Apples Big Deal: Refurbished Products

iPhone refurbished apple product

It happens to everybody dropping our phone and breaking the screen into 1000 pieces. Now we need to decide: repairing or replacing. Since electronic devices are getting more and more expensive every year, to be up to date often means spending more than 1000$ on a new phone for instance, the iPhone X. However, Apple has a plan to gain more money. They are offering refurbished products with up to 9% discount on an IPhone 7, at the moment, in their online store. The constant price increasing makes purchasing a refurbish phone so attractive and affordable. This is a part of Apples Renew program. The decision buying a refurbished product does not only include saving money it is also a great way in making a conscious decision for the environment.

iPhone refurbished apple product

What does refurbish actually means?

You will receive an old and used device that would break in a few weeks. Refurbishing policy is only to force you into buying a new phone to grantee more profit for the company. An iPhone 7 for 500$ is too good to be true. There must be something wrong with it.

We can see this stigma in today’s society. “Cheap” often implies that there is something wrong with the product. People have the misconception or the assumption that refurbish stands for broken or products that have a defect, but don’t worry, this is often not exactly true. Surprisingly, a refurbish device has to go through more tests than a new one. In Apple’s case, they will test the device beforehand to provide information about the broken parts in the product. In order to fix the device, they are going to replace the broken modules like the change of the battery, screen or the package for an iPhone. Apple guarantees that after changing certain modules, the phone still meets the usual, accustomed Apple standards. A check- and clean-up will be done before sending the product out to provide and a high standard.

Pay attention to the following points:

  • Only buy refurbished products from trusted sources – Do your research before buying a refurbished item and use websites which are well known and trusted, because scams can happen. Purchasing the product from a trustworthy website will guarantee that certified experts made the repairment.
  • Look out for warranty – If the company believes in their product you can do it as well. A company will not put their reputation in danger by sending out the broken devices. Doing this could decrease their reputation and income over the long run.
  • It was a used device – Even though they are making tests to determine the problem, some mistakes can be overlooked and they could only appear while using the device.
  • Limitation – There is only a certain number of refurbished products available on the market. Finding the desired colour might not be possible. If a product is out of stock, you will have to wait until they restock it.

What are the benefits?

We all know that Apple stands for “cheap” and “affordable”. However, everybody likes to save some money. Apple has a 9% discount on their iPhone 7 in their online shop. Every refurbished iPhone has an one – year warranty and it also includes a new adapter, case and box. There is also an option to buy AppleCare along with it. Buying a refurbish product does also mean making a conscious decision in being environmental friendly by using recycled products, but who cares for the environment as long as you can get an iPhone on discount to be the coolest among your friends?

iPhone refurbished apple product

Where do the new parts come from?

Do you belong to the group of people who have at least one unused phone laying at home in a drawer? If you do, this might be interesting. But what can we actually do with our old and unused phones? It might be a surprise, but Apple also provides a solution for that. They give you the opportunity to recycle your electronic devices. Also, if you have a phone which is fully functional, Apple might give you some cash for it.

This is a part of the AppleRenew program. This means apple is collecting old Apple products and non-Apple devices. The functioning modules are going to be reused for other products, for instance, Apple refurbished devices. If the parts are unusable, Apple will recycle them accordingly. The devices can be drop off at your nearest Apple Store.


iPhone refurbished apple product

How to repair an iPhone?

Are you one of the few apple users who have a broken screen or is your battery not wIorking anymore and you don’t have the money to buy a new one. Accidents can happen quickly and there are ways and possibility to get your iPhone fixed. Try to stay away from YouTube tutorials like “How to change your iPhone screen quickly” or “Easy way to change your Phone battery”. The last words you can associate with those videos are “quick” and “easy”. If you are not an expert, the damage afterwards will be harder to fix and the expenses will be much higher.

Steps to repair your iPhone:

  1. Take a deep breath: Keep calm. Apple is offering you a solution for every problem you can think of. There are a lot of ways and possibilities you can use to get help in order to fix your iPhone.
  2. Analyse the damage: Take a closer look at your iPhone to know what happened to it. Is it just the screen? Is it still usable? Attention! If you have a broken screen with a screen protector, do not remove it. If so, glass could potentially come off.
  3. Inform yourself about the prices: Everybody knows that Apple has affordable and reasonable prices, especially with fixing screens and replacing batteries. They are providing price lists online to inform their customers about the costs. After seeing the prices ask yourself if you still want to get your phone fixed.
  4. Contact Apple: If you decide to fix your phone there are multiple ways in doing so. If you have a strict schedule this solution would be good for you. Go online or give your apple centre a quick call and they will send you a box and arrange the shipment to an Apple Repair Centre, as well as the cost for it. Making an appointment is not necessary you can plan everything according to your schedule. After approximately one week you will receive your iPhone back. AppleCare users can use the express option. If you have time and an Apple store close to you arrange an appointment with them. Often, they will send your iPhone to the Apple Repair Centre, because they can’t fix it locally.

Recycling, refurbishing, renewing and repairing Apple knows it all.