check and balance on the traffic.


With the evolution of social platforms, and the rapid change of social networks, it is getting quite difficult for the marketers to comprehend all the changes just to keep their value audience in touch and active.

With the passage of time, the users now tend to opt using mobile applications, messaging services, and private networks; however, dark social will get higher from now on.

Yes, it’s true that dark social traffic can prove as a headache for many business owners. But on the contrary, there are many tools available to detect such traffic. No doubt, it can be quite challeging to go through such tools and analyze, but we believe that marketers can easily detect and undertsand from where the traffic is coming from.

Dark social shares may be difficult to track, but this doesn’t mean that the marketers should give up on acquiring insights into their user’s behavior. Howeever, with the help of testing different tools, one can be able to find the perfect solution to detect dark social traffic by assisting you to understand consumers behavior.

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How Criminals Sell Drugs Online – Tutorial

how to sell drugs online


This is something I am committing and putting my soul into, and this article will guide you and provide step by step instructions on how you can start selling drugs online. This is of course for educational purposes, but this is legit if you decide to use it.

Why should you sell drugs online?

The logical parallel to this would be, why should you eat healthily, why should you work out, why should you smoke weed or do absolutely nothing? You do not have to do anything, you have a human right to do whatever your heart desires, or not to. As long as this does not hurt lives, does not limit freedom or damages someone else’s property. This is your (if you want, GODS) given human right.

So let us rephrase the title here a little bit. Did a voluntary exchange of good hurt anybody? I do not think so…

Why should you sell drugs online? Because there is nothing wrong in exchanging goods, even it these goods are cocaine, MDMA, LSD etc… We are grownup intellectuals who can make a decision when it comes to making a choice, and making out choice illegal (I am talking on about selling drugs online) is a crime.

You are a criminal!

A criminal is someone who takes your goods using violence, power, and authority. Let me help you here. Police, governments, laws, FBI, and even Facebook… but selling what others need and want to offer a fair exchange for it is should not be a crime.


At this moment you are probably yelling at your screen and comparing this to some other disgusting stuff you saw on “the Television” and read on some beauty blog. There are indeed some moral things you might have a conflict with, but this more about the utilitarian reasons for why you should sell drugs online.

This type of business can make the world a better and safer place. How? Imagine that you (who is probably not a drug lord) are living in a country where drugs are illegal and the only way to get some is to find a local dealer in a dark corner. Now imagine that you could order it online from someone who is a clean seller, who can even be your neighbor with 3 kids, a wife, and 12 cats?

The second scenario allows you to make a transaction without risking your life in that dark alley where you might as well get robbed, killed or beaten up by some random dude whose number you got from some online forum, or a beauty blog…

Is it safe to sell drugs online?

This is the case where a more positive than negative answer will apply. We understand that selling drugs online is not something you would brag about, therefore it is most recommended to stay one step ahead of the authorities. This indeed holds some risk, and I will try to mitigate the risks to a minimum in this article.

Key elements to stay anonymous

  1. Operations Security (OpSec)
  2. Online Security (Digital)

Anonymous Cryptocurrency Payments

In my previous article, we have discussed the end of Bitcoin Security Being a Myth, where the most recommended anonymous currency is going to be Monero. If you want to sell drugs online, then Monero is your cup of tea if you like it or not.

Monero has a hard-coded anonymity, which is why we will use ZION Market as an example because is uses Monero as the main currency.

This Guide Outline

To make this guide as understandable as possible, I will divide it into many sections and subsections with their own small tutorials and guides. It is important that you follow and dive in the steps and information, as this can save your life.

We will be using different software, so please read carefully about the installation and execution of each software.

You have to know about:

  • TAILS – This is a secure operating system which we will be using in the tutorial.
  • PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) – Read about encrypted Communication
    • Another good source from Pittsburgh University
  • Monero – A detailed guide about the coin

Even though I will try to be as straight to the point as possible with this guide, I still recommend reading much more about Operations Security and digital security in general. This is especially important if you are planning to sell drugs online. Darknet is an amazing thing, not a typical place for an everyday user, but it is monitored excessively by authorities.

Most important part of this whole guide is to stay safe, protected and secured on the interwebs. Think about yourself first. Do not know how to emphasize it even more but read more than just my guide recommended sources. This will pay off when you have your Darknet Drug Empire up and running.

Operations Security (OpSec)

This is a must know for anyone who is working cybersecurity, but in short Operations Security is a method in which you approach data and information protection. In its cor,e it is a 5 step process where you identify critical information leaks which can lead to exposing the victim if it is a person or an organization.

In other words, look at OpSec as a methodology where you as a user protect yourself and your data from being collected from different sources which if exposed can make you “visible” and approachable by authorities.

A perfect example would be the world-famous story of Ross Ulbricht and the SilkRoad. (I highly recommend reading and watching documentaries about this guy and what he did)

SilkRoad Operations Security Fail

Mr. Ross was a person behind the largest darknet drug (and not only) selling market on TOR. The market was shut down after an ongoing investigation found some traces in 2013 which lead to Ross.


  • An FBI after googling “SilkRoad” and “onion” and ended up on a forum.
  • He used the forums filter to filter the posts to 2011 (right before SilkRoad became HUGE)
  • He found a post name “A Heroin Store” and Bitcointalk.com
  • Alias of the original poster was “altoid” with a link in his account
  • Link redirected to a WordPress page with instructions how to get access SilkRoad (Just like this article tells you how to sell drugs online)
  • The agent doxed the nickname and found a post where “altoid” was searching for “the best and brightest IT pro in the bitcoin community to be the lead developer in a venture-backed Bitcoin startup company.”
  • Braking point – He used his personal Gmail in the early stages of the process
how to sell drugs online

Lesson to learn

Everything you put on the internet stays here, safe and sound, and can be used against you in court. Can be traced. Can be doxed. Can be traced back to you. Let us be a few steps ahead of that.

P.S. Ross is serving a life sentence for his victimless venture.


You have to develop a mindset of being as anonymous as possible as this is very important and sometimes crucial part of survival. Keeping anonymity is important not only using different software but as well hardware.

Cannot emphasize that safety is a very crucial part of what we are doing, this indeed can cause some discomfort in terms of steps which has to be taken regarding the approach of this process. But with higher levels of comfort, you are lowering your level of security and therefore have higher risks of punishment.

If you do not mind people going through your mailbox, then this is a mindset you must change. Think of the fact that people searching your mailbox or mailman is delivering you dildo magazines which have your name on it. This is the level of concern you must have in this business. You must think in terms of no one has to know or have interest in what is in that mail, only the person it is intended for.

Your goal is to keep high levels of OpSec stay anonymous and separate your online personality with your real life so there is absolutely nothing connecting you in real life from day 0.

Operation Security Tips

  • Never use your real name (duh…)
  • Never use a name you have used before
  • Never use a nickname previously used by you or is somehow connected to you
  • Never tell anyone or login with there new credentials in front of people (be alone)
  • Never tell anyone (do I even have to mention this?)
  • Communicate using ENCRYPTED only communication
  • Never use a camera monitored public space or place to do your dirty thing

Online Security

Now when you are aware of OpSec and have the right mindset, be ready to make some investments which are going to represent everything that was mentioned earlier. You have to get a new phone. When I say new, I mean NEW, because it should have zeroed history and have no trace of the previous usage.

Never show your new device to anyone! See tips. You have to create a new identity. Are you an android user? Buy an iPhone, cheapskate…. Be different… And do not brad about it. I mean, you got the idea. Oh yeah, do not put your moms’ number on the new phone or order pizza from the new phone (do I really have to emphasize such things?).

Always use TOR and TAILS. TOR should operate on a non-persistent installation of TAILS. You probably know now that TOR is using .onion domains which are operating majority of darknet markets and are used to sell drugs online.

If you are hearing about TOR the first time and still have no clue what is TAILS, delete your internet, shut down your computer and go get some fresh air.


We need:

  • New smartphone
  • Pre-paid SIM card with internet data
  • Stock (drugs and narcotics of course)
  • Laptop
  • TAILS OS on a memory stick
  • Label Maker or printer
  • Shipping supplies (packaging, bags, tape etc)
  • Monero


Remember, you have to be someone you are not and stay anonymous and using your credit card is probably going to land you in jail pretty quick. If the police in case of something is going to trace your hardware which you were using for selling drugs online, sorry, your own fault. The goal is not to leave a digital trace. So, use cash, please. Preferably withdrawn where you were having a beer in a pub.


Nowadays laptops are pretty cheap, so go ahead and get some low-end computer and it will be enough because our software does not require a lot of computing power to run.

If your local shop will ask your name, address or phone number, give them fake information. By law, you are not required to give them your ID. They ask it for advertising data and refunds anyway.

Please do not buy your hardware from your friend Tim who works in the electronics store… We want to keep you as anonymous as possible, and better wear clothes you usually do not wear in public and wear a cap/hat. Chances that you be caught only because of this, but this is a great step to avoid future paranoia.

Do not use a previously used laptop. We need something with no previous digital traces.

TAILS OS on a memory stick

I mentioned this in the beginning but here you go

Label maker or printer

Why? Well… You can use a printer; the only idea here is you avoid writing labels by hand when sending drugs.

One thing to consider here is that if you have some super advanced printer, it can be traced, somewhat. Some printers have a “feature” which is called “tracking dots” which can lead back to the original printer. To be sure, check if your printer is mentioned in the EFF (Electronic Foundation Frontier).  If you have to buy a new printer, please use cash….


Similar case as with the laptop. Do not buy it from Tim and use false credentials. Pay with cash. Get a new one, because it has no traced used data.

I personally recommend Android over iPhone as they are factory encrypted. Just do not buy a smartphone which is too old, as it might not support up to date encryption.

Put all possible passwords on your new phone which are NOT 1234 or your date of birth.

Do not use your new device for calling, it will serve as a hotspot for internet sharing. Consider it to be your modem.

Perfect case scenario, do not take your 2 phones with you when you are planning to do your dark stuff because they both can be connected to the same GSM and this might connect your criminal phone with your phone as you were at the same place at the same time.

Obviously, you should not connect your phone to your private Wi-Fi, or any other hotspot. Same goes for your laptop.

Prepaid SIM-card with internet data

Do you really need an explanation regarding why you need a prepaid SIM card? Yes? Well then… You should avoid registering your name with your new number. In some countries (like the Netherlands), you can get a free number from a guy on the street who is giving them away. Or some small kiosks in shops where they do not ask you to register.

Better option to ask someone to get the prepaid SIM card for you with the data, so you do not appear on any surveillance cameras.

Let us assume you have your phone up and running. Now forget to use it for telephone purposes. This means no calling and no text messaging from the phone because we do not want to leave a digital data trace. Even if you ordered pizza with the phone, you are giving a lead to the authorities. Never give anyone your phone number, because any connection with it can lead to revealing your true identity


The biggest recommendation would be to change the number on a monthly basis. The reason for that the authorities can trace the uptime (live signal) of the phone. So not only changing the SIM cards will help, but also changing the location where you are using it. When I say different places, do not make these places in walking distance from your home. Remember that you have to act like you are someone else, a new identity.

Internet connection and WIFI adaptor

Using your phone as a hotspot is an amazing way in terms of portability and ease of usage. But there are some really critical downsides to this. While using your phone as a hotspot for one purpose only, you are aligning the connection time with the time your sales account is being live while selling drugs online. Quite a nice coincidence, isn’t it?

Imagine you got caught (which you will not if you are using my methods), and the data provider sees that the data transfer was used mostly through a secured browser TOR. I mean, does not prove anything, but then we connect the being live on your sales account and being connected to TOR and we got ourselves very nice pattern to investigate.

Another great alternative would be to use open routers (which is a very hard thing here in the Netherlands). You can buy a small external WIFI adaptor which you connect to your

computer through a USB port. It makes the connection read the information from the adaptor rather than your computer, and then you connect your computer to this adaptor.

The best choice would be this adaptor which was tested by Freedom Activists.

how to sell drugs online

Phone Method (Not Recommend)

Something I do not recommend but might be an option for you. You can hide your phone which is connected to a power source and has hotspot turned on and enough data. But in this case it has to be hidden pretty well, so during a raid, it will not be found, and it should be protected with a password. Wifi and phone. Both. Okay?

Drugs and Narcotics.

Well, if you would really like to use this tutorial, you probably figured out this step.

Shipping supplies

This is another very important and even crucial part you have to take into consideration because the level of stealth here has to be “Top Notch”.


  • Envelopes
  • Rubber gloves (disposable)
  • Vacuum bags and machine (this is an amazing machine)
  • Spirit or any other alcohol to clean your workplace after packing
  • Face mask (if you are selling something that requires a mask)
  • Workspace

How do I sell drugs online?

Launch TAILS and TOR and navigate to Reddit Link where you can find all the redirecting addresses to Zion. The market is running using the latest TOR v3 protocols which means that it is a fast loading website in comparison with other markets online.

Navigate to the website -> Complete captcha -> Create an account (Register)

Zion Onion Market
Zion Onion Market

I really hope you still remember the OpSec lesson above and did not use your real name when creating the account. Same goes for the password, please do not make it your date of birth jeez…

Zion Market
Zion Market Account

User Experience on drug markets are the same as on Twitter, therefore navigate the “Sign up as a vendor”. The faster you click, the faster you will become a drug lord.

If you are not a drug lord yet, go with the “Lite Version” of the store. If you have plantations, then sign up as a regular drug seller. As mentioned above, the beautiful thing about Zion is that is works with the most anonymous currency Monero. So set up your account and pay using Monero and add Moreno to your accounts balance.

Zion Market Account Activation

To be able to transfer Monero to your account, you have to set up a PIN which you will use when you will be cashing out from Zion. The transfers usually take a minute or two.

Zion Market Account Activation

When you got some Monero on your account and created a PIN, we must repeat the procedure by signing up as a vendor again in the top left corner. After that finish setting up the account by filling in some information regarding your market.

Zion Account
Zion Account

Note: Enter a bitcoin addressed, as it seems to be a mandatory field by the system, even though we are going to use Monero.

If you do not have a Bitcoin wallet, use TAILS to run Electrum Wallet and create a Bitcoin Wallet and a Public Key for the Multisignature.

Enter your PGP key and complete your signing up as a vendor.

Zion Vendor Account

You should have received a PGP encrypted message from Zion which you have to decrypt to get the code.

Copy the code, navigate to the top left corner where you will see the Clipboard being changed to a padlock. Click on Decrypt/Verify Clipboard and enter your copied PGP code and click ok. This will decrypt the message which you will have to copy back to the Zion market.

PGP Code Decryption
PGP Code Decryption
PGP Code Decryption
PGP Code Decryption


Navigate to “Vendors Settings” on the left and continue filling in the necessary information for your online store.

Zion Vendor Account

Important Sections:


  • Setting up an attractive profile page
  • Refund Policy (yes, we need it as well)
  • Product page setup
    • Targeting
    • Product Description
    • Shipping
    • Encryption (PGP key)

Profile setup & Refund Policy

  • Include an attractive description of your shop and what you are doing, can check other profiles for inspiration.
  • Refund Policy is important, but most of them do not offer refunds, that is why you should offer the best product to avoid refunds being a thing.
  • Update your description and add a new product
Zion Vendor Account

Product page setup

  • Description of the product must be very accurate and attractive, including practical information about its use (depending on what you are selling)
  • Targeting must include the countries you are shipping to. A great indication can be the Language you write your description (Russian for example)
  • Select the relevant category for your product to be found more easily
  • ALWAYS requests PGP-encryption of all sensitive data and shipping address format
Zion Vendor Account Product Setup

Operations Security

  • Do not take product pictures where you are holding it while smiling and exposing your face to the rest of the world
  • Never show faces in an image
  • Avoid reflections of people in the photo
  • No people in the pictures
  • Do not upload photos from a recognizable place or well-known background.
  • Do not show exposed fingers and hands to avoid fingerprints being read from the photo (yes you can do that)

Great example for inspiration would be other vendors on the market, where you can copy what suits your profile of work. As well as comparing yourself with the competitors in the same region and offering a better service, products or simply better communication (Content and Photo wise).

Select the currency and add the prices of your products in order for your buyers to transfer Monero into EUR, USD etc. Please do a competitive analysis before setting up an insanely high price. Start lower as a new vendor and increase prices over time. Gain reputation and recognition first.

Zion Vendor Account Product Setup
Zion Vendor Account Product Setup

In order to make it visible to the buyers, you have to activate the product by navigating to your products and in the drop-down menu above the product which says “action”.

The path: Action -> Enable -> Batch Update Products (this is useful if you have more than one products to make sure your store has all product “live”)

Zion Vendor Account Product Page

This is the moments of excitement of any entrepreneur where you wait for your first order to be placed. Login after some time, maybe 3-7 days and see if you received any orders from fellow clients.

Zion Vendor Account Product Page

If there is a sale, navigate to “1 Order to ship” where will see all the orders.

Zion Vendor Account order

Firstly, do not click anything before you have reviewed the encrypted PGP message which the buyer should have provided. This is important because if you have a very specific shipping and the country focused business, a person might not have taken all the criteria into consideration and purchased the products anyways without you being able to ship it there.

Secondly, click on the “Unread Message” and copy the PGP key. Navigate to the padlock in the clipboard button (just like we did previously) to decrypt and verify the PGP key.

PGP key message decryption

After decryption, you should see the address to where you would like to deliver the goods.

PGP key message decryption

You should see the address and move forward with the order as soon as you feel you can fulfill it.

Navigate back to the website and click “Accept Order”. Another recommendation would be to communicate with the buyer, as there might be some details which should be discussed. Use a PGP key to communicate, and never just text.


Shipping of goods and preparation:


  • Alcohol (spray)
  • Gloves (silicone, one use, disposable)
  • Workstation (easy to clean, preferably a cover to just trash)
  • Disposable clothes or cheap apron
  • Plastic bags (large trash bags)

The crucial part of the packing process is not to leave any DNA or fingerprints. By no DNA, your sneezing and coughing leave DNA traces as well, so use a mask and not clothes where your cats’ hairs are not going fall on the products.

After you will complete the packaging process wipe, clean all the fingerprints even if they are not yours, they might be from someone at your local store downstairs which will ultimately narrow the investigation which holds a risk for your business. So spray/wipe/rub the envelopes, packaging to remove all the DNA, fingerprints and grease from the KF next door. Do not, lick the stamps, ok?

Get your equipment ready!

Laboratory work
Laboratory work

This is your first step to perfecting the art, so keep in mind that after you will deliver your products locally and feel comfortable in what you are doing, you can start sending this out to the rest of the world. You might want to use a sponge soaked in alcohol to wipe the packaging and/or if you break a sweat.

Laboratory work


Never go to the post office to send the package, because they have surveillance cameras which can trace back you. Pick different post box locations in your city and drop the packages there. Do not touch the packages with your hands, do not carry them around. Put them in a clean bag when you are leaving home and then just chuck them from the bag into the postbox. Can use disposable gloves if some post boxes are not easily accessible.

After dropping the products go back and login to your market and mark the order as shipped.

Zion is an amazing market which uses Escrow which might take a few days for the transaction to occur and Moreno will be transferred to your account. The process behind Escrow is secure and will transfer you the money after 3 days even if the buyer will not confirm the delivered package on his end.

If your business will explode and you will feel a little bit like El Chapo, you can pay 500$ to be able to finalize your orders as soon as the order is placed and the buyer transferred you Monero. Is it worth being credited right away? Yes. Do you want to pay half a grand for it? You decide.

Zion Monero Payments

Monero will automatically be transferred to your provided wallet after you reach 0.5 Monero on your account on Zion. This automatic transfer ensured that you will always get your money. If Zion shuts down tomorrow, the max amount you will lose will always be under 0.5. If you cannot wait, just click “Send immediately” and get your Monero right away.

Confraternities, first sale complete. Feeling the hype? The Adrenaline? The Possibilities? The happiness someone will get from your product?

Zion Monero Payments

Data removal from images

In the cybersecurity world, this is one of the first things that is getting checked when searching for a person or exposing a phishing account. Ethical hackers are looking and investigating the data which is getting saved on any image taken. In this case, you were probably taking photos of your products and uploading the images to your product pages. That image holds data which literally can lead the police right to your front door.

Any camera, digital or phone camera includes such data as resolution, date, time, camera model, and GPS location. This data is called EXIF-data. This is why you should take this step very seriously when you are uploading images to the market.

This is very easy to remove in TAILS:

Navigate to: Applications -> System Tools -> MAT (Metadata Anonymization Toolkit)

Clean Image Data

You can drag the images to the toolkit and click clean to erase the data from the images. Keep in mind that you are only able to save the images in TAILS folder “Persistent”, because that is how the OS is designed.

Psychoanalytical analysis

Every person in the world has a different style of writing. If you are writing in a non-native language, it complicated things when you want to stay anonymous, because some saying and phrases are not translatable or are used only in one language. Some languages are some prone to make specific grammatical mistakes in specific words and phrases, and it happens much more than you think.

If you thought already of a perfect sales pitch for your product, kill it, delete it. Write your text all lowercase or all caps, with no punctuation and stick to short sentences. Avoid your writing personality as well.

Should I buy a Lamborghini?

You can, but the important part of spending your money is to do it correctly. Money earned this way are not the same when you have worked at McDonald’s. Being mindful when spending this money will save you jail sentence and a lot of nerves avoiding every night paranoia. Few ways to go from here.

Cryptocurrency debit card

If you have not heard yet, this is a great business model and interesting industry to read on. Banks and separate companies now offer debit cards which can be connected to cryptocurrency exchange and directly to a bank account. This is a great way when it comes to sending your hard-earned drug money (usually Bitcoin) to a fake company address and then withdrawing the money.

Bitcoin Credit Card

This is not such an easy task to have such cards anonymously, as they 100% of time required to have it connected to an ID, passport or address. I am not saying that you cannot fake an ID, passport or an address, but we want to make it look as legit a possible. It is difficult NOT to leave a trail when transferring larger amounts, and not only difficult, it is also dangerous for our case because we are not buying 3 tons of donuts, but trying to run a narco business here.

Crypto ATM

In the Netherlands, there are a few bitcoin ATMs that give cash for Bitcoin. Might be a travel for some people, but this is a great solution if you need some quick cash.

Bitcoin ATM Netherlands

Monero – Online exchange

There are 3 most popular cryptocurrencies which are widely used and are easy when it comes to exchanging, they are Ether, Bitcoin and of course Monero. A very practical solution for easy an fast exchange service is Shapeshift


Now I can buy a Lamborghini?

If you have everything set up and working to stay anonymous, you are pretty much welcome to spend your money any way you want. Some countries are okay with people spending specific amounts a day.

The Netherlands allows spending 10.000EUR a day with no control. You can walk around and buy yourself a lot of ice cream and nice clothes if you are into that. Do not be scared to live a little with your hard-earned money! Some people live very comfortably from cryptocurrencies humbly drinking coffee for 2.50EUR.

Is there a risk of getting caught?

We went in detail through how to keep yourself anonymous online, TAILS, TOR, Crypto, OpSec etc. And after all this, you ask if there is a risk? Well, good catch, because the answer is YES

I have never said that this business is not risky. By following the steps mentioned in this “Manual” or we may even call it “Tutorial” can mitigate the risks to a bare minimum, but there is always a risk. Statistically, you can get eaten by a shark, or drawn in the sea, or your bathtub. My point is, there are risks in everything.

Look at this manual as something educational yet be ready to go to jail if this business is something you want to commit to and live a rich life and become the next Pablo Escobar of the Internet. “Don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time” – Urban Dictionary

Trust issues and Mitigating risks

Selling drugs online is a much safer environment than being a black person in America trying to buy roses. Biggest risk in this business comes from gang shootings, junkie hobo customers on the streets, putting your face our there and in general standing in a dark dirty corner to sell the dope. This method is a great step up and advantages which focuses on more sophisticated users.

In the online vendor community there are many discussions regarding customer trust, yet the online world we must trust blindly, yet the phenomenon of it working without having any contact with the vendors and customers can be a great example for some legal businesses. The average online customer in this industry is usually more professional than an average customer in Walmart.

How to be sure that I will not get raided?

You cannot be sure. Highest risk would be when your products is getting to or from the supplier. Imagine getting caught while holding 1000 pills of MDMA in your hands. You do not need a high IQ to understand that your place would be raided after 10 minutes after you being caught.

Operation security reminder – do not keep your equipment in your house, otherwise, next stop will be jail. 

If you were working from home, you still have a chance to minimize the splash effect and your prison sentence. If you were encrypting all your devices, do not have a digital trail and kept your mouth shut, the police will have a very hard time connecting you to your sells. Being caught is not where we want to be, but this is something that can save you a life sentence.

Another Reminder – Do not run your business by paying with your own bank

This can lead to your house and might get the authorities interested in your persona, which is what we want to avoid at all cost. Which is why running your business from a different address (not your private one) is so crucial. The goal is to make the investigation a complicated as possible and keep your mouth shut.

Exit strategy

Paranoia can be a silly thing, but sometimes it can be a lifesaver, which is if you have any suspicion of an investigation, you should have an exit strategy which you can strategically follow.

Some situations for exiting the business:

  • Your landlord being interrogated
  • Your job employees are getting interrogated
  • Your friends receiving strange calls or being interrogated
  • You see police following you or people with a headpiece
  • Just want to exit the game

This shortlist can, of course, be extended of you can have your own reasons to backup, but in any case, you need to have an exit strategy to avoid being backtracked later. So, do not throw away your kit into your trash bin, but if you want to do so, let it be someone else’s bin or the one far away.

Before you throw it away, clean the DNA with alcohol, remember the OpSec lesson. Better off, burn everything. The phone can be burned as well, but just drown it, or pull piece by piece apart and dump it in different bins.

Social Engineering and Public relations techniques (if caught)

Let us assume that you were caught by the authorities and are now being interrogated by them. What do you do? What do you say? Do you just spit all the information out? How much do you want to say? Well, there are a few facts and practices which are super simple and can save you from ending up in jail.

The majority of cases against criminals are constructed on the information which the criminals have provided themselves. This means that you just have to keep calm, be silent and do not incriminate yourself by acting stupid.

Some interrogation techniques can be very serious and very pushy, psychologically they can break you down, some people break in 30 min, some walk away as free people, your choice. But do remember one phrase which can save your life and repeat it again and again:


This phrase is going to work if you are located in the western part of Europe because here you do not have to testify against your own personality which is stated in the Administration of Justice Act. If you are located in another country, please look into the possibilities of your countries act and legislations.

This chapter is very similar in logic with the “Operations Security” chapter, as you have to develop a mindset where you are not yourself, in order to do that, you should obtain some skills. People in their core are very emotional people and the exact same emotions are leading our lives and leading a lot of people to jail. Great cases which you probably heard about people confessing to the things they have not done, which is a very interesting phenomenon where the authorities break people into saying what they have not done. This is why you have to train a skill to actively fight the urge to confess to anything.

The social engineering techniques which are used by the authorities include searching for moments where he will be able to connect with you on a personal or interpersonal level. Asking generic questions and offering you a cup of coffee. Recognize the act? A good cop he is.

Recommendation: Keep your answers short and simple “Yes”, ”No” or “I do not answer questions”

This might seem as a very unnatural conversation, which it is, which is why you have to practice you Yes and No to make it as natural as possible. This is done to avoid engaging in any conversation with the authorities, which might lead to something you do not even realize. So keep is silent, short answers and be ready for unpleasant face expressions your way.

Brief Checklist

This is a very brief checklist for you to recap everything we have discussed here:

  • Operations Security
  • New PC
  • New Prepaid Phone
  • Memory stick
    • TOR
    • TAILS
  • Cash for Purchases
  • DNA Removal (Alcohol)
  • No home WIFI accessing
  • Do not tell your Mom
  • Do not work in your home
  • Do not use your bank debit card
  • Do not use your real name anywhere
  • Learn the phrase “I do not answer questions”


This business can be very dangerous and stressful but at the same time extreme and monetary compensating. This can sound great to be the next Pablo Escobar, but this is as well a very boring, cheeky and diligent work, and if you are not ready to do that and take the risk, then consider this as an educational material which is being practised massively in the world. Keep in mind, using torrents is also illegal and can get you jailed, but telling your prison mates that you were jailed for a torrented “Bee Movie” is not as cool as for being the next Pablo Escobar of the internet.

Bitcoin Security Is a Myth

We have reached the moment when Bitcoin security is a myth, so if you are one of those people who is buying tickets to furry conventions, I recommend you stop, now… Forever, and generally, what is wrong with you? Anyway, bitcoin is at 145 Billion Market cap and might be approaching a trillion dollar cap pretty soon.

It is an amazing investment opportunity for some people within the bitcoin conversation, and the other party is yelling about it being a bubble and that everyone will end up the same as bitconeeeeeeeeeeeeect.

Honestly, it is getting very hard to tell if this is going to grow or die tomorrow, but who am I to say? I do not have any clue what I am talking about most of the time. But one thing I was sure about is that Bitcoin a myth and not secure for darknet, deep web, dank net and dark web transactions.

Was Bitcoin secure before?

bitcoin security

Bitcoin is famous for its security, but please let me tell you that bitcoin was not safe from the beginning. Why? Because the deep web markets like Silkroad was busted and 20 different markets together with it. Not that bitcoin transaction security was the fault, but no doubt it played a large role in it. At that moment Bitcoin transactions were already traced, especially when larger bitcoin transactions were involved.

Not a secret that due to darknet bitcoin transaction a large number of markets were seized. Sometimes due to lazy laundering of the owners or laundering websites being honeypots gathering transactional information from both parties. That was as well the moment when everybody started to recognize other cryptocurrencies as Zipcash, Cloakcoin, DeepOnion, and my favorite one, Monero which are trying their best to be anonymous.

Will Monero be the next secure cryptocurrency?

Monero Security

Maybe. If you think about it, not all crypto transactional information is publicly available, which makes one cryptocurrency much harder to trace than another. This is exactly why Monero is becoming the new favorite coin for a majority of deep web markets.

Bitcoin and Ethereum are still the most popular deep web currencies. For a newbie or an average person who is making his baby steps into purchasing drugs the first time or trying to get the tickets to the furry convention might not have the knowledge about the options and will refer to the most simple and popular one. Almost everyone knows what bitcoin is and making this shift will take some time and awareness of it not being the secure cryptocurrency anymore.

Monero and other previously mentioned cryptocurrencies are smaller or very tiny, which makes them unconventional when it comes to implementation of the deep web markets. Deep Web markets are the same as Amazon, customers want to avoid all this unnecessary hustle of payment, we just want the drugs man…

Other cryptocurrency alternatives?

There are thousands of different cryptocurrencies which are not popular and even unheard of. This is a potential that worries me a little because all these little currencies can actually be an opportunity which can help anonymizing the transactions. Due to the low popularity of the currencies, they can avoid being under the radar yet serve their purpose.

Bitcoin Security

Another issue with these small cryptocurrencies are the usage instructions. No one really knows how they work, which again makes people drop the idea and switch to the easiest solution, bitcoin. Some of the cryptocurrencies, unlike Monero, are not widely available on most popular exchange websites. Most crypto trading websites stick to Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Monero. I was not able to find many markets or traders who would focus on cloakcoin, which is a bummer now and is an opportunity for someone who is not as lazy as I am.

The trouble with these small cryptocurrencies is not only in their purchase availability but with the tumblers. Most popular tumblers are as well working with the most common cryptocurrencies, and when you finally find a tumbler which supports unconventional crypto, you should be skeptical as these tumblers are mostly scams and are very sketchy. This is another reason why people are sticking to the easiest option that is available on the market.

Should we switch to other cryptocurrencies?

Keep in mind that when people say it is now traceable, it does not mean that all the police and FBI resources are going to be thrown to fight the 16-year-old teen who bought some weed because his state is the last in line for legalization.

Even though this is indeed a red flag and should be taken with some caution, the shift should happen sooner or later. If you think that you are the smartest and will tumble Bitcoin, then transfer it to another bitcoin wallet, then tumble and then transfer it again. Or buying bitcoin, transferring to another wallet, buying Litecoin, then back to Bitcoin, then tumbling, buying Litecoin again and buying bitcoin with it again. Got carried away here… Whatever you money laundering method is, my obvious recommendation would be switching to Monero.

What should deep web markets and vendors do?

Bitcoin SecurityIt is very obvious at this point that in order to escape taxes and buy or sell your favorite drugs on the deep web you should consider this shift in the long-term perspective. There are vendors on the dank net who have never used Bitcoin, which at this moment have already established their presence, have a reputation and recognizable brand. These vendors will highly profit from this change. Which proves the point that when something becomes mainstream, you should drop it if you want to really profit (not only in a monetary way).

Any other payment alternatives on the darknet?

While surfing the darknet, I have surfed through some vendors that were offering payment methods like PayPal, Western Union, and even Credit Cards. Well my friend, if someone actually bought something using these payment methods probably got SCAMMED, because these payment methods are just collecting easy money from noobs.

The second scenario is that these people are already in jail or are waiting to be arrested because actually purchasing something using these methods is easily traceable and will probably get you arrested.

Bitcoin security jail

When purchasing illegal stuff from the darknet, you are committing multiple felony crimes. And most of the time, you do not even have clue who are these vendors.

Thirds scenario (connected to the second), these vendors are honeypots. As these markets can be created by cops just to lure the noobs and newcomers into purchasing drugs with just a click of a button which is leaving a paper trail.


While I see the future currencies being more decentralized and more people are sharing the cryptographic ways if connecting everybody to these systems I feel that is will be very safe to use cryptocurrencies. Should be very interesting. Buy Monero, my dude.

Bitcoin Security

We are moving to more decentralized currency and time where people can create their own cryptocurrency and connect their communities and societies while being able to save up on transnational fees. I honestly think it’s going to get totally safe and I am waiting for that moment.

Ugandan Knuckles Tribe Occupying The VR Grounds

Uganda Knuckles Tribe

Ugandan Knuckles Tribe is one the most entertaining things for a meme lover like me. The internet is a lovely place, full of joy and entertainment. During the last couple of weeks, the VRChat was taken over by personalities who refer to them as Ugandan Knuckles Tribe members. This is all over Reddit and is only gaining momentum from where I am standing. So let us dive in and investigate this phenomenon!


One very amazing youtuber (god bless him) on December 22nd uploaded a video which was titled “You Do Not Know The Way”, where a swarm of Knuckles Trible Members (players) with the same avatar were running around and annoying players with clicking noises. While clicking, there were throwing in phrases such as “You Do Not Know The Way” or asking players if “You Know Da Wei”. This is very flat and not interesting, but when collectively it is being performed by 30+ trolls, IT IS HILARIOUS!

BTW, the video at this point has almost 5 million views. That is why I called it a phenomenon.

What is VRChat?

Ugandan Knuckles Tribe VRChat

This is a platform which was developed by Graham Gaylor (lol, the D is missing). It is still a brand new game, as it was launched on Steam in February 2017, so not older than a year at this point. This social community video game has attracted many players with its possibility to create worlds, design your own avatars or play famous avatars such as Rick and Morty, Spongebob or any Pokemon you want.

Due to its broadness or choice and modification options, a large target group was affected and could act as anyone they would love to in the online world. Customizable experience is something businesses are going for, and VRChat is already in the game. Which is pretty cool if you ask me, especially with the growing adaptation of VR, people will definitely use a change to be someone else. For example Ugandan Knuckles Trible member.

Want to know more about VRChat?

Read more here – https://www.vrchat.net/ 

Is the Ugandan Knuckles Creator Proud?

Ugandan Knuckles Tribe VRChat

Not really, and I would love to elaborate on it, but I think his post which was made on January 7th sums up pretty much everything he feels about it. But I truly respect and understand the guy. Some of us are humble and sensitive about their creations, especially when tons of trolls and mocking what you created. Even if it was a joke. a very awesome joke if you ask me! but that is just me… So DeviantArtist said:

“Please do not use this to bug the users of Vrchat. Its community means a lot to me and it would hurt me to see the rights of other users taken away and possibly restricted because of how out of hand it can get. Showing off their creativity and what they are capable of. For me….. I’m in college and don’t have a lot of time to get on like I would like to anymore… I remember making this and thinking… Well it could be funny to show off to my friends and possibly mess with users. But I’ve learned what kind of things I’m really capable of making. Its always fun to be the one with models no one else has access to. Because I can make anything that I want to be. Its like….. Its like that special place for me. To get away from the real world and be someone I’m not….. But right now. Vrchat has become a meme ground and I feel I have helped to dig a grave for Vrchat. Soon enough people are gunna get tired of all the memes that now pollute the servers. And with 500 people trying to just enjoy an event, they cant because there just isnt enough moderation to hold down the rampant amounts of memers. So please…. Think about the users that you’re playing with. Before they are all gone… Don’t let it be a second Second Life.”

Effects of the Ugandan Knuckles Tribe?

At the moment Reddit and 4chan are exploding with Ugandan Knuckles Tribe memes, Twitter is going wild and Facebook creates closed groups where people can post their designs, videos, images and just goof around for their own entertainment. This began a week ago and is a huge trend now and I love it!

Facebook which I personally joined – https://www.facebook.com/groups/165159110764817/ 

This guy on twitter who is obviously a tribe member – https://twitter.com/Jameskii

Youtube videos with keywords similar to “Ugandan Knuckles Tribe” are getting more than 5million views at this point, this is more than music stars in some countries.

Reddit with popping with subreddits – https://www.reddit.com/r/Uganda_Knuckles_Tribe/

Some people do not agree with this meme and are very much against it. A lot of people are spreading the hate online, yet still causing interest in this whole thing. And I personally do not have anything against this, because people are entertained, smiling and happy doing this. All the videos online are insanely dumb, yet so entertaining to watch and smile on how we as a society have another side of the medal when we are entering the realms of the online world.

We are looking at what people are going to do with it, and while on this hype, we at Accidental Factory as well are willing to share the spirit on the Ugandan Knuckles Tribe spirit to you guys. We have put this meme to use for you to wear with pride for your tribe. Check it here!
Uganda Knuckles Shirt


*Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click*

Social Engineering Exploits Are Like Bad MEMES

One of my favorite (worst) things my paranoia likes is trusting people. It feeds from all the stuff I see and read on the all mighty internet every day, see in the news and experience in my own life. Topic: Social Engineering a.k.a. Human Hacking. It is an art of manipulating people into doing the things you want them to do, also involves programming people to give up sensitive information or gaining their trust in order to exploit them and their lives further in life. Some Social Engineering methods can include special software, fake programs, whoring, phishing etc. I will attempt to tell you (My paranoia will try to tell you) how to protect yourself from becoming a victim of social engineering. So here is the main antivirus to protect yourself is YOU!
The reason I like Social Engineering is that there is no protection against it except your own knowledge and a healthy level of paranoia. You have to train your gullibility if you have not done it yet… Because no one will do it for you!


What is phishing?

Image result for phishing“Phishing is a form of fraud in which an attacker masquerades as a reputable entity or person in email or other communication channels. The attacker uses phishing emails to distribute malicious links or attachments that can perform a variety of functions, including the extraction of login credentials or account information from victims”

Great examples of this type of Social engineering technique are the email which we love so much. You know what I mean? The Saudi Arabian prince who searched for someone to send his millions to, or the free subscription you won for P0rnhub… I think that the last one was a real email…
Moving on!?!?!
 So the core if this Social Engineering method is to pretend to be someone you are not, usually it is a person of authority (President, prince, banker, lawyer, police) who sends you an email with a great story and instructions. The recent popular one was the “Ebola email exploit” who was passing around information to people so they would be aware of the problem, which had a link to a malicious website with a virus.
In Phishing attempts, the attacked tries his best to distribute the emails in order to boost the open rate of the emails. The second thing the attacker focuses on is to have a believable message in the email in order for the victim to take action, which most of the time means to follow a link to a malicious website or to download a malicious file.
The popular ones include messages such as:
  • “Problem with your account, please click/download the/from link
  • You won a title of a meme lord, please follow the link to get your prize!

Social Media Phishing

Very popular Social Media Phishing technique is to share a link on Twitter or Facebook which has a catchy title and an intriguing image attached to the link. Usually, this link (usually cloaked) leads to another website which has a malware.
Katty Perry phishing post
The reason this works is because we are brainwashed by the media and guys have enough blood pressure to send blood to one head at a time. Anyway, this attack works in a domino effect, because the malicious link/software will use your social media account to share/send the same link so more people would click on it and infect their devices, and so on.
From the same department is “Whoring”, of pretending to be someone else, such as an attractive girl (most popular) in order to obtain sensitive content which later can be used for blackmail, or sold on the darknet. Storytime:
I personally saw an ONION WEBSITE  which was selling nudes if guys and girls. There were over 26 000 social media accounts from Facebook, VK, and Instagram which were all real, and were selling nudes of each account. All these people (mostly girls) were exploited, scammed, hacked, whored which lead to the attacked actually obtaining/getting their private photos and then selling them for cryptocurrency on the darknet. All real, no jokes, no hoax…


too good to be true

Ultimate Rule – If it is too good to be true, it probably is.

This applied to everything you see online. Even things which are not malicious, are considered to follow some other goal. Marketers use it all the time and I am 99% sure you saw them a lot, for example:

  • Free Ebook
  • Free MP3
  • Subscribe and download/win/get
  • Free Lessons
  • Free PDF

I am not saying you will not get what they are selling, but you might get a virus with it, and some fake or useless information as well.

I clicked the link and downloaded a Malware because I do not pay attention to anything and do not care about my online security, what now?

Well… I am glad you asked! Malware has different categories:

virus trojan worm

There are 3 most popular ones:

  1. Virus
  2. Trojan
  3. Worm

All these can be attached to a file you downloaded and/or installed which allows the attacker to do anything he wants with your information and computer. This is not a joke, imagine the private information you have on your PC can be obtained. I suppose I will provide hacking instruction in one of my upcoming articles. Something not very harmful.

What can hackers do with my Information?

Social Engineering Hackerman

Please remember that we are living in an age of information, this, therefore, means that information is the most valuable resource nowadays. With enough information, knowledge, and data very good things can be done, as well as bad things. As we are discussing social engineering, phishing, and human hacking, the information that these attackers are obtaining is mostly harmful to companies and us, simple peasants…

The information that you can lose can be used for taking control over your social media, your private pictures which allow the attackers to blackmail you and your loved ones. Another side of the medal is to sell this information to someone who will exploit your accounts.

By gaining access to your emails, the attacker can get almost any kind of information, because he can recover almost any password of any account your email is used for. If it is a working email, then all the working private information can be obtained by again, exploiting the email or reading the email you wrote before.

Remember you did those scans of your passport and your credit card for a visa to Russia? I suppose they are still on your computer, which means I have your identity and bank information. Imagine what can be done now? I can commit a crime online, buy anything I want, including your credentials and it WILL BE YOUR FAULT!

How can I protect myself from Social Engineering?

  1. If it is too good to be true, then it is
  2. Healthy level of skepticism/paranoia
  3. Safe complicated passwords
  4. Double verification of accounts
  5. Different passwords for your accounts
  6. Backups of your files
  7. Do not share nudes with strangers
  8. Do not trust strangers
  9. Question everything (This is how I lost all my friends because I became super annoying and now I am super lonely and have no friends, and no one likes me but hey, at least I am safe in this void of darkness)

>mfw be me

>Be safe