Gun Control and Why We Should Talk About It

In just this year, there have been at least 370 cases of mass shootings all around the US. It is so depressing how it has become a reoccurring thing for a long time and yet there is just no actual progress in stopping them from happening. The Texas church shooting atrocity continues to dominate the news, just 35 days after the Las Vegas shooting. This has now sparked the gun control debate once more and has also given people more reasons on why we should talk about it. Statistics now show that Americans own more guns than any other country in the world with at least 89 for every 100 people, which isn’t so hard to believe when gun control continues to be within the grey area. So why is gun control still within the “grey area” and why are there no actual signs of it actually progressing?

When we talk about “gun control” we think about the actual law that allows people to have guns in the first place. The 2nd amendment within the American constitution states that people are free to bear arms. The reason behind this amendment was to make sure that if ever a totalitarian government were to rule the people, the people would be able to “fight back.” However, a lot has changed since 1791 (when the amendments were made), and its probably time we talk about a change. But when you have the powerful gun lobby as well as the National Rifle Association (NRA) taking a strong stance on keeping the 2nd amendment,  this “change” might not always be so easily seen.

Who are the NRA?

If you think of the NRA as these gun devoted enthusiasts, then well you kinda have somewhat of an image. Founded in 1871, the NRA is an American nonprofit organization who advocates for the right to own guns. They are known to be one of the most powerful groups with a huge strong financial support. When the NRA was officially brought up, the main goal was to “promote and encourage rifle shooting on a scientific basis”. To date, the NRA reports having about 14 million members. The NRA also catch on the news for very controversial statements on where they stand regarding the whole gun control debate.

After the Las Vegas incident, an NRA spokesperson dismissed guns being the actual problem to focus on by saying that “feet are just as deadly as guns.” Shortly after writing THIS tweet.

And if that wasn’t shocking enough, mind you, that wasn’t the only outrageous thing mentioned about the incident. Heres a segment from one of the shows on FOX News.

“If that psychopath had…driven a truck into that crowd and killed 100 people would we be talking about truck control?” Yes. As humans, we tend to learn from our mistakes. Its called, evolution. Probably something to consider when it comes to this gun control debate.

And then you have some who go “I need my gun to protect me from terrorists However, (as of January 2017)

You’re more likely to be killed by a toddler than a terrorist. AND STILL, “guns don’t kill people. people kill people.” is being thrown around as if to say guns aren’t the threat here. It is shocking and it is something that will need proper action to actually make a change. “Make America Great Again”, then do it. Again, it is time to talk about gun control and it shouldn’t be something we just brush aside every time an incident similar to the Las Vegas and Texas shootings arise. As long as the NRA and the powerful support it has behind them continue to do just that, the fear of more of these incidents arising will just never go.

Because there are guns they had back in the day when the amendment was created

And here are the type of guns we have now

So its probably time for an actual change.