Edge2Cats – it turns your drawing into cat masterpiece


Alright, alright. I hope that the image didn’t scare you at all. But as a cat person and art lover, I really have to share this with you.

Have you ever experienced that moment in your life when someone asks you: “Hey! So, how are you, what did you do the whole afternoon?” And you are just standing there, thinking about if you should quickly make something up or reveal that you were watching all the 311 important videos (please, tell me that you did as well) or that you were creating contemporary art by testing new drawing tool.

Let me introduce you this magic tool that I found this afternoon: EDGE2CATS!

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image to image, edges2cats


It works really easily and you can spend your entire day on this website, I reassure you:

  • Step 1: You draw a cat (or anything that resembles cat) in the box
  • Step 2: You click process
  • Step 3: You see the result
  • Step 4: You share your art (and this article)

Christopher Hesse, the author, created not only cat “image to image” application, but also bags, shoes, and houses. But you don’t need to stick to the names and just loose reins of your creativity.
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I am sorry, but this is just terribly hilarious!



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