What you need to know about a Hacker Fare

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A few questions you can expect to be answered in this article about Hacker Fare:

  • What is a hacker fare?
  • Where can you find a hacker fare?
  • How can you use a hacker fare?
  • In which industry can you find the use of hacker fare?

It is the dream of many travelers today to spend less on an airfare.  This is because the lesser you spend, the more money you have available for you to secure the choicest hotel accommodation. It also means that you would have much more money to enjoy an amazing tour around the country of your visit.  This goes to show just how important it is for travelers to consider as much as possible, how to cut down on their flight fares. This is were hacker fare comes in. It is usually made in such a way that you can pair your one-way tickets and as such receive a discount on your round-trip ticket. It is now an open secret that many one way tickets cost just much with its high price tag unless it is a domestic flight. This is because many airlines find it a challenge to plan and carry out an open-ended one-way flight

hacker fare flying rates

Hacker fare enables you to get tickets far less expensive as compared to if you are to purchase the standard round trip ticket. No doubt hacker fares is indeed a blessing when it comes to saving money for you. The only challenge many people face is that they feel that it is very difficult to book hacker fares and that the process could be tricky and confusing.  In the turn of 2018, KAYAK (a well known online booking site for travels) came up with a new idea called the hacker fares. It also provided a hacker fare guide which has some of the best places you can also look at when using hacker fares for your trip both domestic and for international destinations. Contained therein the Kayak Flight Hacker Guide,  is also the list of the top-notch airlines’ services in the country and the best stopover counties. The use of hacker fares just got easier.  Now that we know that hacker fares have come to stay, what are some of the answers to your questions as earlier mentioned on the outset of this guide? Let us see.

What is a hacker fare?

cheap flying rates
Cheaper flying rates

Hacker fare simply put is a legal and honest method which could mean saving of flights for you. Instead of just looking to purchase a round trip one a particular airline, it helps you create a kind of road trip which has about two different one-way tickets from the different airline for each travel direction. Well if you are thinking in your mind that this could indeed save good money for you, you are probably right. Hacker fare sometimes does save a good sum of money.

Instead of putting you in a dogged situation where you may be required to book one round ticket for your trip with a single airline, KAYAK makes it much better for you. KAYAK helps you find a two one way ticket which still makes for tour round trip when put together.  It might In some cases entail that you have to make use of a different airline home as compared to the one you traveled with. Sometimes though, it could still be the same airline, but you are in the system traveling as two one ways. Still, your need is that you get to your destination and back paying lesser than you would on a usual round trip flight.  This is your goal no doubt when making use of the hacker fare. KAYAK has the goal of making it possible for you to have various options when you want to travel and to save cost for you as much as possible even if it means breaking your trip for you.

Where can you find a hacker fare?

where to find a hacker fare

Hacker fares have good application and can be used majorly when you want to embark on regional flights. These regional flights include those within the United States, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, South America, and Africa.  In many airlines within the United States, hacker fares work extremely well but with less application in international flights such as between the  US or England to Europe. It is also important to note that whether you fly economy or first class, hacker fares apply to you.

How can you use a hacker fare?

Firstly,  you have to search for a flight. When you find one, you should see a hacker fee boldly and clearly written under the price of your flight. All you just need to do is to simply tap the view deal button, and the process begins. You need to be extra sure that the prices for each of the tickets are available before you book your flight. In order for this to be done, you need to open the flight booking page on a new page or tab in your browser and check again if the price stated earlier is available. After crosschecking, if this is available, you can then book your flight and leave the page. If you so desire, you can forward your booked flight to trips@kayak.com, and  they will start to plan a travel route for you.

It is very important that before you book a flight, you should look at what it would cost you if you choose to select a round trip or if you decide to make use of the two one way tickets KAYAK prices. If you are going from one location to another, why don’t you first search if a round trip will do you good and then also search for the one-way ticket option too? Calculate the cost of the trip from your starting point to your destination and vice versa. It is a very simple and legit practice that would probably save you so much cost.

Which industry can you find hacker fares?

cheaper ticket deals for traveling


As has been mentioned throughout this article,  hacker fares have a major application in transportation. It has over the years led to cheap flight transport and can make you focus your expenses on other aspects of your travel. It has seen an application with the use of airlines, and now many people look to this whenever they want to book flights for their travels. This is one important industry were hacker fees can and is currently being used.


From the inspiration gotten from how much money that was saved by travellers due to hacker fares,  the principle of hacker fares was also tried with hotels too.  Now,  it is commonplace to see what is commonly called “Hacker stays” in some selected hotels today.  How this work is that the company you contacted to help you out with hacker stays could find great deals for the same hotel from different service providers in harmony with when you want to stay. If we confirm that two different rooms, for example, have a special rate on some days of your stay and cheaper for the subsequent days, it can be combined for you. You can then book separately on each of the sites, and we will give you a special confirmation even though it in a way adds up to just one stay. You only need to inform the front desk that you have booked for consecutive stays to avoid switching rooms.

Are you still unsure if hacker fare is the right option for you? Well, take another cursory look at this guide and ask yourself this question: What could really go wrong which cannot be corrected? After your fears must have been allayed, start making plans to make good use of these services.

The Origins of the UGANDAN CHUNGUS

Ugandan Chungus


The word chungus was used by Jim Sterling, a Video game freelance journalist who made use of this word in various meanings without giving it a particular definition. The date which the word chungus was first mentioned has not been publicly disclosed, although it is estimated to be within December 2012.

Whidmark keyed in an entry for the word changes on December 26th, 2012, with the aim of giving it a precise definition. He defined chungus stating that “chungus is a word that means everything and anything.”

Ugandan Knuckles

Ugandan Knuckles

The knuckles are a gaming character that is connected with sonic the hedgehog series. Just like Bug bunny belongs to the warner bros,  knuckles belong to Sega. The knuckles made his first appearance in sonic the hedgehog 3 and made the top of the gaming chart thereby earning a top bill with the Sega flagship star titled sonic & knuckles. Sonic gamers will know the little difference between the Knuckles and sonic which is the fact that Sonic is the swift and speedy one while the Knuckles is the strong but slower one.

You may be wondering how the Ugandan version took over, and I’ll briefly explain to you the reasons for the adoption of that name “Ugandan knuckles.” which I wrote an article about. The truth be told that the Ugandan knuckles have its inspiration partly from the film titled” who killed captain Alex”?. This movie is a low budget action and comedy movie that was released in Uganda in 2010. The beautiful and unique aspect of the merging of these two names Ugandan with knuckles became popular due to the phrase used in the movie. The catchphrase was “Do you know the way” which also has an African accent pronounced as “ Do you know de wey “?.  

The Ugandan knuckles gradually became popular through an app called VRChat. This app is a virtual reality social gaming app that has a 3D model in place.  A lot of users populated the VRChat with numerous Ugandan knuckles and made use of the same phrase( do you know de wey). Some users made use of clucking sounds, to imitate the sounds of the southern African language’s. Its popularity grew so wide and advanced higher into other games like the “player unknown Battlegrounds and in some tee-shirts, with the ascription of the catchphrase “De wey” boldly printed on it.

Big Chungus

The image of the big chungus was first paired by GaryThetaco, a popular Redditor. It was published on the 20th of March 2018 but didn’t go public until December 1st, 2018 where it was posted to /r/comedy heaven.

 The full story of the Big chungus was narrated by GaryThetaco who explained in details the fact that the meme was first sent to a friend in Class out of boredom. The narrator stated that he didn’t think that much of it but just did it out of boredom. During the summer period, he sent it to another friend who liked the idea and saw it as something hilarious. His friends compliment made him create Big chungus 2 and 3. Ideas were coming in which later led him into posting it on r/comedy heaven. Fortunately for him, it got some traction in that platform and gradually went more viral through a young kid who had asked his mom to buy him a Big chungus.

It is very obvious that the Big chungus is a fat bug bunny PlayStation 4 game that gained its popularity because a mother requested the game from a GameStop.


The new trend in the meme world is the Ugandan Chungus which is a combination of both meme characters, Ugandan knuckles and big chungus. The new meme called the Ugandan chungus has the features of the Big chungus body and the face and color of the Ugandan knuckles. The Ugandan chungus has a white underbelly and a red fur. It also has two long rabbit ears and a big red stripe painted across its chest. They are very chubby and have two different spikes in each fist.

It’s origin started from December 21st, 2018 where a virgin versus Chad meme compared the Ugandan knuckles to the Big chungus. This comparison was submitted to the /r/BigChungus subreddit. A Redditor whose name was Romboteryx wrote in the comment section the statement “ Now image this: Ugandan chungus.”

In the 23rd of that same month of December, a Redditor named Rubychan_42 submitted his Photoshop of both the Big chungus and the Ugandan knuckles color. This photoshop was amazing, and it has its caption as “Ugandan chungus.”

On that same month of December, a Redditor named CabbageLord10 submitted another picture comprising of both characters Ugandan knuckles and the Big chungus. His caption was different from the other redditors, and it was “ladies and gentlemen I show to you the Ugandan chungus.” The whole crowd marveled at this, and just within the interval of 4days, the post had over 44,300 points. A report was released stating that his caption had over 84% upvoted and over 580 comments on /r/memes/.

Entering a new year, a youtuber Morton on the 1st of January 2019 uploaded a personal edit of the Big chungus Looney tunes. This Looney tune was edited with the Ugandan knuckles. On the same day of the edition, the Youtuber Hyena626 uploaded on the VRChat footage of the Ugandan chungus avatars. On that same day, another Redditor named TitanBrass submitted his own picture of the Ugandan chungus with a title saying “ Thanks, I definitely hate the existence of anything relating to the Ugandan chungus. He submitted this title to the /r/TIHI subreddit.

Video uploaded by Hyena626

On the 3rd of January lushsux posted on Instagram a photograph of a mural and it featured a Ugandan chungus which stood in front of a background that had flames all around it. He gave his Own description titled” My hell vision in this 2019”. His post gained more than 13,400 likes in less than 24 hours.

The primary word said by the Ugandan chungus is ” Do you know de wey”?. We are not sure if they have another word they say or if they have another sound that they make. We believe that the saying do you know de wey? Is just a way of them making noise and communicating.

The Ugandan chungus which exist both on the Reddit platform and on VRChat got its name from the remark given by the redditors. One thing that is common among the redditors and the name Ugandan chungus is that all of them dropped a different title or a different caption which later went viral. Starting from the first redditor to the last one, they all played a key role in merging both the name Ugandan knuckles and the Big chungus together which gave rise to the new name “Ugandan chungus.”

The Intellectual Dark Web – Defining What It Means

The Intellectual Dark Web

Over the years there has been a gradual shift from the dogmatic acceptance of political and moral views that have put hidden chains on the feet of citizens of this generation. Political and moral views have plagued the world for several years, limiting what people can do and how people can behave in society. People are stigmatized all over the world for doing what most will call “political defiance” or just simply following their hearts and passion. This is where Intellectual Dark Web comes into play.

In the time of oppression, tyranny and general oppression to those who will not simply subject to established morals and political views of the society, a change has come. There is a new shift, a new kid in the block that has the capacity to combat the revered bully (this political injustice) and help create a society where individuals can live free.

There is a movement that has been expanding for many years now, although new to many people it is growing very fast in fame and popularity. There is a name for this movement— it is called “The Intellectual Dark Web.”

Read more about the Dark Social and How you can Track it!

The Intellectual Dark Web was devised by the renowned Financier and mathematician—Eric Weinstein. He put a name on this group, not to expose them (they are not obscured) but to know this group of intellectuals.

What is the Intellectual Dark Web?

What is the Intellectual Dark Web

This bears no similarities with the actual Dark Web that incorporates concealed internet networks or users and has no requirement for sophisticated software.  This group is not hidden; This is a heterogeneous group of intellectuals from students to professors and professionals in different fields. The Intellectual Dark Web consist of individuals who have a different mindset from the one that the political society has instilled in a lot of us.

This group of individuals; Biologists, neuroscientist, Sports commentators, comedians, journalists, entrepreneurs, and physiologist share a common belief. They believe that “political correctness” stifles their ideas and so they see the already established political views that limit individuals and rid them of their personal choices as their enemy.

The ideas of the Intellectual Dark Web

Intellectual Dark Web rebels

What is the Intellectual Dark Web and what precisely are the thoughts that have made individuals like Eric Weinstein, Dave Rubin, Tim Ferriss, Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan, Sam Harris and Ben Shapiro

Into what an ongoing New York Times profile portrayed as scholarly “rebels” (intellectual renegades)? As indicated by the Times author Bari Weiss, most underscore the natural contrasts among people, an inclination that free discourse is “under attack,” and a dread that identity politics can bring peril to the US.

The Intellectual Dark Web: What People Think

An audience of Harris’ digital broadcast may add to the rundown a vociferous barrier of the legitimacy of hereditary clarifications for IQ contrasts between racial clusters, a supporter of Peterson’s recordings may demand the loathsome impact of “postmodern neo-Marxism” on school grounds, and an aficionado of Ben Shapiro may add an incredulity toward the truth of “transgenderism.”

The Intellectual Dark Web considers itself to be a partnership that resists grounded political classifications so as to protect these thoughts against the crawling impact of thought control. This directs us to another vital definition of the term Intellectual Dark Web, the proposal that its thoughts are dubious, as well as especially inventive in our political minute. On the off chance that the Intellectual Dark Web excites the annoyance of specific pundits in the media, it is for similar reasons that new advances in the web age are “troublesome.”

It would take a certain level of forgetfulness, in any case, not to see that these type of polemics over political rightness are definitely not new: they have existed for something like 30 years, as far back as a strikingly comparative arrangement of media discusses based on school grounds started in the late 1980s and mid-1990s.

At the finish of the Reagan years, political rightness turned into a most loved terror of traditionalist learned people, who trusted that school teachers had locked onto illiberal or authoritarian ideas of equality, and were teaching their understudies with an incendiary perspective of American culture. The present “Intellectual Dark Web” provocateurs once in a while name these ancestors, who in the relatively recent past possessed a comparative place in national media discusses. In any case, the examination recommends that the “renegade” thoughts of these figures are really a settled organization in American talk: an establishment whose house is on the political right.

The Intellectual Dark Web as of today

What is the Intellectual Dark Web and what is evidently so novel about the “Intellectual Dark Web”? It isn’t only its astute utilization of video channels like YouTube or Patreon, however its case to be diverse and trans-partisan. It has turned out to be run of the mill for the individuals from this club when they show up openly — on the web broadcasts of Harris or Joe Rogan, for instance, or on the YouTube channels of Dave Rubin and Peterson— to stretch decidedly both their ideological partitions and their regard for the scholarly ideas that they accept enable them to defeat them. In his prelude to their dialog on his show, for instance, the liberal Harris distinctively lauded the convectional Shapiro for his readiness to discuss him in spite of their differences on inquiries, for example, religion and “free or unrestricted will.” But this kind of collegial discussion will, in general, be a sideshow for where individuals from the heterogeneous group (Intellectual Dark Web) collectively concur.

The primary fascination of Shapiro and Harris’s discussion was not their Ethical hurly-burly, but rather their display of unanimity against the left-wingers that had assaulted both of them. Even with the politically right left, and to a minor degree the neo-extremist far right, these masterminds mean to introduce themselves as protectors of “motive,” “truth,” and “certainties.” This connection to sane standards — not to gatherings or clans — directs them now and again to portray themselves as another political focus.

What is the Intellectual Dark Web teaching us?

Intellectual Dark Web teaching us

On a basic level, these Intellectual Dark Web publicists are right; that motive and discipline have a place with neither right nor left. In any case, a closer look into the real ideas set forward with regards to these qualities, these–as far as anyone knows moderate crusaders against political accuracy may share more similarities with preservationist ancestors than this group care to admit. In spite of the fact that it is unlike political “tribalism,” as one author penned it in the web-based magazine Quillette — the nearest thing there is in comparison to the Intellectual Dark Web — the campaign tends to consider dissidents, progressives, and liberals as its essential enemies.

Be that as it may, not exclusively do these scholars contradict themselves “to one side,” extensively, they reuse the neoconservative arraignment of “postmodernism” so as to clarify the reason for this left adoption by political rightness or correctness.

Jordan Peterson has been the most intense advertiser of this thought, having expressed on endless events that the contemporary left determines its thoughts and strategies from a mix of post-structuralism and Marxism prepared in the US’ colleges: a hypothesis of class battle rethought as a battle to the death between racial, ethnic, including sexual personality clusters.

This theory of post-structuralism and Marxism mix proposed by Peterson is not unanimously accepted by his allies in full. In any case, in different structures all through the diverse open stages of the “Intellectual Dark Web,” you can see endless reiterations of the thought that radical or leftist school educators outfitted with perilous speculations from the Old Continent are transforming cohorts of youthful progressives into foes of the liberal democracy. In a few renditions of this holdback, the Intellectual Dark Web goes more distant than their neoconservatives’ predecessors, whose paeans to customary school educational program frequently had little ramifications outside the grounds.  

What does VPN stand for? Are you using VPN? You should start today!

What is a VPN?

It is well known that the internet is not a safe place to be due to the number of different hackers and troublemakers who are ready to capitalise on errors in your system and hack your PC and steal your identity while you are streaming that free video online. Not only this, but the government agencies are also very keen to track your online activities and your personal information. This puts you in a situation where the “bad” and “good” guys are also monitoring you and are curious in your online behaviour.

VPN to protect data

For many years now your privacy is at risk, and if you are following the news, you probably heard about CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA case, which is a great example of “good” guys selling your data. Between all this, you all are well aware that the public internet is very much prone to get your identities and data stolen. This is the case with cafe’s, public libraries and sometimes even public transport.

We live in a world where everyone is willing to know what you are doing online and is trying to breach your privacy all the time, and this is where and when the time to think about VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) come in to play. Once you start using them, you are taking a first step of minimizing the risk of your identity and data being tracked and using the internet becomes safer and allows you to sleep at night.

So what does VPN mean and how does VPN work?

What does VPN stand for?

VPN – a Virtual Private Network, is a protected and secure tunnel between two or more devices.What does VPN stand for?

You are accessing the internet via your system that connects you to a server (it is usually a website). So, when you are connected to that server (aka website), at that point your internet activity is accessible to hackers and the agencies.

On the other hand, when you use a VPN, it establishes another connection (a middleman) that involves a private server (VPN). In this case, your connection is routed through the private server which keeps your online activity and personal information hidden. In simple terms, you have got yourself a new server by using a VPN which is a buffer between you and the website.

So now, all you do on the internet passes through that server which is a powerful gateway that opens a new path to access the public internet. So if anyone is looking forward to recording what is being done by you, they will trace you to an anonymous server, not your original location. Which of course means that your identity is now protected.


A very important thing to understand is that a VPN is not a proxy. Getting this out of the way is very important, so no mistakes are done. A proxy is similar to a VPN but it is not a VPN. It also hides behind a server when you are using internet through a proxy, nevertheless, usually, the quality of the paid private proxies does not devote resources to encrypting all traffic that passes through them, and therefore can accept simultaneous connections from many more users. See a simple explanation below:

VPN and Proxy difference

The functioning of VPN: How VPN works?

As previously mentioned, VPNs offer you a very safe and encrypted gateway to access the internet without revealing your true identity. So when you are assessing internet from just anywhere in the world, any person who would be willing to track your activities will find nothing. So the answer to the question: What does a VPN do? Is:

VPNs are all about encryption where P2P (peer to peer) connections safeguards your data and connections. Just in case the snooper gets his hands on some of the data, he would not be able to access the servers due to secure encryption at both ends.

It is not the only protection of your identity; it is also allowing you to have a whole new location and a new IP address for yourself where you can access the internet without any content filters and intermediation by any of the government agencies. Even your internet service provider will have no clue about what is going on at your end. This allows you to watch Canadian Netflix, or access Linked in if you are in Russia (yes, it is banned in Russia), or use google in China.

Why VPNs are effective?

However, keeping into consideration the utility and effectiveness, VPNs are a high tech product for the people that are looking to keep their private data safe and secure. It is also well known to the people who like their online privacy to be visible only to them.

Which VPNs to use for better safety?

So now since you are aware of why a VPN is extremely necessary and how it works, it is time to introduce you to some of the famous and easy to use VPN services.

Some of these services are free while some are paid. But the one thing that is common in both of them is the quality! They both work fine. It only depends on what you are planning to use the VPN for. I will start with my favourite ones:

  • NordVPN:

NordVPN top VPN

It is one of the VPNs that serve from a lesser number of locations and just around 5000 servers. However, they make sure that their servers are not flooded while they maintain the privacy to hold their brand name and reputation strong as they position themselves as the most secure service you would ever find. Its connections are an end to end encrypted and can be used on as many as six devices in a single time. As far as the prices are concerned, its longer duration plan is very economical while the short-term ones are equally ridiculous in my opinion.

  • Express VPN:

ExpressVPN free trial

It is one of the most reliable VPNs with over 2000 servers in 148 locations that are supported on three device types. It is well known among the users for its fast speed and efficient customer support. However, it is a paid service and comes in various packages. Each of the packages has certain perks that come with it for you to choose from. You can even opt for its free trial in the start which is something I like that companies do.

  • IPVanish VPN:

IPVanish VPN service

It is known for its superb speed although it has about 1000 servers in 60 countries only and does not offer a trial (which is a pitty from my point of view). Still, it is widely known across the world for its connectivity and a well-built client support. The only drawback it has is that it is much more expensive than the other VPNs, but the point here is; here, you get what you pay for! Seriously!

  • VyprVPN:

vypr VPN security

It is the VPN service we would recommend you if you want to remove the data limits while streaming from your VPN clients. They offer unlimited data usage and are supported by 700+ servers. Not only this, VyprVPN has about 200,000+ IP addresses for its users which means you can do just about anything you wish! It even supports above 3-5 devices which is another plus in comparison with other competitors. The only issue you might have is, its monthly plan is a bit expensive especially in the case when your usage is not that big.

  • TunnelBear:

Tunnel Bear VPN

This one is one of the trending VPNs. Its 1000 servers are located around 20 countries while they are proliferating. TunnelBear is the easiest VPN to use with a free VPN as a free trial backed by 500 MB data limit tool! Regarding pricing, they offer a competitive price on all kinds of packages.

  • Ivacy

The company has servers in 50+ countries, with 1000+ servers in 100+ locations. They have a variety of uses they supports which in my understanding other companies should build their content around. I had a chance to use their VPN across my devices, and most of the time the connections was stable, nevertheless, some applications refused to connect through the recommended servers. They are a competitor in their market and can be considered as an option.

  • NameCheap VPN

This service provider I am using for many years to host my websites, buying domains, using website builders and other services they provide. Everything is working great on their end, except a little bit uneducated service support. The pricing is very competitive on the market, and the quality represents and over delivers with the prices they have.

In short, if you want to stay safe while browsing online, do use a VPN to make sure your privacy and security are both upheld.

History of Tattoos and Tattoo Evolution Through Decades

history of tattoos

No doubt, the history of body art falls back several centuries, and over the centuries, the tattoos have a significant place in the lives of people. Ethnographic and historical texts also divulge that every human culture has practiced tattooing during some part of their history and are taking a new form in modern time.

History of Tattoos

The history of tattoos and the word tattoo comes from the Tahitian word “Tatu”. Tatu means is to mark something. However, it is claimed that the history of tattoos on the human body has existed since 12,000 years BC. The purpose of inking body varies from culture to culture. The trend of inking your body is not new but the culture, the social revolutions have a significant impact on what styles one should choose to get inked.

According to Research, the trend of getting permanent marks has been evolved a lot in the last years, transferring from an underground culture, sordid practice to a middle-of-the-road, blasting and mainstream industry. We can see a drastic change in the ways of getting inked, the designs and the purposes.

Anyhow, let’s have a look at how tattoos have changed over the years, and especially over the last century in the USA.

Tattooing trend earlier in the 1910’s, 20’s and 30’s

Well, at the beginning of 20th century, tattooing was considered as a seedy act and was only related to those people or a society which perceived as an insalubrious one or to others like sailors, circus freaks, prisoners, etc.

That is true to some extent because at those times it was common for some social groups to ink their body. For example, sailors were using (and sometimes still use in some cultures) tattoos as a symbol of their traveling or to showcase nautical tattoos. One is very popular which everyone knows and is an anchor. All tattoos related to this field had specific meanings in the nautical community. Another great example is a swallow tattoo which was used a lot by the sailors who had traveled over 5,000 miles. Similarly, a turtle tattoo was used by those people who have crossed the equator as a status of completion.

In those days, tattoos were not an art form or a common practice, therefore people used to pay thousands of dollars to see people with full body tattoos in a freak circus. This is a great example when it comes to contrast what tattoos were representing back then and where they are positioned nowadays in our lives.

The pain!

Another other reason for rejection for having tattoos was the fact that they hurt like hell and were usually made in a not very sterile environment which was causing many infections and even deaths. Tattoos were done in a very old and traditional way with a “Stick-and-Poke” method. Not everyone was able to survive such high levels of pain.

The evolution of tattoos happened when in 1904 Charlie Wagner invented the coil and the tube tattoo machine 1904. making a tattoo became a less painful act, and a large number of aficionados were ready to tattoo their bodies.

Tattoos in the 1940’s:

There was no acceptance of getting inked back in those days, nevertheless, World War II enabled men to show their love, respect, and patriotism toward armed forces. Men in the 1940’s were able to easily get tattoos to honor their services. However, women were also at war, that made is acceptable to make tattoos to show their love towards their nations.

That was the time when getting inked was no longer for circus freaks as it was becoming a practice among the society. it was the beginning of a new art form which was exposed, endorsed and started being loved by many.

The most famous tattoos at that time were of Sailor Jerry tattoos. Yes, these were the simplest, two dimensional and colorful design tattoos. I found a few examples below:

Sailor Jerry Tattoos

The downfall of tattoos in the 1950’s

In 1950’s tattoos lost all their charm and went back to their original roots which were the underground practicing of the art. It was basically the post-war period when the United States chose a more conformist society where the focus was on different social issues.

The rise of patriotic tattoos in the USA in the 1960’s

The 60s can be referred to the middle age of tattoos. This was the time of various campaigns due to the Vietnam War and protests for women’s rights. Thwas wa the peak of the revolution for that time. People were more aware of the civil right movements in the United States, rock and roll was the devils music, TV was a magic box etc. 60’s were the times when the society was disturbed by cultures and at that time tattoo industry started reflecting that rebellious spirit of people which started to split themselves into subcultures, social classes and categories.

However, many people were not in favour of the Vietnam War, and many people were raging against all sort of injustice. So in that beleaguered era, the only thing which was getting popularity day by day was the “peace sign tattoo”.

1970’s – The evergreen tattoo period

It was the time when tattoos start gaining popularity and becoming convoluted in the 70’s. The trend of getting full-sleeve tattoos was at a hot note. And the artwork itself became more detailed. So the art took a step into the right direction where people became aware of shading, shaping and creating depth in their tattoos.

But there was no option of getting tattoos of your choice as people had to pick from the drawings that parlor offered them. However, the most iconic, famous and eye-catchy tattoo of that time was Janis Joplin’s tattoo.

Janis Joplin’s tattooJanis Joplins tattoo

Yeah, that was a wrist tattoo which was featured on the cover of Rolling Stone and encouraged most of the women to ink it.

Janis Joplin cover

Whacky tattoo 1980’s fashion

In the 1980’s, the trend of having long hair and tattoos was trending like never before, and the biggest reason for this was  probably MTV. This channel had encouraged thousands of people to get tattoos as a form of self-expression while featuring different TV shows, shoring and sharing punk music, indie cultures, street style, skateboarding etc. This was the boom of the 80s!

The most famous tattoos at that time were the tribal tattoos, the thick black line or colorful tattoos which were of a different kind at that period. However, the New Schools Tattoos was also at their peak point in the 80s. We can say the time of tattoos had come! Zany 1980’s

History of Tattoos - New Schools Tattoos History of Tattoos - New Schools Tattoos History of Tattoos - New Schools Tattoos

The rise of Feminine tattoos – 1990

These were the days when the feminine tattoos like hearts, stars and butterflies were enjoyed a lot by the masses. This is probably the ones we can see a lot still on older people.

Tattoos of 2000’s and today

Till 2000’s the concept of getting inked was evolving and is considered as the coolest thing that one can do. The main role of doing so was reality TV shows and Social media that played a big role in encouraging people for tattooing. Kat Von D is a celebrity which with her tattoos has boosted the tattoo culture in the 2000’s. She allowed the spread of the trend by representing herself on TV and different media at that time.

However, with the advancement in the processes of getting inked have changed the way of people’s thinking when it comes to getting a tattoo. In the beginning, people were afraid of catching a disease from the so-called seedy tattoo parlor, but now this process is fully risk-free thanks to growing professionalism, sterile environments, and progress of the industry in general.

No more worries! Tattoos today

Nowadays getting a modern tattoo is no more considered as a weird thing. From 2000 to today’s day, the discouragement against tattoos went down day by day, and for a good reason. Due to social media and reality shows, people started knowing more about inking, and now people like to get inked from lower back to inside lips. Which is a little bit weird yet becoming more acceptable in our society.

Almost everyone gets tattooed these days, it does not matter whether you are an employee or a pre-school teacher, therapist or someone else, inking your body is no more a seedy act or is shameful in any way. If there is a desire to get a tattoo, I highly recommend going for it.

What is Instagram Shadowban?

instagram Shadowban ban

There is a great buzz about Shadowban and people are looking for the most proper information about what is it and how it is affecting the social media presence. Today we have come up with the latest information about Instagram shadowban as well as twitter shadowban, what it is, how to get it, avoid it, and the reasons why are people getting it.

So, to know more about this, all you need is to read this article for the better understanding of the whole process.

What is Shadowban?

The term Shadowban refers to ghost banning, and sometimes as stealth banning. This banning type is affecting the online accounts that are found to be violating the rules and terms of service and conditions of a specific social media platform which regulates online community’s ethics.

You might have heard about Instagram shadowbanning and shadowbanned twitter accounts. These are the most known bans, which are affecting the users and are very frustrating because it takes you some time to realize what had happened. What to do when you get shadowbanned?


  • Instagram Shadowban
    instagram Shadowban

Before going deep into the Instagram Shadowban, it is necessary to keep in mind that Instagram has been implementing different algorithms since 2016 and as a result of this, there are accounts which have got affected and now are experiencing decreased engagement on their channels, decreased post visibility and likes.

This still does not mean that your account has been shadowbanned, it might be that the content on your account is not engaging enough. Due to all the updates Instagram releases, it has become very difficult to have engagement like it was 2 years ago.

In 2018 Instagram shadowban happens when an account has violated Instagram TOS or does not fulfil the requirements of rules and terms and services of the platform. And because botting and other violations, Instagram started filtering out those accounts more strictly and are looking even into real peoples accounts which are not satisfying their terms of service

When your account is Shadowbanned, it becomes practically invisible and blocks your ability to engage new people. In more simple words, the account will no longer be able to share your images by the use of hashtags which people who are not already following you. Research by hashtags is still a very powerful and popular way of engagement on Instagram, and by blocking all the tags on your photos is equal to yelling under water.

Your photos are still can be seen by your current followers but will they not appear in the news feeds of other people when they use your specific hashtags. This is bad news for new accounts because nowadays building a following is much harder than ever before in the history of Instagram.

How to check if your Instagram is Shadowbanned?

There is a website which allows you to check if your Instagram account was shadowbanned, of if some posts or hashtags which you have posted are shadowbanned by the community. To check:

  1. Go to Tribberr
  2. Fill in your usernameInstagram Shadowban
  3. The tool will analyze last 10 posts and checks if you have any hashtags which are banned
  4. Instagram Shadowban dexter_rullez
  5. Remove the hashtags which are affecting the post from being visible on that specific hashtag

Twitter Shadowban

twitter shadowban

A very similar case with Twitter; because they have rolled out stealth banning by merely cracking up their algorithms. So if your account is suffering from Twitter Shadowban, means that your tweets will be harder to find and will not appear on everyone’s feed who is following you. Therefore, as we have mentioned above, the reason for both platforms is a same-the violation of terms and services.

If you think that you can get more followers, or tweet replies by bots or some other manipulation, then you are wrong. The reason is now the social media platforms are securing their platforms for the purest and fair search results and user experience, and using bots, buying links, buying shares and reposts is not going to benefit you account in the long run.

How to know if my account is being Shadowbanned?

The simplest way to check whether or not shadowban has targeted your account is simply asking few people who do not follow you to check your specific photo with any hashtag or use the website I have mentioned above. We aware that sometimes the number of hashtags can also be an indication of a shadowban of your account, as abusing those to get more likes is just not going to work.

But in another case, if there any hashtags banned on your account, it must be a problem with your engagement strategy, which is most often the issue. The positive side of it is that you can work on it!

What are the reasons for Shadowbanning?

Until now Instagram and Twitter have not clearly defined what the main reasons behind shadowbans are, but according to professional internet marketers, there are more of your actions which are responsible. For example spamming people, commenting the same comment always, getting reported for something insignificant already puts you on the list of accounts to be aware of.

There are a couple of well known and popular reasons why you can get shadowbanned:

  • Using Bots and Scheduling Software

If you are using Instagram bots or software for your Instagram, then you are violating the terms and services of Instagram. Scheduling software allows posting images on your behalf regularly, follow and unfollow users, like pictures, comments on pictures etc. These actions are forcing the application to send push notifications to more users by abusing the system, and that is a violation of terms and conditions as you are exploiting the software abilities in an unethical way.

  • You are abusing Hourly Limits

Instagram has a limitation of likes, comments, messages per day. If you are abusing those limitations, then surely, you will be penalized for it. Some penalties mean that you cannot like, comments or follow others anymore. This can last to a couple of days, or in a shadowban or a ban of the account, which is, of course, everyone wants to avoid.

  • Broken Hashtags

Most of the time the platform categorizes your content by hashtags which are being used. Which is why it is essential to choose hashtags which are in a very unsaturated, not shary or grey area niche. For example, if you use an innocent hashtag #beautyblogger, then might be it can overrun with inappropriate or adult content, which can count as spam and Instagram can take notice of it and ban your account. Keep in mind that this is just an example and Instagram is not that radical, nevertheless, this is a flag which is not beneficial for your account.

popular banned hashtags

How to avoid being shadowbanned?

  • Stop using automated software and bots

It is essential to remove all kinds of bots and software to report, reschedule, and re-comment on your account posts. The reason is if you are using multiple accounts with the same bot, the chances you might get suspected when using same IP address is very high.

It is always better to have 100 followers who love you and support you than to have millions of followers who do not know you, or are bots themselves or irrelevant to your niche.

  • Take a break of 48 hours from actions from your account

Please hold on and do not get your account overloaded with a bundle of images, comments, likes, personal messages, follow and unfollows. It might be considered as spamming if you are doing more than the limit that has been defined for your account. IF your account has more than 5k, 10k, 25k, 50k, 100k of followers, the limits for actions differ.


Use Instagram responsibly, do not use bots, engage with your audience, get into a niche which can bring value to the followers and audience of your account. Do not abuse the system, because it will backfire on you sooner or later.

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Effects of Overeating and How to Stop


Are you suffering from overeating? Are you one of the compulsive eaters and desire to stop eating? Well, it is common and you do not need to panic. All you need is to find a solution that can help you to overcome this issue.

Today we will look into the problem which some people struggle with – overeating. As well as we will answer how you can overcome it, and what are the solutions you can consider to solve it. Moreover, we will discuss the effectiveness of overeaters anonymous and what are overeaters anonymous meetings are all about.

If you are one of those who likesDoritoss and mountain dew while watching Bojack, I want to prove to you that there is hope and you can achieve anything with sheer will-power and courage.

Definition of overeating

Overeating Anonymous

“The simple meaning of overeating is the excess relationship to the energy that organism starts to consume, which lead to weight gain and often obesity. Overeating is also known as an eating disorder that can target anyone”

Moreover, the term overeating also refers to specific over-consumption episodes. Means, people start to over consume during festivals, binge-watching Netflix, stress, boredom etc. If we look at the symptoms of overeating, then anorexia, bulimia, nervosa, and binge eating disorder are the most common one.

The reasons why some people over consume varies. For example, some people overeat in stress, to relieve depression, while some do when they have feelings of helplessness. Noticed that happy people do not overeat?

Problem Statement: Overeating


No doubt, global overeating has become the most common and even bigger problem than world hunger. More people are now overweight than underweight. However, the biggest study of worldwide trends in body index has recently revealed that, over the past 40 years, the rate of obesity has increased up to 2.6 fold and that the number of obese people worldwide has blown out from 105 million to 641 million.

Well, why we are discussing this issue at a worldwide level? Let us have a look at on our overeating patterns.

We all are overeater from time to time, and take an extra hand when drinking with friends and family dinners, when you are full but still having dessert is like a religious thing to you. However, this is the case with ordinary people. For binge eaters, it is almost uncontrollable to stop overeating. With this disorder, the patient finds himself helpless to stop this bad habit and consume a normal amount of food.

The symptoms of Binge Overeaters usually begin in early adulthood or late adolescence. The episode in such state remains last for two hours or might be a full day long. It is not necessary to be hungry to overeat; they eat because they “just feel like it”. It is more like a cycle when a person consumes when in a good mood. The same as when a person is in depression and to sate food cravings.

There are many reasons for overeating, but the most common is to sate body needs. However, if it becomes an eating pattern for someone and he gets easily compromised with it, then overeating can lead to many eating disorders.


So, the people with disorders like binge overeating and Bulimia Nervosa use food for the following reasons:

  • To escape from anxiety and depression
  • To reward themselves
  • There is a stressful issue, or they need to get away from some problem
  • Soothe fear, shame, and sometimes loneliness
  • Might be eager or frustration.

However, it is not necessary that overeating will remain for a short time like during holidays. It will not remain for a short time as in most cases overeating can cause long-term damage to individual health due to over-consumption. With the passage of time, overeating can further lead to obesity and heart diseases which can cause medical complications. Which are:

  • Gallbladder disease
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • High Blood pressure (mostly in elder people)
  • Heart disease
  • Different types of cancer
  • High cholesterol
  • Joint and Muscle pain etc.

We have reached a conclusion that almost everyone is dealing with overeating disorder, therefore special treatment is necessary for recovery. There are a variety of treatments available on the market such as level of care, interventions, clinicians who are ready to help obese people and of course the overeater’s anonymous meetings, which are trending nowadays.

However, binge eating disorder is commonly treated as an outpatient because the condition can be controlled with the help of specific programs which offer a variety of treatments. Therapists are also available to work with people who have an eating disorder and work privately.

After reading this, you may be asking yourself if you are overeating and what will be the most effective way to treat your habit of overeating. What about discussing your issue with another person that has the same problem? This can motivate you and also provide you with enough information about what are the eating patterns, reasons, why people do so, and how to overcome this while not being alone.

Online there is a club called “Overeaters anonymous.” Yes, you have heard it right. Let me tell you what overeaters anonymous is all about and how they can help you or other overeaters.

What is Overeaters Anonymous?

Overeaters Anonymous is a community or fellowship of different individuals who share their experience, hope, strategies, and strength to overcome the habit of compulsive overeating. This club is specially designed for the people who want to recover from compulsive eating habits.

The best thing about this program is you don’t need to pay fees, nor it takes any donations. There is no involvement of outside organizations, nor is a political movement, the sole purpose of this program to educate people about compulsive food behaviors and to carry the simple message of recovery through twelve step of OA.

The primary focus of this plan is abstention from overeating behaviors rather than weight loss. The best part of this plan is you do not need to be overweighed to join OA. It is a perfect choice for you if you:

  • Obsess about food, and more food
  • Obsess about your body weight
  • Consume diet pills for weight loss
  • Or a binge eater

Overeating is physical, spiritual, and emotional, so with the help of the 12-steps program, you can get the goal of looking slim and being smart about it. This program includes group meetings, recovery tools/lessons, and dietary plans for everyone.

You can have a real-time meeting such as telephone meetings, face-to-face interaction, and even more options available to choose from.

What is the most highlighted advantage of this plan?

  • One of the highlighted advantages of this plan is it is fully individual, based on the best results for you and ways comfortable to you. You can create your own eating plan that can support you in a long term.
  • Another benefit is whether or not a specific plan is helpful; you can shift it out and again start from scratch.

So, what are you waiting for? Just plan what will be your next step to overcome your overeating habit and share it with us.

Top 8 violent video games

top 8 Violent video games

Every year, different gaming companies introduce different violent video games with the enhanced graphics in comparison with the previous years. The reason behind this is, now youth is more interested in playing violent games than any other genre. It is all due to very realistic and immersive graphics that attract the attention of all the gamers around the world. The games that come up on the market are now closer to reality and immersive storylines than ever before.

However, all the excitement and “hype” in the youth is due to the marketers’ using sneaky advertisements which insist on people to try the beautiful graphics at least once. They put more oil in the flame by releasing unlimited trailers, game demos, ads on every available website, and blogs which only increase the popularity and creates a crazy hype among the audience. Therefore, the more violent video games are, the larger the hype and excitement of the gamers.

Are violent video games harmful?

The thing that matters here is the concern of people toward these kinds of video games. People think that such stuff is harmful to the mental growth, behavior and the temperament of the youth. They think that these games are the reason of rising risk factor for aggressive nature. They are becoming more aggressive and these techs them brutality. The concern of parents for their children’s future is fair and justifiable. But this is one side of the story, many of us unaware of the positive effect of these violent games that are shaping the young people thoughts in a positive way.

What is the positive aspect?

Apart from the aggressive behavior, desensitization, and violent thoughts, these addicting games are famous for a good cause. According to researches, those players who are addicted to playing such stuff have shown good civic behavior. Similarly, youth who played video games, take an interest in games as a fun activity to release stress. Further, consistent studies have shown evidence that youth often turn to action and drama oriented games to reduce stress and improve mood.

In the end, games are just games!

So it will not wrong if we say that games are just the games and everyone has its taste and preferences. Some people like to dress up Barbies and some love gun violence and fighting against rivals which does not mean they will become criminals, it is just for fun, and the experience which young children get from these addicting games can never have in real-life.

Whatever we say about it or no matter how much we discuss it, in the end, these are addictive games, and the whole idea of games is entertainment, attractiveness, and fun. They made so to attract the audience, and that’s it.

Anyways, moving on to our main topic and that is a list of top violent video games. If you are one of the addictive of violent games, then here is a list to consider.

  1. Bulletstorm:

violent video games Bulletstorm

The number one on our list is Bulletstorm. Yes, this sci-fi action game is full of thrill, fun, and entertainment. It primarily focuses on players using guns, electric whip-like device, kicks to destroy the opponents. You will experience the bloodshed, gore, and mutilation by playing the game of Bulletstorm and you will get a reward each time for extremely killing enemies.

  1. Conan Exiles:Violent video games Conan Exiles

Another amazingly thrilling and action-filled video game and that is Conan Exiles. You can experience the level of brutality with beheadings and maiming. The mission of this game is to destroy your enemies. In this journey, you will face the cruelty of Conan’ world, its surroundings, and cannibalism. There will be the human sacrifice, and that’s all.

  1. Dark Souls III: The Ringed City:

Violent video games Northern Warrior in in Dark Souls III

There will be smashing of enemies into pieces; everything will look like the dome. There would be bloodshed everywhere with creatures moan and the terrifying noise of guns and medieval weapons. Yes, we are talking about Dark Souls III: The Ringed City. Just hold your breath and feel the fear of war.

  1. Dead by Daylight:

Violent video games Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight another violent video game that has gained massive fame due to its aggressive category, fear, and thrill. In this assailer game, a merciless killer hit the players to sacrifice them to an evil entity. All these are done with different kinds of weapons, twinge, and spike the characters. All the injured players crawl on the ground to save their lives and even hung on the hooks grimly. Admittedly, this would be the cruelest game of the year.

  1. Outlast II:

Violent video games outlast 2

Bloodshed monsters run throughout this violent and bloody gameplay, thus forcing the players to run as much as they can to save themselves from weapons and farm implements. This horrible game aims to catch the player and then torture him in a ghastly way, with different scenes of innards and the death. Moreover, the birth of the most violent Antichrist.

  1. Resident Evil 7 Biohazard:

Violent video games Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

Bloody monsters are not the only fun of this thrilling game. But the blood-packed game also offers to glorify of the player who fights against cruelty shotguns and the explosives. There will be the exchange of shots between humans and the creatures. It is the fight for victory, and for this, there will be open wounds and injuries.

  1. Sniper Elite 4:

Violent video games Sniper Elite 4

There would be no casual scene in this electrifying game but will be a shooter who will act as a sniper. So, are you ready to experience the fear of different locations? There will be a tremendous use of sharp knives, guns, explosives. All you will need is to run and hide by finding a location to conduct surreptitious attacks against dangerous Nazi Soldiers.

Admittedly, there would be no peace and nonviolent attack option; all will be just cruelty and bloodshed.

  1. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds:

Violent video games Battlegrounds

You will need to show teamwork, cooperation with your other team members to win the game. You have to try your best to face each attack and give back a rapid answer in the form of explosion and shooting. Nothing could save you from enemies but to bravely fight. Each move will get a reward for you, and a single mistake can destroy everything.

These are some top violent video games on our list. Make sure to choose the game according to your stamina and mind level.

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What is “Dark Social” and how to track it?

What is dark social 2018

A senior editor at The Atlantic, Alexis C. Madrigal, devised a term “Dark Social”, to refer to the social sharing of content that cannot be tracked by Web Analytics Programs like Googla analytics or bit.ly. This means that one cannot monitor website referrals and social media activity. in 2018 Dark Social challenges marketers to trace the origins of traffic and engagement.

Through an analytic platform, you can tell if a visitor came from Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. But this isn’t possible in the case of dark social. In the past, when everything was link-based, we discovered something through links/search or by browsing via bookmarks. So, the site visitor who arrived on a site without referrer he/she had to be the direct visitor. But now it’s not the same.

Simple Sharing

Dark Social Traffic comes with no apparent evidence of a consumer visiting and interacting with the business website. But being able to detect traffic, it gives you a complete picture of your content.

Now let’s get this straight. When someone publishes a website link from his Facebook page, his/her goal is for as many of his/her customers as possible to see it. The customers can now like, comment or share it on Facebook elsewhere. This is a public social media someone uses to gain an audience and drive traffic to his/her website. This is one kind of sharing. Now let’s see another way of sharing and gathering an audience.

Dark Social Sharing

Suppose that someone finds a great blog on a website. Now instead of sharing it on his/her Facebook page, directly paste the link into a message and send it to his/her friends using Facebook messenger. Now, this link is available for their friends to click and explore. This type of sharing is known as Dark Social Sharing.


Dark Social Marketing

Using private messaging, for example, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, etc. to connect with your customers is an old traditional method of sale and customer service. This can be referred to as the Dark Social way of marketing experience.

Dark Social Dominates Over Sharing Activity

According to Researches and Reports, dark social accounted for 84% of the content shared online in 2016. However, this shows it’s important for the marketers to find a better and relevant way of sharing experience.

 Well, according to a report, almost 85% of all the sharing occurs with copy/paste action of URL. However, the rest of the 15% is done with the help of the sharing button. So, it is concluded that still a significant amount of visits are unknown according to Dark Social Traffic to the marketers. The only option that left is to track the audience by tracking activity via Dark Social.

How to hunt down Dark Social Traffic

The best way to track Dark Social Traffic is to use the Google Analytics to find out the unidentified traffic.

1.   Google Analytics

Google Analytics Dark Social

The best way to perform is it by creating a new section in Google Analytics.

•   Click on Audience, then on Overview and then Add Segment

•   Now select Direct Traffic

•   This helps you only to access traffic marked as “direct.”

•   Now click on Advance which is on the top right

•   Add the pages that are super easy to keep in mind in the following format:

§ Jobs/blog/contact/about

After doing this, the results which will be displayed will be those links that consider as DARK SOCIAL TRAFFIC. Many other different tools are targeting to lessen the probabilities of traffic being checked off as “Direct” even though without acknowledging where it comes from.

2.   Add This

add this dark social

AddThis helps you to track traffic simply from Dark Social by generating a share button for your website, moreover, it also helps you to simply copy/paste the code for tracking. However, It is also probable to include sharing to more than 200 networks with this. Plus, the customization options it offers assure you that the browsing isn’t interrupted.

3.   GerSocial.io

gersocial.io dark social

GerSoical.io is a tool that helps you analyze different kinds of shares. Once you install this tool, it allows you to copy/paste the code to site, and thus aid you to track all the copy/pasted shares by offering real-time data analysis. GetSocial.io also offers you a cross-device sharing measurement, makes all types of sharing visible.

4.   Po.st

po.st dark social

With the help of Po.st, you can have link shortening and at the same time social sharing option to track the messages that directly come from Dark Social.

Moreover, it enables the different marketers to check out the Dark Social Traffic simply by copy/pasting the URLs.

This tool enables marketers to monitor that dark social traffic from copy-paste URLs. This tool is beneficial for marketers to dig into for audience. On the other hand, it also provides visitors with an opportunity to revisit the page where they clicked through copy/past by single click.

5.  Bit.ly

bit.ly dark social tracking

Bit.ly is a popular tool which works by shortening the links and also helps as a useful assistant in tracing the dark social traffic. The best way to use this tool is by providing a abridged link to your every post and to embolden the visitor at your site to share the useful content through this link. In this way, you can have check and balance on the traffic.


With the evolution of social platforms, and the rapid change of social networks, it is getting quite difficult for the marketers to comprehend all the changes just to keep their value audience in touch and active.

With the passage of time, the users now tend to opt using mobile applications, messaging services, and private networks; however, dark social will get higher from now on.

Yes, it’s true that dark social traffic can prove as a headache for many business owners. But on the contrary, there are many tools available to detect such traffic. No doubt, it can be quite challeging to go through such tools and analyze, but we believe that marketers can easily detect and undertsand from where the traffic is coming from.

Dark social shares may be difficult to track, but this doesn’t mean that the marketers should give up on acquiring insights into their user’s behavior. Howeever, with the help of testing different tools, one can be able to find the perfect solution to detect dark social traffic by assisting you to understand consumers behavior.

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