Net Neutrality end of 2017 [Update]

Net Neutrality Ajit Pai

Did anyone hear? These are not the most popular news of course. Minor news I would say that is happening in the mighty land of USA brothers and sisters. Net Neutrality is in the papers and the internet is exploding the last month, I have previously written an article on Net Neutrality, so if you have no clue what I am talking about, please go and read it first. For the educated crowd, we will look into what is going on at the moment with Net Neutrality.

What is the case?

The FCC (Federal Communication Commission) has already voted to repeal Net Neutrality… Which means that the battle is not over yet, and the US will have to debate and vote further to protect Net Neutrality. Some attorneys are starting to sue the FCC, a great example is the New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman who sued the FCC illegal rollback of Net Neutrality. This guy claimed to protect the “Fellow Americans” from the devil a.k.a. Ajit Pai.

What Can be done to save Net Neutrality

Since the battle is on, 16 other states have joined and signed the lawsuit against the FCC. To be honest, it is very nice to see that some politicians are actually listening to the people and/or supporting net neutrality. Another way to fight in this process (it is complicated), but US Congress can be pressured to overturn the FCC’s decision. The is such act as the “Congressional Review act” which allows to invalidate regulatory changes made by the government agencies and overrule the actions taken by such agencies like the FCC. Still with me? Great!

Greet the Villain! (Ajit Pai)

Now, let me introduce the villain in this case. The devil. The lovely Ajit Pai.

Ajit Pai became the most hated person in 2017. I nominate him myself. The internet, especially Reddit is exploding when it comes to this dude. He openly mocks net neutrality showing the strength of the “Americal Democracy” and do not forget the “Freedom of Speech”.

Ajit Pai is a MEME now

On December 13th a very conservative news site The Daily Caller published a video in which Pai made a Harlem shake (that dude missed the meme train 5 years ago) and has presented a list which was titled “7 Things You Can Still Do on the Internet After Net Neutrality”.

The Christmas gift

A very sneaky thing that happened after the online rage of the people on Ajit Pai and Net Neutrality was the increase in prices from ISP’s. such as Comcast, Dish, Cox, and DirectTV. These corporations started to inform their customers that they will have to pay more money for the same services in the upcoming 2018. They mentioned that the prices will be increased from $1 to $6.75. For the geeks I will break it down:

  • 35% increase in sports fees
  • 10% increase in rebroadcast fees
  • 0% reasoning or justification for this decision

Nut Neutrality?

Here I would love to look into something called Nut Neutrality. Interweb meme communities are making this joke a lot. See this:

Net Neutrality = Nut Neutrality

The reason for this discussion supports the idea that if we will lose the Net Neutrality fight, we will have to buy “Packages” for specific websites if we would like to surf them without any speed limitations. Imagine calling the ISP and asking for the package to Brazzers or Blacked and purchasing the $3.99 to beat the meat. Otherwise, you will have flashbacks from 2003 dial-up internet speed when you had to wait for the image to load.

What to do?

Get some popcorn my European Fellas.

Why Dutch People Received Iodine Pills From the Government

Iodine Pills

Throughout many years, we have seen how nuclear reactors can go from being our best friends that create energy, to being our main enemy that can make the most livable cities look like something out of the Walking Dead. This is the reason why there has been growing opposition towards the world’s last remaining nuclear reactions, 449 to be exact. On top of this, 15 more are being constructed as we speak. The Netherlands has three working nuclear reactions and a recent legislation changed made sure more people in the population would receive iodine pills in case there is ever a nuclear disaster.

The Netherlands and its nuclear reactors

The Netherlands is a rather small country when you compare it to other European countries. Only having three nuclear reactors doesn’t seem a lot. However, the Netherlands is the 66th most populated country in the world with over 17 million people. Having so many people in such a small area could increase the possible damage from a nuclear reactor leak or accident. What has to be stated is that these three nuclear reactors each have different tasks. One at Borssele (in the South) generates electricity, one in Petten (in the North) which produces medical isotopes and is used for research, and one in Delft which is only used for educational purposes by some lucky students. In this case, the toxic debate about nuclear reactors (pun intended) doesn’t work that much because it is doing more good than bad for the population of the Netherlands. Nonetheless, accidents can happen but the Netherlands has already found a way to prepare if disaster ever hits.

Borssele Nuclear Reactor
Borssele Nuclear Reactor

Iodine Pills

Iodine happens to be an extremely important chemical element that our bodies need but cannot make. The thyroids in our bodies need iodine to be able to produce hormones. These hormones are also important for our bodies. If the thyroids don’t receive enough iodine from our diet to do the job, it will start to work harder than it is supposed to. Having your thyroids work too much can cause an enlarged thyroid gland, which can be seen from having a swollen neck. Having an enlarged thyroid gland is only one of the many unhealthy side effects of having your thyroids work too much. Too much time would be spent listing them down so click here if you want to know more.

Where do we get our important iodine dose from?

The chemical element comes from our diet. However, don’t start eating only food that contains iodine, because your thyroid could become saturated. Moderation is key. You can find iodine in fish, seaweed, and eggs. Iodine is also added to kitchen salt and baking salt. Thus, this means that you should eat these products or use them in your meal to keep your thyroid happy. Don’t start eating only food that contains iodine because this could in the end also cause the same problem as having an iodine deficiency. People who have an iodine deficiency take special medication for that.

Radioactive Iodine

Whenever there is a nuclear disaster, radioactive chemicals will end up in the air for every living thing in the area to breathe in. One of those chemicals is radioactive iodine. What is the difference between normal iodine and radioactive iodine? Radioactive iodine can cause disastrous effects to your thyroids instead of keeping it healthy. After breathing in radioactive iodine from a nuclear disaster, this will end up in your blood which your thyroids will later receive. Having this bad chemical in your thyroids can cause thyroid cancer. The effects will not be instantaneous, it can take years before you get sick from this radioactive chemical.

Iodine Pills and Nuclear Disasters

You would ask yourself why take more iodine in a nuclear disaster if your body is already taking enough of the radioactive iodine. As mentioned before, if your body is taking in a high dose of iodine, your thyroids will become saturated. If they become saturated, then there will be no space for the radioactive iodine and therefore, this will be rejected. This is the main reason why governments around the world, including the Netherlands, have been giving iodine pills to parts of their population that live in close proximity to one of the three nuclear reactors.

Iodine Pills
Iodine pills given by the Dutch government

Ok, now you have the iodine pills and you know what they are for. The next step is to know how and when to take them. They are only intended to be used after a nuclear disaster, before the 12-hour mark after a disaster to be exact. The pills will still have an effect after 12 hours but the risk will be bigger. How to take them depends on what kind of pill the government gave you. Some pills it is best to dissolve them in water, in other pills you can break them into small pieces and put it on your meal before you eat. It is always best to read the instructions on the package before taking them and always wait for the government to say if you should take the iodine pill or not. To all the Dutchies out there, go check your mail.

Importance of Net Neutrality in 2017

the net-neutrality-header

For the last couple of years, we can see the fight which is happening between governments, companies and average internet users regarding the net neutrality. What honestly pisses me off, is that this topic after being discussed for many years did not reach a consensus… In 2017 the FCC (Federal Communications Commission in the United States) is trying to once again attempt to abolish net neutrality. They are coming up with the most ridiculous and dishonest arguments, one of the most unbelievable lies is the “Internet Freedom Act”.  You probably already realized that this act does the exact opposite of what it claims it does.

Hereby I will try to briefly explain what is net neutrality to those who were living under the rock for the last 5 years and have no clue that this is a very critical issue for all the internet users! You might say I do not live in the USA, but bear with me, they in many cases are the trendsetter which means other greedy politicians and companies will see this as a green light if the bill passes.

What is Net Neutrality?

Net Neutrality means that all the traffic on the internet should be treated equally #FeminizmAlert. At this moment, the concept of net neutrality is protected by a “law of utility” (sort to say) which also protects water and electricity providing companies. This law states that people can be changed only for the resource use itself. No extra premium high-quality water for special snowflakes out there is available. Same price for everyone. The opposite of web neutrality means that you would be charged extra for every time you use water for something rather than drinking or taking a shower. How would you feel if your water company would charge you extra is you use your water for watering your plants? Ridiculous, isn’t it? Therefore, if you don’t want to pay extra to your internet provider to watch cat videos on YouTube, you better start thinking and acting.

How net neutrality works

Who will profit from it?

First, it would be video streaming companies which would attack companies like Netflix (oh no..) and Hulu. If net neutrality would be abolished, the streaming companies would be able to slow down the streaming speed to a point which would make it impossible to watch anything without purchasing some sort of extra package to bring the streaming speed up. This is evil if you ask me because these corporations can monopolize the internet and cash out big money. This is against the free market, against any sort of competition law and I personally do not see any upside to it whatsoever.

Netflix net neutrality

What are the effects?

Imagine if the websites you go the most will be slowed down. Internet service providers will be able to slow down websites like Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, 4chan etc. and add an extra price tag if you want to browse them without waiting 5 minutes for the page to load, or an hour for a video to load. If this is not enough of a reason for you to support net neutrality, think about some larger implications which it can influence.

Net neutrality consequences


Net neutrality blocks content

Companies will be able to suppress freedom of speech by slowing down internet speed by region if they want to. Imagine that a protest in one region will never reach another one because the internet will be limited thanks to the control of these corporations. They will be able to disconnect the internet and blame you for not buying an extra service from them. It can be used as a tool over and over again to undermine many political issues. I believe that it does not matter if you are right or wrong, left or right, black or white, female, male or an Apache helicopter… It will influence you and everyone around you. It will have a negative outcome on every consumer (read my previous post on consumerism), except the internet providing companies who will make a LOT of money.

How could this even happen?

Large corporations which are opposing net neutrality have been ramping up the propaganda and astroturfing.

“ASTROTURF – Creating the impression of public support by paying people in the public to pretend to be supportive. The false support can take the form of letters to the editor, postings on message boards in response to criticism, and writing to politicians in support of the cause.” – Urban Dictionary

Internet service providers back in 2014 were flooding their websites with identical comments from bots they bought on fiverr. There were 128 000 comments from fake accounts posting anti-net neutrality information. Some SMART PEOPLE were misled into believing that restoring Internet Freedom Act will do the thing those comments were describing. This was misinforming the public into believing about something which is completely opposite. The corporations are actively fighting to take away your rights and freedom to make an extra buck. What a lovely, honest and NOT GREEDY world we live in.

Net neutrality comments statistics

What’s next?

Well, folks, this is a battle for the future of internet! I personally started saving everything I have on my hard drive, all the previously watched movies, favourite music, software, e-books, memes…. Because I am scared that one day I will not be able to access my information as easily as I can do it now….This is something we take for granted, but it might change tomorrow and it will change our lives. Does not matter where you are from, this is an issue which requires attention. Do not let these greedy companies take one love some people have in this world, the ability to surf the net 40 hours a week without any restrictions.


The important part here is to be critical, check the facts and don’t be gullible. I recommend reading more materials on net neutrality if I was not able to convince you. Share this with a friend, let him know you are smarter than him.

Who is the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize 2017?

Nobel Peace Prize 2017

It is that time of the year again. No, I’m not talking about Halloween or pumpkin spiced lattes. It is the time where we find out which people and organizations will win the most prestigious prize that can be awarded, The Nobel Prize. Let’s focus on the Nobel Peace Prize. Educational content coming up!

What is the Nobel Peace Prize?

The Nobel Prize came from the will of Swedish inventor Alfred Nobel. Nobel wrote his will that he would give the largest share of his fortune to a series of prizes in physics, chemistry and physiology or medicine, literature and peace. According to Nobel’s will, the Peace Prize should be awarded to the person who “shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses”.

Nobel, who died in 1896, never said why he chose peace as a category, but it is believed he was trying to compensate for his arms manufacture past. You know since he is the one who invented dynamite.

The Nobel Prize winners or more commonly named as the Nobel laureates receive a diploma, a medal, and small amount of 1.5 million dollars. No biggie.

Nobel Peace Prize 2017
Nobel Prize Medal

How is the Nobel Peace Prize chosen?

The Norwegian committee that chooses the winner sorted through more than 300 nominations for this year’s award. The committee gives the award by recognising the accomplishment and intentions of people or organisations.

What is interesting about this award is that the nominations are never released to the public. Ministers, former laureates (Nobel Prize winners) and university lecturers are among the special people who can suggest candidates for the prestigious prize.

This year, there were 215 individuals and 103 organisations nominated and only one came out as the winner of this years Nobel Peace Prize. The winner, announced today, is ICAN! Never heard of ICAN before?

What is the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN)?

ICAN is an international organisation whose main focus is to have a world without any nuclear weapons. Launched in 2007, they already have 468 partner companies in more than 100 countries. ICAN began in Australia and was officially launched in Vienna.

ICAN Nobel Peace Prize

Instead of campaigning on how much destruction nuclear weapons can cause, ICAN decided to instead focus on the catastrophic environmental and health consequences that come with the use of these nuclear weapons. In other words, ICAN shifted the campaign from the initial destruction that nuclear weapons can have on a country to the devastating consequences that come after the use of nuclear weapons.

ICAN’s founders were influenced to start their organisation after the success of a similar organisation, the International Campaign to Band Landmines. This organisation helped negotiate the mine ban treat in 1997.

ICAN’s is supported by many influencers in different fields. Michael Douglas, that old actor that is married to the young beautiful Catherine Zeta-Jones (search it), Desmond Tutu, the famous social rights activist in Africa, the Dalai Lama, the religious leader who is enemy number one of the Chinese government, and Yoko Ono, you know, John Lennon’s wife before he got killed.

In July of this year, 122 nations adopted a UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. ICAN’s goal is not that far away but they now have to handle the hardest part which is convincing the big nuclear-armed countries that nuclear weapons are a thing of the past. These countries are the United States and Russia (of course), Britain, France and North Korea (a.k.a rocket man country)

Why did ICAN win the Nobel Peace Prize?

The Nobel Prize committee made a formal announcement naming the winner of the Peace Prize and also the reason why. They mentioned that the decision to give ICAN the prestigious prize came at a time when “the risk of nuclear weapons being used is greater than it has been for a long time”. In other words, the United States and North Korea’s back and forth discussions and show of power has been very worrisome for the international community.

Donald Trump and Kim Jun Un
MURICA Man and Rocket Man

Furthermore, they mentioned how some states were modernising their nuclear arsenals and that there is a real threat that more countries will try to get more nuclear weapons because of the rising tensions between rocket man and MURICA. In other words, countries are trying to prepare for the worst-case scenario.

This is where ICAN comes into the picture. With their campaigns, they’ve gained support from many nations to pledge to cooperate with different partners to help stigmatise and in the end prohibit and destroy any nuclear weapons that are still around to this day.

Another reason why ICAN was chosen as the winner was that in this way, the Nobel Prize committee can send a message to the world and the nuclear-armed countries to push for negotiations to slowly get rid of the almost 15,000 nuclear weapons that still exist in this world (yes there are that many nuclear weapons). Why slowly and not all at once? Because not only is it a huge bomb that can cause mass destruction but it also releases tons of radioactive stuff that can quickly kill us and make our lives on this earth much more miserable. Thus, we will destroy them slowly.

From all this that the Nobel Prize committee has said we can see why ICAN has won the Peace Prize. It is because they are the one organisation who has stood out amongst others in their determined goal of keeping our earth nuclear weapon free.

Congratulations to ICAN for being this year’s Nobel Peace Prize winners. You deserve it and you better put those 1.5 million dollars to good use.

If you want to see the whole list of all the Nobel Prize winners click here:


Will it ever get better in Venezuela?

Venezuela Protest 2017

Most countries that are interested in this Venezuela and Latin American in general are interested because of a number of resources that come from there. There is so much oil, high-quality meat, fruits and vegetables, coals and other minerals we rely on.

In the past, other countries would practically abuse of Latin America which used to be colonies of different countries, mostly Spain. It’s ironic to see how the US supported the independence of so many of these countries to later be the ones to hold political and economic control in these newly independent countries. This made it very difficult for Latin America to properly develop their democracies and this made the majority of their populations suffer.

There seems to be that almost all Latin American countries had to go through a dictatorship before getting a working democratic system. These dictatorships left a scar in the lives of many and it led people to be critical of their politicians and politic system. This a healthy behavior for any democracy. But just like anything that has happened in the past, people seem to forget about it.

At the moment there is a lot of political and economic tension in some of the biggest Latin American countries. Venezuela and Brazil are two countries that have received a lot of attention in the international media. Brazil recently impeached their president after it was found she was involved in a massive corruption case in connection with Petrobras. Venezuela is stuck in a horrendous economic and political state. At the moment it has one of the highest inflation rates in the world and its president is pretty much useless. Let’s focus on Venezuela.

Venezuelan Mass Protest 2017

At the moment Venezuela is under the control of a social “democratic” party called United Socialist Party of Venezuela. This party has been in power ever since the former leader, deceased Hugo Chavez took office back in 1999. After Chavez’s death, his Vice President Nicolas Maduro became the president of Venezuela. Things really started to go downhill ever since he took office. It’s been a worsening economy, food scarcity, high level of violence, incarceration of political opponents and so much more.

Last year, we saw a light of hope when the majority of the congress was won by the opposition. This showed a sign that the majority of the population are angry and tired of what the current government is doing to the country. The opposition has been doing what the legislative power let them do but not much has changed. Therefore, they and many other people decided to call for new presidential elections. To do this they campaigned throughout the whole country to get enough signatures from the population to present this to the electoral organization (CNE). They reached the millions of signatures they needed and do you know what happened, absolutely nothing. No elections, no progress.

Venezuelan Lady Protest 2017

However, it gets worst. This month the President of Venezuela decided it was a good idea to rip the legislative power from the legislative branch of government. On top of that, he also decided that it was a good idea to prevent one of the most important opposition leaders, Henrique Capriles to run for office for the next 15 years. Of course, people got angry at this and this is why there have been so many protests in Venezuela daily since last week.

The president decided to give the legislative power back but it’s way too late. They first peacefully marched to protest the president decisions then they kept on marching because they are tired of being trampled on by their government. Now, it’s sad to say that they are also marching for the more than two dozen people that were killed since the protests started last week. The footage coming from these protests are absolutely incredible.

Venezuela Protest 2017

This is an issue that has been developing for some years now and it feels like it’s reaching its climax. As someone who’s grown up around a family that comes from this country, it really is sad to see and hear what many people have to go through to be able to make it day by day. It’s disgusting to see how the government is treating their own people and it’s just disappointing to see such an incompetent person being president of such a rich country. You think Trump is crazy? Think again, President Nicolas Maduro will tell you how the deceased Hugo Chavez spoke to him in the form of a bird.

All there is left is hope. Hope that this time the protests will actually bring change to the country. Hope that the people who have died in these protests did not do so in vain. Hope that the people who are corrupted and have abused the system serve time behind bars. Let us try to be positive in these pessimistic times.

The Doomsday Clock – Two and a Half Minutes to Midnight

Nuclear Bomb

Doomsday Clock 2017

The Doomsday Clock isn’t an actual clock as the name suggests it to be. It’s not a clock that will perfectly predict when humanity will face a global catastrophe. Instead, the Doomsday Clock is a symbol which represents the likelihood of a global catastrophe. There are many questions someone may have after finding out about this clock. Why do we have a Doomsday Clock and who created it? How does the Doomsday Clock work? Can we trust the Doomsday Clock?

Why do we have a Doomsday Clock?

The first appearance of the Doomsday Clock was on the cover of the first edition of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists magazine. The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists was developed in 1945 by concerned scientists that worked in the Manhattan Project which was the project that developed the first atomic bomb. The scientists developed this magazine because they felt morally responsible to inform and warn the public about the possible catastrophic consequences of their creations. Back then it was only about nuclear bombs and nuclear accidents but through the years the Bulletin has included other factors that could also cause a global catastrophe such as global warming, bio weapons or cyber security.

How does the Doomsday Clock work?

The symbol of the Doomsday Clock itself was created by Martyl Langsdorf, wife of Alexander Langsdorf Jr. which was one of the Manhattan Project scientists. The Doomsday Clock debuted at 7 minutes to midnight. There was no real reason why it was put at that time. Martyl Langsdorf herself said, “It seemed the right time”. However, the Doomsday Clock that we know today isn’t arbitrary. The clock will always show the hour hand at zero or twelve and the minute hand will always show the minutes to midnight. The closer the minute hand is to midnight the more likely it is that there will be a global catastrophe. The Bulleting announces the Doomsday Clock every year. This year they announced that it is two and a half minutes to midnight. This is the closest we’ve been to midnight since the year 1953 when the US and the Soviet Union started developing and testing hydrogen bombs.

Doomsday Clock Timeline

What does two and a half minutes to midnight mean?

This does not necessary mean that you should have your apocalypse kit ready at any moment or that you should go buy such kits. This means that the current situation the world is facing at the moment can have disastrous consequences, especially if we don’t try to do anything about it. The Doomsday Clock come together with a statement that shows why the clock is at a given time. What is interesting about this year’s statement is that they included the political situation in the United States of America, in other words President Trump and his cabinet. This doesn’t mean that the Bulletin is a bunch of liberals trying to “attack” Donald Trump’s presidency. The reason he is in the statement is because of the way he and his team talk about climate. As you may or may not know president Trump and his team haven’t officially recognized climate change caused by human activity and I don’t believe they will do anytime soon. This behavior towards climate change will most probably stop or slow down any progress we’ve made these past few years. The Bulletin also saw this behavior towards climate change coming from other international leaders which make the matter even more serious. In addition, reckless language by international leaders was also mentioned in the statement. This obviously makes sense, communication between countries is extremely important.

We are already our third month into the year so we can all hope this year goes by as quickly as possible. At the same time, we can also hope the international leaders open their eyes to what is climate change. This is the one thing that I’ll never understand, the 2017 Doomsday Clock Statement could not have said it better, “Climate change should not be a partisan political issue”.

Want to know more about the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists?
Visit their website:

NASA has discovered 7 new planets. Why is it important?

So as everyone already heard about the new 7 exoplanets which were discovered by NASA the other day. This is one of the coolest findings in my opinion. Space is something mesmerizing, because it holds so many secrets which we have the possibility to find in the future. Think about it, it is infinite, and “TRAPPIST-1” solar system is beyond excitement for scientists and the whole world. Why?

  1. The solar system is 39 light years away from earth… Which means we will probably not be able to visit them, at least at the moment.. This is probably the most disappointing part of this, but the exciting part is that “TRAPPIST-1” is close enough for the scientists to research. Future pictures which can be made of the planets, to look at the atmosphere, the seas or maybe even the mountains. This is awesome, because it will probably be possible for all the 7 planets.
  2. The planets are referred as “Earth like”. This is done for a very simple reason! All planets have a similar mass to our planet earth. Some information says that 6 out of 7 planets are rocky. This means that they might have a habitual environment. Maybe not for humans, but for some different life form, it again, might be possible. The investigation just started, and there is a lot of work before we will find out.
  3. Habitual zone… 3 of the planets are located in the “golden ring”, this is a zone where the climate and environment has a temperature from 0-100 degrees Celsius. This means that there might be ice, and water, and clouds and maybe…. ALIENS!

For me personally it is very exciting that we might  finally find life somewhere else, and probably the theory that GOD created everything will shine a new light on world religions, societies and other mambo jumbo. This will probably be an eye-opening finding for the whole world. Can’t wait!


A Dog’s Purpose Cruelty Exposed by the Media

Fake News

It is interesting how we, as humans, react towards different news we see daily on the internet and on traditional media. Not sure if many of you have noticed lately but social media and news don’t really mix well. Why? There are two reasons. First, there’s a high probability it is fake news. Second, the news shared is most probably framed by the news/entertainment account that posted it to make you think the way they want you to think about the story. Let me show you an example and how is the best way to react to it.

Dog's Purpose

A Dog’s Purpose is a book turned into a movie about a dog that discovers the meaning of its own existence by living with different families through reincarnation. The main plot of this sounds interesting, but it also sounds like a movie that’d make you cry. Why am I mentioning this movie? Because many people started saying that they’d boycott this movie and encouraged many others to do so. The reason why this happened, was because a video was released by TMZ showing the filming of a German shepherd, that’s a breed of dog, being “forced” into what could be seen as a pool of rough water. The video also shows the dog being taken out of the pool. How did most people react to this? By screaming; “THIS IS DOG ABUSE!!”. This went so far that PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) also shared the story and the video thus further spreading the idea that this was animal abuse from the filmmakers of this movie.

Dog's Purpose TMZ video

The story doesn’t stop there. After the news came out, the filmmakers defended themselves by saying that the dog in the video wasn’t harmed and that they work with professional animal trainers to ensure the dog’s safety. Of course, this wasn’t enough for the outraged people screaming animal abuse. Now at this moment, there are clearly two sides, people who are saying it’s dog abuse and people who are saying it’s not dog abuse. As any human being in our society, you’ll feel the pressure to support one of the sides. However, what you should do is sit tight and wait for the story to further develop. This will save you from becoming the person that blindly shares everything he/she sees as being the one and only side to a story. Let’s finish this story.

The release of this story also mentioned that the American Humane Association was present on the film set when this was being filmed. This, of course, made many people, the people who are screaming dog abuse, question why they didn’t intervene when this was happening to ensure the dog’s safety. They pretty much gave the same statement of the filmmakers, which was that there were professionals to ensure the dog’s safety. However, the American Humane Association went a step further and conducted an investigation on this matter. In my eyes, this is a great way to say “god damn it let’s just make this official and shut everyone up”. Of course, this is my opinion, not the American Humane Association’s opinion. After the investigation, it was concluded that the video that TMZ posted to the internet “was deliberately edited for the purpose of misleading the public and stoking outrage”.

Let this example be something that most people can learn from. We are living in a society where we are being bombarded with these kinds of stories. The controversial stories are the ones that produce more likes and shares which in turn produce more profit to the people posting this on the internet. There is so much fake news or framed news out there that jumping into conclusions is just the wrong thing to do. Then again it’s also interesting how this video was released right before the premiere of the movie. Interesting topic to investigate. Moving on. Will news/entertainment companies change their way of reporting to ensure they are informing us with the right content? Absolutely not! We all have to remember that yes, they are informing us on different stories as they develop but these companies know that the more controversial things are, the more we will click and share. This means that we as readers have to always double check everything and make these companies accountable for what they are doing. In other words, don’t fall in their trap and inform others about it.

How Coffee Leaf Rust Could Make Coffee Disappear

Coffee Meme

Coffee, one of the most consumed products in the world. We drink a lot of coffee, the whole world consumes close to 2.25 billion cups of coffee every day. That is if I did the math correctly 821.25 billion cups of coffee every year. I should drop out of college and invest in the coffee industry. If only everything was as easy as it looks. Turns out that our beloved coffee is slowly dying. According to scientists, half of the world’s coffee could disappear by 2050. Why? You may ask. Thanks to a fungus known as coffee leaf rust.

Coffee Leaf Rust
Coffee Leaf Rust

This fungus isn’t something new for us. The problem is that our friend good ole climate change has made it easier for the fungus to spread killing more coffee plants. Before I keep explaining this, I will give you a quick coffee lesson.

There are two kinds of coffee that we drink in this world, the arabica and the robusta. The arabica provides a high-quality coffee bean, is more expensive and it’s not something that every coffee farmer can grow. On the other hand, the robusta is of lower quality, cheaper and easier to grow. Now guess which one of these two coffee kinds are being affected by the coffee leaf rust. If you guessed arabica congratulations, you win nothing.

This means that coffee farmers affected by the fungus are changing from arabica to robusta. Should we be excited because the price of coffee will be lowered? Absolutely not! This is not the kind of world we live in. Our good ole friend climate change strikes again! Climate change will also make it difficult for coffee farmers to cultivate robusta coffee beans. If you still don’t see the big picture, this product that so many people are addicted to will become more scarce.

So, how will this affect us coffee drinkers? Prepare to start spending more and more money every year on this product sent by the gods. Your morning kick will be more expensive. However, after giving you all these facts, I don’t believe that we will reach a point where we will pay 15 euros for a cup of coffee. We humans can be smart if you don’t think about all the stupid stuff that is happening in the world at the moment. My opinion is that some scientists will give life to a coffee plant that will withstand rough conditions. Because what I’ve learned in the past few years is that we as humans like to fix only part of the problem instead of fixing the root of the problem itself.