White House Update



Have you ever thought that the Media picks only on sensational things which will grab public attention? This is because controversy and scandals sell the most in our times. It is of course important to know what is going on in the world, but what is the price to that? Misinformation, dishonesty, stereotypes, provocation, lies, tragedy, extremism and much more to all this awesome bouquet!

Thump now in number one topic everywhere online, because he said so many things which are seen as politically incorrect, yet it is interesting to see that he still got the most support. Even thought that his presidential campaign was led by very smart people? who developed a nice strategy for him? Which got picked up by every news media, blog, YouTuber and created a world wide promotion with a budget lower than a family trip to McDonalds.

Dump Trump?

I am not the one who is going to decide if he is a good president, or if he is a good person. In my opinion he is a dis-balance in a “Balanced” society. Everything is a gamble, but I do not mind watching second in history assassination of the american president… Cheers!

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