I am a huge fan of cybersecurity, hacking, exploitation and social engineering, but there are as well things which you would not share with others. Imagine telling your mom how you are a fan of Deep Web? Well…. I am very interested in the methods and tactics of the dark web, which I will write more about in my next articles. This one is about the Deep Web and what it is in a nutshell. Educate yourself, dudes, because this is still a mystery to some of you.

web surfing

There is a theory that everything we see and access on the “surface” of the internet is only 1% of the whole cake. Yes, all you have access to is 1%, everything else is known to be the deep web which, and of course my favorite, the darkness of the ocean, the abyss, the DARKNET! It is the shadow which leads you to the global black (Afro-American if you will) markets (not slave related). I found it very difficult to come back from the shadows as it opens up a whole new world of possibilities and information which you would never find surfing the WWW.

Difference between websites

Let us come back to the times when Google and search engines were not very popular. At that time you had to actually know the website URL, or you had to know a webpage which would have a website which would lead you to the page which you wanted to enter. Still with me? Later on, after search engines were created, a division of no-index pages became a thing. We all think that all mighty google knows everything, but Google will only show you a small part which is indexed. Trust me… Tens of thousands of websites being created and destroyed on the deep web, which basically makes endless.

Think that you are missing the majority of the websites, only because you do not know the URL and it is not indexed by any search engine. Next time I might give some examples of such links. Other websites are encrypted and require special software in order to be able to access them. Most popular and widely used one is the TOR browser, also known as the Onion Browser. Other websites require an invitation or an insider to invite you or to hack into the website to be able to access the hidden information.

What is TOR? (briefly)

Tor_projectTOR allows users to browse websites of the deep web while maintaining their anonymity. It allows to just about anything they want without being tracked, for example, unicorn Intercourse, rare memes and naked pictures of your mom… I highly recommend using TOR when searching for that last one… If you will use any other browser, let’s say Chrome or.. Internet Explorer¿ you have a high chance of being tracked down, that is why security precautions should be taken before exploring the darknet.

Why Using TOR browser?

Because it takes you 3 minutes to install and can save you from creeps. Some darknet websites are made especially for gathering data. The website owners can see a lot of data coming in (taking from a personal experience) and they can “see you”, sometimes even literally. The deep web is a very interesting place, but please take measures to be safe because curiosity killed the cat… So do not play with things you do not understand.

Methodology on buying on Deep Web

We figured out that you should be using TOR browser in order to hide your identity and stay anonymous. Now we need to get some currency which will allow you to enter the dark side of the network. Around 99% (if I remember correctly) use bitcoins for their transactions because this cryptocurrency allows staying anonymous during this process.

Now we have the money, so where is the honey? You may ask… To get the honey, we have to find the beehive. By beehive I mean websites. The websites that are used for the darknet usually end with .onion in the end, or .xyz. Most of the time the domain name consists of gibberish with randomized letters and numbers which most of the time make no sense.

What can I find on the Deep Web?

Animal Cruelty, torture, death and rape

Oh my god, prepare yourself… Inhale… Photos of your mom! Besides that, you can find creepy photos and videos of dead babies propped up to look alive like in a creepy horror movie. Most of the darknet is saturated with child abuse, and I am not talking about photos and videos of kids being beaten, (next let’s play a game of fill in the blanks) I am talking about photos and videos of child ****, r*** and murder. Sometimes even on live stream if the heart of the viewer desires so. As well as content where people are getting stabbed to death, beheaded, being cooked alive and women being barbequed.
creepy bunnyI shRit you not, there is a website where you can watch women dress up in anything you want and talk dirty with cute little animals like kittens and bunnies and then stomp the poor creatures to death in high heels. How high of an intellectual are you if this stuff turns you on? God help these people…


Fraud and DIY’s

deep web dollsAside from what I discussed, you can also purchase illegal firearms, drugs, fake IDs, passports, stolen PayPal accounts, credit cards etc. There is also a market for some weird stuff I would never have thought about. This includes DIY tutorials on how to make a doll that looks like a kid, for a tea party of course when you are lonely. Some even sell dolls which are made from human flesh, because it is of course much better than a real person.

Manuals and Tutorials

I am not making up anything here. My favorite category is manuals, instructions, and tutorials. They include: How to make a bomb, how to make a gun, how to exploit your government, how to be a pedophile, how to abduct children 101, how to worship Satan, how to summon demons, how to perform experiments on humans. This is out of my head, there is much more to that.deep web cults

Hire criminals

Some websites allow you to hire thieves, hackers, and hitmen. There is even a deep web crowdfunding website that sets up bounties for the heads of your favorite political figures and movie stars. Sounds like a dog fighting arena to me.

Paid live streams a.k.a. Red Rooms


These live streams are called “Red Rooms”. Basically, they are streaming rapes, tortures and murders in front of the audience, The audience pays to have whatever they want happening to these people, not just adults but the children and infants. Red rooms include also people having intercourses with corpses… fun fun fun…. The majority of these people are criminals and poor gangsters who are ready to do these gross things for a 100$.


This is a realm you do not want to enter because it can leave you morally and emotionally broken. If you are a sensitive person, this stuff even causes psychological damage for years to come. From my personal experience – I started thinking that some people around me who I know for many years might be not as normal as I thought they are. I had insane paranoia and still do sometimes, which is not normal and can keep you awake at night.


Stay away from the deep web because none of this madness will stop if people will keep going there. If you want to get traumatized, then good luck pal!