Gabe the dog, a tribute to the legendary pupper

Gabe the Dog

Animals rule the internet. Most videos on the internet that have animals in them, go viral. However, today I’ll talk about a special animal that took over the internet. A pupper known as Gabe the dog. Why this specific dog? Keep reading and you’ll fall in love with him just as I did.

Gabe the dog was a mix of a miniature American Eskimo and a Pomeranian. In other words, a small and fluffy pupper. Gabe was a dog owned by Youtuber under the name deathtrips. Gabe’s owner started uploading videos of Gabe barking on YouTube. Little did he know how popular these videos would become.

Gabe the Dog

To understand why Gabe is so popular, we have to look at a genre on YouTube called YouTube poop music videos. Yes, this is a legit thing on YouTube. This genre is all about crazy and weird edited music videos that will make you feel like you might just be taking drugs. I’ve seen many of these kinds of videos before and they can go from being funny to just being creepy. The introduction to Gabe the dog in this genre created a new entire genre called “bork remixes”.

A bork remix is a remix of any chosen song but with Gabe’s bark being used to lead the song. The bork remix genre created classics such as Borkbusters, Borquiem for a dog dream, Careless Bork and much more. All these bork remix videos were getting thousands of views with the most popular ones reaching more than one million views. The Gabe videos were so successful that even deathtrips himself, Gabe’s owner, started uploading his own bork remixes.

However, the internet didn’t stop there. Gabe the dog started being used as a meme in different videos that didn’t fit in the YouTube poop music video genre. Some videos would put Gabe in a video game while other videos would dub someone talking with Gabe’s bark.

This dog provided entertainment to such a huge crowd on the internet. That is why it was shocking when Gabes’ owner sadly announced on the 20th of January that Gabe had passed away. The announcement was posted on Gabes’ official Facebook page.

Gabe the Dog

Why did Gabe become so popular? Just mentioned in the beginning, Gabe is a dog and the internet loves animals, mostly dogs. There are many dogs that have become popular through the use of memes and I’m sure that we will see more dogs rise up and take over the meme world and the internet. The beauty of the internet, am I right?

I went on YouTube and searched for the Top 10 of Gabe the dog videos (my personal Top 10) for you to enjoy the beautiful art of bork remixes.


How Coffee Leaf Rust Could Make Coffee Disappear

Coffee Meme

Coffee, one of the most consumed products in the world. We drink a lot of coffee, the whole world consumes close to 2.25 billion cups of coffee every day. That is if I did the math correctly 821.25 billion cups of coffee every year. I should drop out of college and invest in the coffee industry. If only everything was as easy as it looks. Turns out that our beloved coffee is slowly dying. According to scientists, half of the world’s coffee could disappear by 2050. Why? You may ask. Thanks to a fungus known as coffee leaf rust.

Coffee Leaf Rust
Coffee Leaf Rust

This fungus isn’t something new for us. The problem is that our friend good ole climate change has made it easier for the fungus to spread killing more coffee plants. Before I keep explaining this, I will give you a quick coffee lesson.

There are two kinds of coffee that we drink in this world, the arabica and the robusta. The arabica provides a high-quality coffee bean, is more expensive and it’s not something that every coffee farmer can grow. On the other hand, the robusta is of lower quality, cheaper and easier to grow. Now guess which one of these two coffee kinds are being affected by the coffee leaf rust. If you guessed arabica congratulations, you win nothing.

This means that coffee farmers affected by the fungus are changing from arabica to robusta. Should we be excited because the price of coffee will be lowered? Absolutely not! This is not the kind of world we live in. Our good ole friend climate change strikes again! Climate change will also make it difficult for coffee farmers to cultivate robusta coffee beans. If you still don’t see the big picture, this product that so many people are addicted to will become more scarce.

So, how will this affect us coffee drinkers? Prepare to start spending more and more money every year on this product sent by the gods. Your morning kick will be more expensive. However, after giving you all these facts, I don’t believe that we will reach a point where we will pay 15 euros for a cup of coffee. We humans can be smart if you don’t think about all the stupid stuff that is happening in the world at the moment. My opinion is that some scientists will give life to a coffee plant that will withstand rough conditions. Because what I’ve learned in the past few years is that we as humans like to fix only part of the problem instead of fixing the root of the problem itself.

Feline World Domination!

A lot has been happening in the world lately and by the world I mean the United States, thank you mainstream media. It’s crazy how other events that have happened in the world are not receiving the coverage they deserve. For example, there was a shooting in Quebec, we had a Holocaust Remembrance Day and amid all the confrontation in this world, NATO decided it was best to show off their troops off the coast of Romania in an exercise. You know, the Black Sea, the place where Russia took over Crimea. A sign of peace, don’t you think?

On top of all of this, CATS ARE TAKING OVER! Don’t believe me? You can see the evidence down below. Thank you to redditor: happyantoninscalia for unveiling President Trump’s hidden agenda.

The Internet Devotee

The internet is a great place. You can inform yourself on recent world events or watch an 11-minute show about a diabolical dog. That ladies and gentleman is the beauty of endless choices. I can go on and talk about what other things you can do but I’m sure most of you know all about the nooks and crannies of the internet. I can also introduce myself but you’ll see what kind of person I am by what I post in here. I’m really testing myself here by making sure that there’s always some content for you to enjoy and learn from every week. However, if I don’t make it there is always this show about a diabolical dog that you can watch. Yes, it exists. Yes, you are allowed to judge me and my sense of humor. Bye.