Elon Musk Deletes His Facebook Pages

Facebook’s data breach has been the centre of attention for the last few days now. #deletefacebook has been all over Twitter over the past week and continues to dominate talking points all over the world. It was also caught up with two very big named CEO’s. Brian Acton, the Co-founder of WhatsApp – (who itself is a Facebook property when it was sold to the company for about $19 billion in 2014), tweeted the following:

Elon Musk apparently was not aware about his own company’s presence on Facebook, until the SpaceX and Tesla CEO responded to a tweet calling him out to delete the pages in regards to the sudden boycott Facebook movement.

Musk responded to the comments and in less than 20 minutes, he had taken down pages he didn’t even know he had. Both SpaceX and Tesla Facebook pages had over 2.6 million Likes and Follows, and very high engagement rates with the audience. Musk’s big statement on Facebook comes on what might just be one of the worst weeks for the social media company. Over the week, it was leaked that Cambridge Analytica (a consulting firm that closely works with data, and apparently also with United States president Donald Trump’s election campaign), had unethically gathered data from about 50 million Facebook users. People all over the world have then showed concern over the disregard for their private information. It was reported that Mark Zuckerberg had lost an estimated $5 billion in a matter of hours over the situation. On early Monday this week, politicians in the United States and the United Kingdom heavily criticized Facebook and demanded Zuckerberg to provide more explaination.

After proving in fact that he really is “the man” on Twitter, in another tweet, Musk wrote about using Instagram and that how he believes that the social media was “borderline” since Facebook’s “influence” is “slowly creeping in”, despite Instagram being owned by Facebook. Only a matter of time until both SpaceX and Tesla’s social media managers will have to go and find other platforms.

Current internet love: The Trash Dove


“This stupid purple thing is really taking over the Facebook comments.”

I have been thinking for past couple of days. What is so special about it? And where did it come from?  I am 100% sure that you have already seen it. Somewhere. (If not, just check Facebook of your dumbest friend or continue reading this article)

This silly, highly annoying big eyed purple bird is just everywhere.

People usually call it various names such as: The trash bird, The blue bird, The dove, The head banging bird, The stupid bird, The dancing purple bird.

However, the official name is The Trash Dove.

From my own perspective – as a person interested in science and biology – this is not a dove. By its color, it actually looks like a domestic pigeon (Columba livia domestica)…unless it comes from the family of rare wild dove speciesCome on, Facebook!! Doves are white. And not annoying. Pigeons are. They are everywhere, waiting for the perfect moment, the moment when you are walking down the street in your brand new suit just to shit on your head and give your morning the perfect “icing”. Exactly the same as this trashy bird in comments under your status about how your life sucks. Doves? No. Aren’t they the symbol of peace and holiness? The only relation between the actual dove and The Trash Dove facebook stickers is the symbolism of delivering a message. But which message? The message about the end of The worldwide flood (see Bible) and therefore the end worldwide chaos? OH YES! If my conspiration theory is true, I can’t wait to start sending and receiving bazillions of these head banging animals from everyone I know in order to reach the end of my catastrophic life episode.


What was the first thing that I thought when seeing this animated sticker?

“Oh man, there is a lot of heavy metal in your veins.”

Výsledek obrázku pro the trash dove

The bird was created by Florida artist Syd Weiler  and the first bird of the collection has the opportunity to see our beautiful world in September in iOS sticker store. However, it hadn’t become popular until the beginning of February when the whole collection was released on Facebook. Since then, you might have seen people getting crazy over this purple pigeon-like dove and we would like to share the best of their fan art with you.

The evolution of Trash DoveTrash Trump

Breath In BoiHow to Talk to Girls
The meme first blew up in Thailand as a sort of self-deprecating joke. In Thailand, the word nok not only means "bird," but also, "someone who is hopelessly single." So the coming of Valentine's Day -- which is even bigger in Thailand than in the U.S. -- was perfect timing. It took the nation by storm last Wednesday before spreading to the rest of Asia and finally Europe and North America around Saturday. I doubt most Westerners use it to indicate being hopelessly single, they just think its funny and can't help but take part in the latest shitposting craze.

My Face vs My Soul

I am pretty sure each of you will find your favorite one. And if not, please be sure to sign up the petition  which will ban The Trash Dove from Facebook and provide you with the feeling of doing good for this world.

These are literally the best things that might happen to us in 2017 so far: