Privacy Policy

“Accidental factory” is an amazing place for people of different backgrounds to entertain themselves and to get an information in a whole new perspective. And no one in this world would like to have numerous problems instead of lots of fun. That is exactly the reason why we take your privacy so seriously.
This document tells you (in easy to read manner, of course) how we use and process your personal data, for which purposes we use it, and how to contact us in case you have any questions or requests with regards to your personal data.

As we are young and rapidly growing, this privacy statement will be updated from time to time. Our privacy statement might grow together with us, so if you do care for your privacy as much as “Accidental factory” does – you are very welcome to check this document once in a while to stay up to date!

People have different views on same things. It happens and it is normal. However, in case you cannot agree with our privacy statement, you should discontinue using our services. In case you agree with our Privacy Statement – welcome to the great times of fun facts and non-trivial topics presented by “Accidental Factory”!


What data does “Accidental Factory” collect?

Personal information you give to us

In case you would like to limit your interaction with our website to newsletter notification, only your e-mail will be needed for you to provide.

However, to make your experience with “Accidental factory” even more pleasant and continuous, for purposes laid down further in the document, we can collect following data from you:

  • Your full name;
  • Date of birth;
  • Sex;
  • Country of residence;
  • E-mail address

Personal information we collect automatically

Even in cases where you do not subscribe to our newsletters or do not create an account, certain information is collected from you. Such information is your IP address, the date and time you accessed our website, the browser, hardware and/or software that you use

Why does Accidental Factory collect the information from you?

We want you to be entertained. We want you to receive information from us as fast as possible and have a personalized experience that can make your time with “Accidental Factory” nice and convenient. That is why we collect your personal data to inform you about the latest updates that we have in our newsfeed by means of our newsletter.

Your personal data will be used in order to manage your personal account for you to be able to debate, leave comments in comment sections, press “like” and “dislike” providing your opinion to other “Accidental Factory” users and aggregated data about the comments of others to us and let all the other people know what is your point of view on this particular topic. We may also enable the “Accidental Factory” account holders to join and interact with each other by means of on-line groups.

Data that shows your country of residence is collected for purposes of monitoring of the national attribution of readers which is used in order to be more responsive to the interests of those interested in content generated by “Accidental Factory”; residence-related data is also collected in order to comply with some jurisdiction-specific legal requirements (for example, age limitations).

There might be some instances where we will have to contact you via e-mail to kindly ask you to fill up a questionnaire, tell you about recent offers or address the improper functioning of a website (which is unluckily to happen).

What legal bases does “Accidental Factory” rely upon while processing your information as described above?

  • Legitimate interest: we may use your information for our legitimate interest such as providing you with the best outcome of our work, improving the content for the website, emails and newsletters, as well as for administrative and legal purposes
  • Reader’s consent: we may rely on consent to use your personal data for certain promotion and website development purpose. You can withdraw your consent at any given point of time by contacting “Accidental Factory” at any of the addresses given at the end of this Privacy Statement.

How does “Accidental Factory” share the information with third parties?

In particular situation, personal information related to you will be shared with third parties:

  • Third-party service providers: we may resort to processing of your personal data by third-party service providers for several purposes (e.g. notifications by other websites). Such providers are bound by confidentiality clauses and are not allowed to use personal data for other purposes.
  • Administrative authorities: we disclose personal data in cases where providing of personal data is required by law or is strictly needed for prevention, detection and prosecution of criminal acts. We might require to disclose personal data to local authorities in course of protection and defense of our legal rights.

How does “Accidental Factory” use mobile devices?

The content generated by “Accidental Factory” is accessible on our website. There is also a version of our regular website optimized for mobile and tablet browsing.

For how long does “Accidental Factory” store and use your personal data?

We store and process your personal data for a period within which such data is required to fulfil the purposes described above (e.g. for a period starting from the time when an account is created until it is deleted). In case of any alterations of aforementioned time frame, the consent from you will be requested.

After the expiration of the period, your personal data will be erased in order to comply with data protection and privacy compliance laws and regulations.

What security measures are taken by “Accidental Factory” to secure and safeguard your personal data?

In accordance with EU legislation on data protection, we observe reasonable procedures to prevent unauthorized access to, and misuse of, personal data.

We use appropriate software and procedures to protect and safeguard the personal data you give us. Technical restrictions for using and processing of personal information, as well as legal measures ensure the secrecy of your personal data.

How does “Accidental Factory” treat personal data about minors?

Due to the nature of some materials and topics discussed on our website, “Accidental Factory” is not directed at persons below 18 years old. The use of our services is allowed after the valid consent of a parent or a guardian is obtained.

How can you access and control the information that you’ve provided “Accidental Factory” with?

You have a right to review the data related to you that we keep. You can request such information via e-mail address stated below. We will get back to you within 5 working days. Please fill the subject field of e-mail with “Request for personal information” for prompt and easy process.

You can also contact us via same e-mail address in case where:

  • You believe your personal data is not correct or it has changed and needs to be corrected;
  • You believe we are no longer entitled to use of your personal data;
  • You have any questions regarding how your personal information is used;
  • You have any questions regarding present Privacy Statement;
  • You would like to request the erasure of all the personal data that “Accidental Factory” has about you.

Your requests will be handled in accordance with applicable Dutch and European Union data protection laws.

Who is responsible for processing personal data on the “Accidental Factory” website?

Here you need to insert the name of a company/entity/department in charge, give physical address and active E-mail address