Net Neutrality end of 2017 [Update]

Net Neutrality Ajit Pai

Did anyone hear? These are not the most popular news of course. Minor news I would say that is happening in the mighty land of USA brothers and sisters. Net Neutrality is in the papers and the internet is exploding the last month, I have previously written an article on Net Neutrality, so if you have no clue what I am talking about, please go and read it first. For the educated crowd, we will look into what is going on at the moment with Net Neutrality.

What is the case?

The FCC (Federal Communication Commission) has already voted to repeal Net Neutrality… Which means that the battle is not over yet, and the US will have to debate and vote further to protect Net Neutrality. Some attorneys are starting to sue the FCC, a great example is the New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman who sued the FCC illegal rollback of Net Neutrality. This guy claimed to protect the “Fellow Americans” from the devil a.k.a. Ajit Pai.

What Can be done to save Net Neutrality

Since the battle is on, 16 other states have joined and signed the lawsuit against the FCC. To be honest, it is very nice to see that some politicians are actually listening to the people and/or supporting net neutrality. Another way to fight in this process (it is complicated), but US Congress can be pressured to overturn the FCC’s decision. The is such act as the “Congressional Review act” which allows to invalidate regulatory changes made by the government agencies and overrule the actions taken by such agencies like the FCC. Still with me? Great!

Greet the Villain! (Ajit Pai)

Now, let me introduce the villain in this case. The devil. The lovely Ajit Pai.

Ajit Pai became the most hated person in 2017. I nominate him myself. The internet, especially Reddit is exploding when it comes to this dude. He openly mocks net neutrality showing the strength of the “Americal Democracy” and do not forget the “Freedom of Speech”.

Ajit Pai is a MEME now

On December 13th a very conservative news site The Daily Caller published a video in which Pai made a Harlem shake (that dude missed the meme train 5 years ago) and has presented a list which was titled “7 Things You Can Still Do on the Internet After Net Neutrality”.

The Christmas gift

A very sneaky thing that happened after the online rage of the people on Ajit Pai and Net Neutrality was the increase in prices from ISP’s. such as Comcast, Dish, Cox, and DirectTV. These corporations started to inform their customers that they will have to pay more money for the same services in the upcoming 2018. They mentioned that the prices will be increased from $1 to $6.75. For the geeks I will break it down:

  • 35% increase in sports fees
  • 10% increase in rebroadcast fees
  • 0% reasoning or justification for this decision

Nut Neutrality?

Here I would love to look into something called Nut Neutrality. Interweb meme communities are making this joke a lot. See this:

Net Neutrality = Nut Neutrality

The reason for this discussion supports the idea that if we will lose the Net Neutrality fight, we will have to buy “Packages” for specific websites if we would like to surf them without any speed limitations. Imagine calling the ISP and asking for the package to Brazzers or Blacked and purchasing the $3.99 to beat the meat. Otherwise, you will have flashbacks from 2003 dial-up internet speed when you had to wait for the image to load.

What to do?

Get some popcorn my European Fellas.