A few questions you can expect to be answered in this article about Hacker Fare:

  • What is a hacker fare?
  • Where can you find a hacker fare?
  • How can you use a hacker fare?
  • In which industry can you find the use of hacker fare?

It is the dream of many travelers today to spend less on an airfare.  This is because the lesser you spend, the more money you have available for you to secure the choicest hotel accommodation. It also means that you would have much more money to enjoy an amazing tour around the country of your visit.  This goes to show just how important it is for travelers to consider as much as possible, how to cut down on their flight fares. This is were hacker fare comes in. It is usually made in such a way that you can pair your one-way tickets and as such receive a discount on your round-trip ticket. It is now an open secret that many one way tickets cost just much with its high price tag unless it is a domestic flight. This is because many airlines find it a challenge to plan and carry out an open-ended one-way flight

hacker fare flying rates

Hacker fare enables you to get tickets far less expensive as compared to if you are to purchase the standard round trip ticket. No doubt hacker fares is indeed a blessing when it comes to saving money for you. The only challenge many people face is that they feel that it is very difficult to book hacker fares and that the process could be tricky and confusing.  In the turn of 2018, KAYAK (a well known online booking site for travels) came up with a new idea called the hacker fares. It also provided a hacker fare guide which has some of the best places you can also look at when using hacker fares for your trip both domestic and for international destinations. Contained therein the Kayak Flight Hacker Guide,  is also the list of the top-notch airlines’ services in the country and the best stopover counties. The use of hacker fares just got easier.  Now that we know that hacker fares have come to stay, what are some of the answers to your questions as earlier mentioned on the outset of this guide? Let us see.

What is a hacker fare?

cheap flying rates
Cheaper flying rates

Hacker fare simply put is a legal and honest method which could mean saving of flights for you. Instead of just looking to purchase a round trip one a particular airline, it helps you create a kind of road trip which has about two different one-way tickets from the different airline for each travel direction. Well if you are thinking in your mind that this could indeed save good money for you, you are probably right. Hacker fare sometimes does save a good sum of money.

Instead of putting you in a dogged situation where you may be required to book one round ticket for your trip with a single airline, KAYAK makes it much better for you. KAYAK helps you find a two one way ticket which still makes for tour round trip when put together.  It might In some cases entail that you have to make use of a different airline home as compared to the one you traveled with. Sometimes though, it could still be the same airline, but you are in the system traveling as two one ways. Still, your need is that you get to your destination and back paying lesser than you would on a usual round trip flight.  This is your goal no doubt when making use of the hacker fare. KAYAK has the goal of making it possible for you to have various options when you want to travel and to save cost for you as much as possible even if it means breaking your trip for you.

Where can you find a hacker fare?

where to find a hacker fare

Hacker fares have good application and can be used majorly when you want to embark on regional flights. These regional flights include those within the United States, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, South America, and Africa.  In many airlines within the United States, hacker fares work extremely well but with less application in international flights such as between the  US or England to Europe. It is also important to note that whether you fly economy or first class, hacker fares apply to you.

How can you use a hacker fare?

Firstly,  you have to search for a flight. When you find one, you should see a hacker fee boldly and clearly written under the price of your flight. All you just need to do is to simply tap the view deal button, and the process begins. You need to be extra sure that the prices for each of the tickets are available before you book your flight. In order for this to be done, you need to open the flight booking page on a new page or tab in your browser and check again if the price stated earlier is available. After crosschecking, if this is available, you can then book your flight and leave the page. If you so desire, you can forward your booked flight to trips@kayak.com, and  they will start to plan a travel route for you.

It is very important that before you book a flight, you should look at what it would cost you if you choose to select a round trip or if you decide to make use of the two one way tickets KAYAK prices. If you are going from one location to another, why don’t you first search if a round trip will do you good and then also search for the one-way ticket option too? Calculate the cost of the trip from your starting point to your destination and vice versa. It is a very simple and legit practice that would probably save you so much cost.

Which industry can you find hacker fares?

cheaper ticket deals for traveling


As has been mentioned throughout this article,  hacker fares have a major application in transportation. It has over the years led to cheap flight transport and can make you focus your expenses on other aspects of your travel. It has seen an application with the use of airlines, and now many people look to this whenever they want to book flights for their travels. This is one important industry were hacker fees can and is currently being used.


From the inspiration gotten from how much money that was saved by travellers due to hacker fares,  the principle of hacker fares was also tried with hotels too.  Now,  it is commonplace to see what is commonly called “Hacker stays” in some selected hotels today.  How this work is that the company you contacted to help you out with hacker stays could find great deals for the same hotel from different service providers in harmony with when you want to stay. If we confirm that two different rooms, for example, have a special rate on some days of your stay and cheaper for the subsequent days, it can be combined for you. You can then book separately on each of the sites, and we will give you a special confirmation even though it in a way adds up to just one stay. You only need to inform the front desk that you have booked for consecutive stays to avoid switching rooms.

Are you still unsure if hacker fare is the right option for you? Well, take another cursory look at this guide and ask yourself this question: What could really go wrong which cannot be corrected? After your fears must have been allayed, start making plans to make good use of these services.