Johh Fassold Teaches You How to Write Songs Like Famous Artists

How to Write - John Fassold

The internet is both a scary and wonderful place. The amazing content we can find is just beautiful but spend enough time using the internet and you’ll end up stumbling upon some weird stuff. Today I shine the light on John Fassold. He has his own YouTube channel and has recently been uploading videos called “How EVERY “insert artist name” song is written”. He teaches us how to write songs like our famous artists. The videos don’t have a lot of production value and are straight to the point and honestly, this guy is really good at it.

We’ve seen videos like this appear on the internet before. Two years ago a video was uploaded on YouTube under the name “how to write and Alt-J song”. This video was uploaded by Fleece Music and contained two guys who in just a bit more than 3 minutes made a song that very much resembles the music that the band Alt-J writes.

How to Write an Alt-J song

What is different from the video uploaded by Fleece Music is that John explains the step by step process of writing a generic song from the artist he’s covering. He shows us how he makes the rhythm of the song to the lyrics. What makes it more entertaining is that this guy laughs at himself when he’s singing the absurd lyrics.

These videos obviously might outrage some diehard fans of any targeted artists. People that are too blind to see that this is meant as a joke, a parody. Go check John Fassold’s YouTube channel, he also takes requests on which artists to do in his next video. Below you’ll find my personal favorite video that John Fassold has uploaded. Enjoy!

UPDATE: John Fassold has deleted his YouTube channel. He explained that he prefers not to be in the spotlight.