The Origins of the UGANDAN CHUNGUS

Ugandan Chungus


The word chungus was used by Jim Sterling, a Video game freelance journalist who made use of this word in various meanings without giving it a particular definition. The date which the word chungus was first mentioned has not been publicly disclosed, although it is estimated to be within December 2012.

Whidmark keyed in an entry for the word changes on December 26th, 2012, with the aim of giving it a precise definition. He defined chungus stating that “chungus is a word that means everything and anything.”

Ugandan Knuckles

Ugandan Knuckles

The knuckles are a gaming character that is connected with sonic the hedgehog series. Just like Bug bunny belongs to the warner bros,  knuckles belong to Sega. The knuckles made his first appearance in sonic the hedgehog 3 and made the top of the gaming chart thereby earning a top bill with the Sega flagship star titled sonic & knuckles. Sonic gamers will know the little difference between the Knuckles and sonic which is the fact that Sonic is the swift and speedy one while the Knuckles is the strong but slower one.

You may be wondering how the Ugandan version took over, and I’ll briefly explain to you the reasons for the adoption of that name “Ugandan knuckles.” which I wrote an article about. The truth be told that the Ugandan knuckles have its inspiration partly from the film titled” who killed captain Alex”?. This movie is a low budget action and comedy movie that was released in Uganda in 2010. The beautiful and unique aspect of the merging of these two names Ugandan with knuckles became popular due to the phrase used in the movie. The catchphrase was “Do you know the way” which also has an African accent pronounced as “ Do you know de wey “?.  

The Ugandan knuckles gradually became popular through an app called VRChat. This app is a virtual reality social gaming app that has a 3D model in place.  A lot of users populated the VRChat with numerous Ugandan knuckles and made use of the same phrase( do you know de wey). Some users made use of clucking sounds, to imitate the sounds of the southern African language’s. Its popularity grew so wide and advanced higher into other games like the “player unknown Battlegrounds and in some tee-shirts, with the ascription of the catchphrase “De wey” boldly printed on it.

Big Chungus

The image of the big chungus was first paired by GaryThetaco, a popular Redditor. It was published on the 20th of March 2018 but didn’t go public until December 1st, 2018 where it was posted to /r/comedy heaven.

 The full story of the Big chungus was narrated by GaryThetaco who explained in details the fact that the meme was first sent to a friend in Class out of boredom. The narrator stated that he didn’t think that much of it but just did it out of boredom. During the summer period, he sent it to another friend who liked the idea and saw it as something hilarious. His friends compliment made him create Big chungus 2 and 3. Ideas were coming in which later led him into posting it on r/comedy heaven. Fortunately for him, it got some traction in that platform and gradually went more viral through a young kid who had asked his mom to buy him a Big chungus.

It is very obvious that the Big chungus is a fat bug bunny PlayStation 4 game that gained its popularity because a mother requested the game from a GameStop.


The new trend in the meme world is the Ugandan Chungus which is a combination of both meme characters, Ugandan knuckles and big chungus. The new meme called the Ugandan chungus has the features of the Big chungus body and the face and color of the Ugandan knuckles. The Ugandan chungus has a white underbelly and a red fur. It also has two long rabbit ears and a big red stripe painted across its chest. They are very chubby and have two different spikes in each fist.

It’s origin started from December 21st, 2018 where a virgin versus Chad meme compared the Ugandan knuckles to the Big chungus. This comparison was submitted to the /r/BigChungus subreddit. A Redditor whose name was Romboteryx wrote in the comment section the statement “ Now image this: Ugandan chungus.”

In the 23rd of that same month of December, a Redditor named Rubychan_42 submitted his Photoshop of both the Big chungus and the Ugandan knuckles color. This photoshop was amazing, and it has its caption as “Ugandan chungus.”

On that same month of December, a Redditor named CabbageLord10 submitted another picture comprising of both characters Ugandan knuckles and the Big chungus. His caption was different from the other redditors, and it was “ladies and gentlemen I show to you the Ugandan chungus.” The whole crowd marveled at this, and just within the interval of 4days, the post had over 44,300 points. A report was released stating that his caption had over 84% upvoted and over 580 comments on /r/memes/.

Entering a new year, a youtuber Morton on the 1st of January 2019 uploaded a personal edit of the Big chungus Looney tunes. This Looney tune was edited with the Ugandan knuckles. On the same day of the edition, the Youtuber Hyena626 uploaded on the VRChat footage of the Ugandan chungus avatars. On that same day, another Redditor named TitanBrass submitted his own picture of the Ugandan chungus with a title saying “ Thanks, I definitely hate the existence of anything relating to the Ugandan chungus. He submitted this title to the /r/TIHI subreddit.

Video uploaded by Hyena626

On the 3rd of January lushsux posted on Instagram a photograph of a mural and it featured a Ugandan chungus which stood in front of a background that had flames all around it. He gave his Own description titled” My hell vision in this 2019”. His post gained more than 13,400 likes in less than 24 hours.

The primary word said by the Ugandan chungus is ” Do you know de wey”?. We are not sure if they have another word they say or if they have another sound that they make. We believe that the saying do you know de wey? Is just a way of them making noise and communicating.

The Ugandan chungus which exist both on the Reddit platform and on VRChat got its name from the remark given by the redditors. One thing that is common among the redditors and the name Ugandan chungus is that all of them dropped a different title or a different caption which later went viral. Starting from the first redditor to the last one, they all played a key role in merging both the name Ugandan knuckles and the Big chungus together which gave rise to the new name “Ugandan chungus.”

What does VPN stand for? Are you using VPN? You should start today!

What is a VPN?

It is well known that the internet is not a safe place to be due to the number of different hackers and troublemakers who are ready to capitalise on errors in your system and hack your PC and steal your identity while you are streaming that free video online. Not only this, but the government agencies are also very keen to track your online activities and your personal information. This puts you in a situation where the “bad” and “good” guys are also monitoring you and are curious in your online behaviour.

VPN to protect data

For many years now your privacy is at risk, and if you are following the news, you probably heard about CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA case, which is a great example of “good” guys selling your data. Between all this, you all are well aware that the public internet is very much prone to get your identities and data stolen. This is the case with cafe’s, public libraries and sometimes even public transport.

We live in a world where everyone is willing to know what you are doing online and is trying to breach your privacy all the time, and this is where and when the time to think about VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) come in to play. Once you start using them, you are taking a first step of minimizing the risk of your identity and data being tracked and using the internet becomes safer and allows you to sleep at night.

So what does VPN mean and how does VPN work?

What does VPN stand for?

VPN – a Virtual Private Network, is a protected and secure tunnel between two or more devices.What does VPN stand for?

You are accessing the internet via your system that connects you to a server (it is usually a website). So, when you are connected to that server (aka website), at that point your internet activity is accessible to hackers and the agencies.

On the other hand, when you use a VPN, it establishes another connection (a middleman) that involves a private server (VPN). In this case, your connection is routed through the private server which keeps your online activity and personal information hidden. In simple terms, you have got yourself a new server by using a VPN which is a buffer between you and the website.

So now, all you do on the internet passes through that server which is a powerful gateway that opens a new path to access the public internet. So if anyone is looking forward to recording what is being done by you, they will trace you to an anonymous server, not your original location. Which of course means that your identity is now protected.


A very important thing to understand is that a VPN is not a proxy. Getting this out of the way is very important, so no mistakes are done. A proxy is similar to a VPN but it is not a VPN. It also hides behind a server when you are using internet through a proxy, nevertheless, usually, the quality of the paid private proxies does not devote resources to encrypting all traffic that passes through them, and therefore can accept simultaneous connections from many more users. See a simple explanation below:

VPN and Proxy difference

The functioning of VPN: How VPN works?

As previously mentioned, VPNs offer you a very safe and encrypted gateway to access the internet without revealing your true identity. So when you are assessing internet from just anywhere in the world, any person who would be willing to track your activities will find nothing. So the answer to the question: What does a VPN do? Is:

VPNs are all about encryption where P2P (peer to peer) connections safeguards your data and connections. Just in case the snooper gets his hands on some of the data, he would not be able to access the servers due to secure encryption at both ends.

It is not the only protection of your identity; it is also allowing you to have a whole new location and a new IP address for yourself where you can access the internet without any content filters and intermediation by any of the government agencies. Even your internet service provider will have no clue about what is going on at your end. This allows you to watch Canadian Netflix, or access Linked in if you are in Russia (yes, it is banned in Russia), or use google in China.

Why VPNs are effective?

However, keeping into consideration the utility and effectiveness, VPNs are a high tech product for the people that are looking to keep their private data safe and secure. It is also well known to the people who like their online privacy to be visible only to them.

Which VPNs to use for better safety?

So now since you are aware of why a VPN is extremely necessary and how it works, it is time to introduce you to some of the famous and easy to use VPN services.

Some of these services are free while some are paid. But the one thing that is common in both of them is the quality! They both work fine. It only depends on what you are planning to use the VPN for. I will start with my favourite ones:

  • NordVPN:

NordVPN top VPN

It is one of the VPNs that serve from a lesser number of locations and just around 5000 servers. However, they make sure that their servers are not flooded while they maintain the privacy to hold their brand name and reputation strong as they position themselves as the most secure service you would ever find. Its connections are an end to end encrypted and can be used on as many as six devices in a single time. As far as the prices are concerned, its longer duration plan is very economical while the short-term ones are equally ridiculous in my opinion.

  • Express VPN:

ExpressVPN free trial

It is one of the most reliable VPNs with over 2000 servers in 148 locations that are supported on three device types. It is well known among the users for its fast speed and efficient customer support. However, it is a paid service and comes in various packages. Each of the packages has certain perks that come with it for you to choose from. You can even opt for its free trial in the start which is something I like that companies do.

  • IPVanish VPN:

IPVanish VPN service

It is known for its superb speed although it has about 1000 servers in 60 countries only and does not offer a trial (which is a pitty from my point of view). Still, it is widely known across the world for its connectivity and a well-built client support. The only drawback it has is that it is much more expensive than the other VPNs, but the point here is; here, you get what you pay for! Seriously!

  • VyprVPN:

vypr VPN security

It is the VPN service we would recommend you if you want to remove the data limits while streaming from your VPN clients. They offer unlimited data usage and are supported by 700+ servers. Not only this, VyprVPN has about 200,000+ IP addresses for its users which means you can do just about anything you wish! It even supports above 3-5 devices which is another plus in comparison with other competitors. The only issue you might have is, its monthly plan is a bit expensive especially in the case when your usage is not that big.

  • TunnelBear:

Tunnel Bear VPN

This one is one of the trending VPNs. Its 1000 servers are located around 20 countries while they are proliferating. TunnelBear is the easiest VPN to use with a free VPN as a free trial backed by 500 MB data limit tool! Regarding pricing, they offer a competitive price on all kinds of packages.

  • Ivacy

The company has servers in 50+ countries, with 1000+ servers in 100+ locations. They have a variety of uses they supports which in my understanding other companies should build their content around. I had a chance to use their VPN across my devices, and most of the time the connections was stable, nevertheless, some applications refused to connect through the recommended servers. They are a competitor in their market and can be considered as an option.

  • NameCheap VPN

This service provider I am using for many years to host my websites, buying domains, using website builders and other services they provide. Everything is working great on their end, except a little bit uneducated service support. The pricing is very competitive on the market, and the quality represents and over delivers with the prices they have.

In short, if you want to stay safe while browsing online, do use a VPN to make sure your privacy and security are both upheld.

Mariachi Visited Racist Aaron Schlossberg’s Home

The United States has a rich history of politicians and public officials using the rule of law to avoid and deny any equality in immigrants. This limitation of opportunities to Latinos and African Americans has a long history and should not be accepted in the modern world.

Unfortunately, even nowadays in the 21st century when the law states that every person has equal rights regardless of race or nationality, we face discrimination which spreads like cancer and politicians as Aaron Schlossberg is part of that cancer.

Civil right movements from the 1960s were trying its best to establish racial equality to assure equal opportunities by establishing public schools, viable neighborhoods, and equal salaries. The issue we are facing now is when public supports politicians who influence degrading views of Latinos and African Americans as a positive political move. Scary and Sad.



How Natural Nootropics can Hack your Brain

Are you a competitive person? Do you want to be better than others? Do you want to be on the top of the game? Well, there is a way to hack your brain and stretch the limits which would allow you to outperform your old self. Today we will discuss Natural Nootropics, different types of nootropics, and some of my favourite ones because I have been taking them for the last couple of years.

What are nootropics?

Nootropics are not drugs, I am not taking drugs, I wish I did tho… But I cannot afford the ones I want… Nevertheless, Nootropics is not a magic pill like in the movie Limitless (which I absolutely love and have watched it 5 times). Some synthetic drugs like Adderall or Ritalin can cause a similar effect which you could observe in the movie, but these drugs work short-term and in my opinion are not worth it if you need long-term, healthy quality performance.

What do nootropics do?

brain boots nootropics

Nootropics refer to a wide range of synthetic and natural compounds that improve your brain functions such as memory, motivation, focus and even mental clarity. In order for something to be a nootropic, there should be no serious side effects, which means that they should offer a slight increase “high” and better recovery without making you trip your balls for days or weeks. As well, it is important to research the supplements to avoid side effects such as allergies. I am no doctor, but even I can tell you that an apple a day…omg….lame… I wanted to say, chose the ones you think fit you well and are checked long term to avoid different unpleasantries.

Types of Nootropics

So let us break those down into two major categories, synthetic nootropics and natural nootropics. First one is synthetic nootropics, and these are created in labs and are to be found cognitively enhancing with low or no side effect. One of the very popular ones which was found over 50 years ago and is called modafinil. This drug was tested for the last 20 years, and to this day, people are not completely sure if long-term consumption of it will not have any serious side effects, yet you can find a bunch of cases where people have pretty disturbing allergic reactions to this drug.

The story of a friend on Modafinil? (Mr Pickles Story)

mr pickles

My friend Pickles, during a period of his life, was ready to do anything in order to perform and work 18 hour days to achieve his goals. So he decided to take synthetic nootropics as they would affect faster and last longer. Mr Pickles researched the internet, surfed the web and dived into the deep web to gather as much information as he could on this amazing drug. Modafinil is mostly used to fight narcolepsy, but for a healthy person, it allows to work longer periods of time without feeling tired and also it kept Mr Pickles concentrated and focused. Unlike Adderall, modafinil does not have serious side effect and does not have a psychological addiction. At one point it was even called “The Smart Drug of Silicon Valley”.

Mr Pickles started taking the drug a few times a month when he needed to work an extreme number of hours. For the first months, it was going fine, he was super productive, motivated, and felt that he could run to the moon. But like anyone in this world, he got slapped by life.

After 3 months he started feeling itchy and noticed the bruises which were appearing on his arms and body. He thought that it was caused by something else because he was already taking modafinil for over 3 months. Next week he took one more dose, and that was when things got very bad. He noticed that these bruises were appearing everywhere on his body, arms, lips, back, chest and hands. All these bruises were itching to the point he wanted to burn them with hellfires, where is when he realized that they were filled with water sacks. Mr Pickles thought he is going to die…

Doctors said that he had a severe allergic reaction to modafinil and luckily it did not get worse (I thought that it could not get worse).The bubbles went away without popping, yet multiple bruises left scars all over his body which he will have for the rest of his life.

Lesson? Do not take synthetic nootropics a.k.a. Do not do drugs kids.

Natural Nootropics

These are substances which can be found in anything organic that grows on planet earth. Some of them we are taking every day, like tea and coffee. Those are indeed Nootropics, together with herbs you add to your soup, or ginger to boots you tea health levels. These natural Nootropics were around for thousands of years and their effects were observed and recorded.

This is important to understand the length of the research on a specific nootropic because only 50-60 years ago cigarettes were promoted and advertised as healthy. It was a belief that it is better than aspirin, releases stress, and it took not so long until the side effects became obvious and deadly. Absolutely not worth it in my opinion. But if you do not mind dying in 20 years, losing your teeth and getting cancer. Good luck!

Natural Nootropics I take

I do indeed myself take natural nootropics almost every day.

1.     Creatine


It is produced by our bodies naturally. “The main role is to facilitate recycling of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy currency of the cell, primarily in muscle and brain tissue” – Wikipedia. Creatine can also be found in animal products such as meat and fish. This is one of the safest Nootropics available today with millions of studies conducted which back up the health benefits. These benefits are helpful for people who are working out with heavy weights as it allows to recover and grow lean muscle faster.

Tons of studies prove that it results in cognitive improvements, such as memory, mental clarity and concentration. The idea is that your brain recycles ATP faster giving you the benefits. I recommend Creatine Monohydrate, easy to drink. Keep in mind that large water consumption is required, otherwise, you can feel a bit nauseous.

2.     Omega – 3

These are fatty acids which our bodies require to function properly and can be found in fish, plants and algae. These acids help with depression (my fav hobby), decrease anxiety and mental fog. Plus, it is very healthy for your body!

Omega 3 – Healthy

Depression – NOT Healthy

3.     Magnesium

This is an essential mineral that our body requires to function properly. You can find magnesium in products like nuts and vegetables.  If your body does not have enough magnesium, you might be struggling with fatigue and insomnia. From a nootropic side, magnesium supplements increase learning and memory. For simplicity, you can buy a box or packs of magnesium and consume with water every morning or before bed.

4.     Dopamine

This is an interesting one. Dopamine is the element of our lives which keeps us motivated, allows us to go outside and accomplish our goals. When a person has a low level of dopamine in his body, he tends to be lazy, unenergetic and lays in bed whole day watching Netflix. A few methods I use to keep the dopamine levels high is meditation, workouts and noFAP. This helps in building up your dopamine levels, together with foods like meat, dairy products, and nuts. Including vitamin B6 and C. Sadly, nowadays people do not have a healthy diet due to the growth of proVEGANS and Peta (much love).

5.     Caffeine


This is my favourite one because I not only love it. When caffeine reaches receptors in your brain, it releases dopamine, which activates different kinds of pleasures in your body and mind. I consume at least 2 cups of coffee a day, which boosts memory and alertness which allows staying concentrated while doing your tasks. This improvement in mental performance is what keeps me moving every day with a (sometimes) smile on my face.


I believe that there are many more natural nootropics which can help to hack the brain and go an extra mile during your day. Some people, of course, feel great without using any nootropics, but this is still a quite new development in brain hacking which I suppose is not science. One thing we cannot deny is that these nootropics are actually working and helping to boost performance. If you are living a hectic life where you cannot allow yourself to slack or procrastinate, I pretty much recommend looking into natural nootropics. Not cocaine tho…