Guy Documents 100+ Girls He Slept With

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This sounds unreal, but this is absolute truth. A guy from Reddit has uploaded a spreadsheet on google document where he was describing his sexual encounters with over 100+ girls. I was reading and reviewing this document for more than 2 hours and was very impressed by the consistency and how disciplined the guy is. I really do believe that this is real, and he is not bluffing when he says that is was 100+ girls. Lets first understand who the guy is. As he mentioned in the Reddit post  he has a six-figure annual income from building mobile applications, grows communities and expands his team (his employees I suppose), he slept with 100+ girls over the last 5 years, which is the most interesting part which we want to know. Remind me of Dan Dilzerian.

Dan Dilzerian.

He mentions his attempts and successes in the excel sheet. It is amazing to see that he actually started from his first success in 2004. Each of his successes mentions the age, place, ethnicity/ nationality, rating, “lays” and how they have met. Repeating myself, but this is amazing that this guy actually recorded everything year after year. To be precise, he laid 105 girls from March 2004 until May 2016, including descriptions. Mindblowing…. Link to google sheets

In the post on Reddit he gives recommendation regarding his approach to this issue, which I recommend to read for people who are having problems with motivation, social anxiety or just need a small boost of confidence, and this guy is someone who can provide it. I will provide a list with some summaries of his guidelines and learnings which I highly recommend reading about in his Reddit post:

  1. On Focus, Priorities, and Balance
    • Self explanatory, mentions what his is focusing on, yet I do not agree on all of then, because every person has their own reasoning and priorities.
  2. On Guy Friends
    • He excludes guy friends as he considers them a waste, which I do not agree completely, because having a buddy makes your life less depressing, because some things can be shared only to a guy friend.
  3. On Fitness
    • Emphasizes on the importance of your health and physical activity, which I do agree, because being old and not being able to lift yourself from the toilet is something I do not want to happen to me.
  4. On Relationships and Monk Mode
    • Or he ducks like a rabbit, or dedicates himself to a person who interests him.
  5. On Location
    • Time and place of the encounter. I am no way like this dude, but I do understand his arguments when he says that approaching a girl during day light is normal and not creepy.
  6. On Tracking your Approaches
    • Reflection is one argument which I can see why the progress should be tracked, but also it is a statement of pride which can boost ones ego to space.
  7. On Bars and Clubs
    • Go read, no comments.
  8. On Time and Money
    • Time and money is already a known problem for everyone when it comes to relationships. If you want to be rich, you have to sacrifice time. If you want to invest time in yourself, you have to limit yourself as is requires money support. Vicious circle of life.
  9. On Online Dating
    • Time waster, just as entertainment when sitting on the toilet or boredom. Completely agree.
  10. On Sport-Fucking
    • Challenging yourself for entertainment purposes. Important to some extend.
  11. On Guerrilla Dating
    • Creating memories and sharing passion with the encounter, even if you will never see her again and you need only one thing from her. Looks like ego boost and bragging about how cool you are from my point of view.
  12. On Pulling Out
    • The guy is has an intensive marathon and still considers himself a romantic guy, go read this part, cause his perspective is controversial for himself.
  13. On Emotions and Tact
    • Dude loves every girl he meets, but most of them all he loves himself. I think you have understood after reading the title.
  14. On Being a Creep
    • His words “If someone calls you a creep, you either look like one and need to fix that, or you are one and you need to fix that.”
  15. On your Corporate Job
    • This part describes things in the are of “Work to live or live to work”
  16. On Men vs Women
    • He says that guys need only one thing, guess what this thing is?
  17. On Rejection
    • There is going to be much rejection, I do agree with that. With each rejection learn and try again. This is going to happen not only when is comes to girls, but in each and every part of your life.
  18. On Hobbies
    • The dude honestly has good hobbies, but he thinks that his hobbies are the only hobbies which are working towards attracting 19-year-old girls. Fast bikes, surfing, photography etc.
  19. On Courtesy
    • Being polite is important and being a gentleman also in any situation. In this part the dude seems like a nice guy with manners.
  20. On Relationship Hacks
    • Explains how to be an example boyfriend… as if he was one..
  21. On Boners
    • Eating Viagra just to be aroused and having boners whole day does not seem like a good idea for a decent person.
  22. On Opening
    • Recommends being a gentleman in one part and being stupid and crazy ion another one. Seems like the dude has a personality disorder, cause he is all over the place with his thoughts.
  23. On The Dangers of Experience
    • Sex is addictive, the end.

This is a story for someone to re-evaluate himself as a person. Decide about the values, needs and wants of his life, because for me personally it was entertainment, the majority of things he said were pretty simple in theory yet difficult on practice. Not everyone has to live a life like that, it is for you to decide.