Catch Me Outside, How Bout Dat?


As you understand, some things are just not the way they seems to be in the beginning. This girl is a great example from a joke “typical white girl”. This is the representation of some social cluster in our world which exists for an entertainment purpose. Let me introduce you to “Catch Me Outside, How Bout Dat?” girl.

This girl went viral after appearing at the Dr.Phil show and showing her attitude towards her mother, audience and Dr.Phil. This girl became a meme and is already considered a dead meme on Reddit, but what does the phrase actually mean? Let us check our lovely urban dictionary.

Some people are still trying to resurrect the meme by creating “funny content” which is absolute garbage in my opinion… However, there is one part which I like, is the remixes which were created based on the video audio track. I have found one awesome “Catch me outside how about that trap remix” which is something I am singing for 2 weeks now. This is a great example when a meme can actually be transformed into something worth sharing.