What are the Future Jobs of our society? – 8 Principles

future jobs

We all are moving towards being independent and working their dream jobs one day. This sounds like a dream come true and is for sure achievable for many people, but ever thought that many jobs that exist now might disappear in the future and other jobs are still not invented? I am 100% sure you have seen posts about the “Weirdest Jobs”, and most unbelievable things people do, but one thing we do not know is what people will do in the next 10 years and which jobs will be created for people of the future, or even maybe me and you. One thing which scientists can do is try to predict, or base their predictions on some trends which are already starting to grow and future developments (technological and personal) which can prepare us for yet unknown future jobs.

Looking into the principles we can start with:

  1. New Future jobs should be supported by the right education

In the nearest future, new jobs will be created and it would be a very big shame if the education systems will not prepare us for it. If the switch will happen to something we were expecting and will not have enough experts or specialists to maintain or manage the switch, it would be a shame for many businesses and environments. People should lift and create opportunities on all levels.

2. Children should be taught correctly

The rise of the technological boom is not stopping and restricting your kids from using television and using the internet is the most non-sense thing to do. Cultivating interest and digital intelligence in kids is very important, because it broadens perspectives and helps you think outside the box. All interactive toys and games that exist can only help kids to evolve, but what parents should actually focus on, is WHAT kids are watching and WHAT they are browsing online.

3. Policies should be up to date

The reason for this is that there are many environments which have new technology, factories have new equipment and offices have better computers which no one knows how to use. This is a result of lack of investments into employees education. I have seen so many people complaining about their senior managers who have no clue how the modern things work, and all the arguments start with “When I was your age” or “When I used to work here 10-25 years ago we…”. This is why policies should change and educate ALL employees of their company to keep up with the world and innovation. This happens not only on the technological level, but also on personal development levels. Work models work, safety measures change and new regulations are implemented and the transition should have been made years ago, yet is still falling behind.

4. Empathy is the next bottom line

In my eyes I see a rough split in people. Those who care and those who do not give a s….t. This is in terms of communication. Even in the age of technology when millions of emails are sent, you can see the empathy and emotions of people who writes them. You can see it in the literature. Empathy and positive attitude is something you cannot ignore, this is something that keeps the world spinning for many people and I think for a reason.

5. Learning matters

This is about trying to become better every day. Learn a new word in a different language, obtain a skill or just read some interesting facts. I am not saying to learn how to build a windmill, but if that is your passion, the go for it. Many skills are becoming extinct and new skills are starting to grow in the world. They are both important, but as we are speaking about future jobs, it is more about your capacity to learn all the things rather than how much you already know.

6. Machines or people?

In my personal opinion, this is the most non-sense thing to think about. It is of course true that some basic tasks can be replaced by the machine, but more machines require more people to build them. It is a shift of skills and requirements. Great example would be airplane autopilots, 90% of the time they fly without the pilots intervening, but it still required control and monitoring. It is a collaboration of machines and humans which I doubt will changed soon.

7. Digital is an opportunity

Again, shift of mind is required. People who do not have a Facebook account or do not have an online presence are very rare, yet they do still exist. Some people refuse being online and their reasons for that are sometimes more than absurd. Many businesses do the same thing. They refuse to go online to promote themselves and to grow their business then again supporting their decision by some morals and not very smart reasons. Everything and everyone should see digital as an opportunity and not a threat!

8. Equal world (Equality?)

Remember a song “This is a man’s world”? So what I see, is the world will be more of a shared skills world with a lot of empathy and a world where discrimination will be a joke and not an issue. This is possible to reach if people will start focusing the things which actually matter for the world and not useless extremism. I believe that equality will be reached and many countries are working towards this issue in a very active way, and results can be seen in the Netherlands where the wealth tax exists for a long time, people are somewhat treated equally with respect and 90% of people are enjoying life.

This is more than enough to start thinking about which traits and skills a person should start developing for his future life. The very important thing everyone should understand that it is never too late to start doing things.