Facts About Alcohol Consumption [MEME]


First of all, I love Rick and Morty tv show, I think it is a masterpiece and the guys who made it happen are actually people like you and me. They are the ones who are down to earth, simple, funny and most important, do the things they like. There are a few things which are very funny in the series, it is Rick being wasted AF throughout the whole TV show. I do understand that it is funny, but to be honest, in reality it is not as funny as it seems.

Drinking  alcohol (excessively):

  • Lost of productivity

This is probably the most annoying part, because you are literally broken the next day, and the older you get, the worse you feel.

  • Weight gain

You have seen many people with that perfect round beer belly, sexy isn’t it? Alcohol not only has a huge amount of calories, but also slows down you metabolism because you body is using all the energy to process the alcohol in your body. This means all that fatty food you ate last night will probably be stored somewhere in your body, amazing right?

  • Psychiatric problems

This is something that comes and goes for some people, and for others stays forever. By staying forever I mean that drinking causes many conflicts between family and friends, people look at you differently as soon as they saw you drunk. Many close their eyes on situations like this, but we are a very judgmental society which barely forgets. Therefore all these problems and distruction of relationships leads to depression at first, then social anxiety when you start drinking alone at home and in the end, suicide.

I do think once in a while, I love alcohol, but all I was trying to say is for you guys to drink responsibly, know the people you are drinking with. Understand the context and environment in which you are drinking and do not destroy relationships just because you are drunk…