So the other day I was scrolling Facebook and saw a post made by someone of my friends. The article included information and criteria under which you would be paid €5,000 per month by the Icelandic government if you marry and Icelandic girl. It was also mentioned that the reason for this “kind gesture” is twice as less women in the country. Sounds like a perfect place to start a Harem and make some money, right? Yet I have to disappoint you, my friend, and myself also….

First time this myth appeared on The Spirit Whispers in June 2016. This was a random post without much reference yet it went viral to an extent that the Embassy of Denmark had to intervene on behalf of Iceland on twitter:

Most interesting thing is that many males were very much interested in marrying an Icelandic woman. Not because they are very attractive, but probably because the monetary compensation sounds much better, 5k is 5k you know… In my opinion… Not worth it…

The Icelandic website The Reykjavík Grapevine has reported many spikes of traffic when to post gone viral online. Many Icelandic women were massively bombarded and spammed by guys from all around thew world.

The website had to put an official announcement on their website informing all the excited guys who were already searching for their passports and getting their VISA ready to go conquer Iceland! and 5000 Euros.