Effects of Overeating and How to Stop


Are you suffering from overeating? Are you one of the compulsive eaters and desire to stop eating? Well, it is common and you do not need to panic. All you need is to find a solution that can help you to overcome this issue.

Today we will look into the problem which some people struggle with – overeating. As well as we will answer how you can overcome it, and what are the solutions you can consider to solve it. Moreover, we will discuss the effectiveness of overeaters anonymous and what are overeaters anonymous meetings are all about.

If you are one of those who likesDoritoss and mountain dew while watching Bojack, I want to prove to you that there is hope and you can achieve anything with sheer will-power and courage.

Definition of overeating

Overeating Anonymous

“The simple meaning of overeating is the excess relationship to the energy that organism starts to consume, which lead to weight gain and often obesity. Overeating is also known as an eating disorder that can target anyone”

Moreover, the term overeating also refers to specific over-consumption episodes. Means, people start to over consume during festivals, binge-watching Netflix, stress, boredom etc. If we look at the symptoms of overeating, then anorexia, bulimia, nervosa, and binge eating disorder are the most common one.

The reasons why some people over consume varies. For example, some people overeat in stress, to relieve depression, while some do when they have feelings of helplessness. Noticed that happy people do not overeat?

Problem Statement: Overeating


No doubt, global overeating has become the most common and even bigger problem than world hunger. More people are now overweight than underweight. However, the biggest study of worldwide trends in body index has recently revealed that, over the past 40 years, the rate of obesity has increased up to 2.6 fold and that the number of obese people worldwide has blown out from 105 million to 641 million.

Well, why we are discussing this issue at a worldwide level? Let us have a look at on our overeating patterns.

We all are overeater from time to time, and take an extra hand when drinking with friends and family dinners, when you are full but still having dessert is like a religious thing to you. However, this is the case with ordinary people. For binge eaters, it is almost uncontrollable to stop overeating. With this disorder, the patient finds himself helpless to stop this bad habit and consume a normal amount of food.

The symptoms of Binge Overeaters usually begin in early adulthood or late adolescence. The episode in such state remains last for two hours or might be a full day long. It is not necessary to be hungry to overeat; they eat because they “just feel like it”. It is more like a cycle when a person consumes when in a good mood. The same as when a person is in depression and to sate food cravings.

There are many reasons for overeating, but the most common is to sate body needs. However, if it becomes an eating pattern for someone and he gets easily compromised with it, then overeating can lead to many eating disorders.


So, the people with disorders like binge overeating and Bulimia Nervosa use food for the following reasons:

  • To escape from anxiety and depression
  • To reward themselves
  • There is a stressful issue, or they need to get away from some problem
  • Soothe fear, shame, and sometimes loneliness
  • Might be eager or frustration.

However, it is not necessary that overeating will remain for a short time like during holidays. It will not remain for a short time as in most cases overeating can cause long-term damage to individual health due to over-consumption. With the passage of time, overeating can further lead to obesity and heart diseases which can cause medical complications. Which are:

  • Gallbladder disease
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • High Blood pressure (mostly in elder people)
  • Heart disease
  • Different types of cancer
  • High cholesterol
  • Joint and Muscle pain etc.

We have reached a conclusion that almost everyone is dealing with overeating disorder, therefore special treatment is necessary for recovery. There are a variety of treatments available on the market such as level of care, interventions, clinicians who are ready to help obese people and of course the overeater’s anonymous meetings, which are trending nowadays.

However, binge eating disorder is commonly treated as an outpatient because the condition can be controlled with the help of specific programs which offer a variety of treatments. Therapists are also available to work with people who have an eating disorder and work privately.

After reading this, you may be asking yourself if you are overeating and what will be the most effective way to treat your habit of overeating. What about discussing your issue with another person that has the same problem? This can motivate you and also provide you with enough information about what are the eating patterns, reasons, why people do so, and how to overcome this while not being alone.

Online there is a club called “Overeaters anonymous.” Yes, you have heard it right. Let me tell you what overeaters anonymous is all about and how they can help you or other overeaters.

What is Overeaters Anonymous?

Overeaters Anonymous is a community or fellowship of different individuals who share their experience, hope, strategies, and strength to overcome the habit of compulsive overeating. This club is specially designed for the people who want to recover from compulsive eating habits.

The best thing about this program is you don’t need to pay fees, nor it takes any donations. There is no involvement of outside organizations, nor is a political movement, the sole purpose of this program to educate people about compulsive food behaviors and to carry the simple message of recovery through twelve step of OA.

The primary focus of this plan is abstention from overeating behaviors rather than weight loss. The best part of this plan is you do not need to be overweighed to join OA. It is a perfect choice for you if you:

  • Obsess about food, and more food
  • Obsess about your body weight
  • Consume diet pills for weight loss
  • Or a binge eater

Overeating is physical, spiritual, and emotional, so with the help of the 12-steps program, you can get the goal of looking slim and being smart about it. This program includes group meetings, recovery tools/lessons, and dietary plans for everyone.

You can have a real-time meeting such as telephone meetings, face-to-face interaction, and even more options available to choose from.

What is the most highlighted advantage of this plan?

  • One of the highlighted advantages of this plan is it is fully individual, based on the best results for you and ways comfortable to you. You can create your own eating plan that can support you in a long term.
  • Another benefit is whether or not a specific plan is helpful; you can shift it out and again start from scratch.

So, what are you waiting for? Just plan what will be your next step to overcome your overeating habit and share it with us.